Makita HM0870C Hammer SDS-Max Review

The search for a reliable hammer drill is not an easy task, or is it? It would only have been easy if all the manufacturers were angels. By angels, I mean that they would never do anything that would hurt the end users. I find a reliable hammer drill in the MAKITA HM0870C.

How exactly did I reach a conclusion saying the MAKITA HM0870C is a reliable hammer drill?  I have had the privilege to use almost all if not all the hammer drills currently present in the market. MAKITA HM0870C gives you the easiest of operation and delivers incredible power. Read on to find some of the outstanding qualities.


MAKITA HM0870C does not weigh you down yet it delivers 11.4J of power. Fatigue is one of the things that would make out rule a hammer drill. The good news is that the MAKITA HM0870C does not cause much fatigue. The 11.1 lbs feel comfortable.

The power makes it ideal for horizontal work. Having a soft start, the hammer drill is capable of the best in precision and accuracy. These qualities are achievable through better control.

Constant Speed Control

Whenever most hammer drills are under a load, the speed declines. So, unlike other hammer drills, the MAKITA HM0870C is capable of maintaining speed while supplying the required torque. It is a feature that makes the MAKITA HM0870C stand out.

The MAKITA HM0870C automatically adjusts the power of the motor to maintain a constant speed. The hammer drill does not slow down for challenging jobs.


It comes without saying that you will face different tasks. The manufacturer incorporates speed dial that enables for speed control. Also, you can use this hammer drill both vertically and horizontally. The different speeds enable for different impact setting.

For a light job, I set the hammer drill to the low impact setting. The high impact setting blasts through hard surfaces just as I would wish it to.

Feedback System

Anything electrical system can consist of multiple components. In the case of a fault troubleshooting especially for non-experts is a terrible ordeal. The MAKITA HM0870C manufacturer saves you the trouble and headaches.

A feedback system ensures for a guesswork free operation without the need for troubleshooting. In place LED service lights warns you 8 hours before the brushes are worn out. The service light ensures for timely replacement of the brushes. The LED power light is an indication of cord damage or switch failure.


A powerful motor without efficient transmission of the power would be an effort in vain. It would beat the logic of having to pay for the motor. Makita tries, by all means, to bring to you one of the most efficient hammer drills.

Using some amazing engineering, the manufacturer ensures for power efficiency. The engineering behind the efficiency comprises of field core interlocking laminations, dual ball bearings on the commutator, and more copper commutator bars than on other hammer drills. All of which increase the power transfer efficiency.


  • LED power lights (indicates switch failure or cord damage)
  • Automatic constant speed control
  • More power efficiency
  • Ensure for timely brush replacement
  • Speed dial
  • Powerful motor


  • It is not ideal for large concrete areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it have a warranty?

A: I would like to let you know that a warranty is not much of a big deal, all the same, it has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty

Q: Can I use batteries on the MAKITA HM0870C?

A:  No, it is a corded hammer drill

Q: What is included in the accessories?

A: Pretty cool stuff, a cleaning cloth, and bit grease.

Final Verdict

If I were to ask you right at this moment to name the best brands in workshop tools Makita would show up on your list. It is no surprise that the best brands will always give their all to ensure customer satisfaction.

Makita puts its entire resources in creating a high-end tool. MAKITA HM0870C is a drill hammer that passes the line of mediocre products by far. Give me a single reason why you should not buy, and I am sure it will not stand against my many reasons that you should buy the MAKITA HM0870C.

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