Best impact driver review and buying guide

10 Best Impact Drivers Review & Buying Guide for 2021

Nowadays we can use many power tools only because of the new invention of our modern technology. They also make our life very easy by simplifying tough tasks. An impact driver is one of them. If we can properly use an impact driver in our daily activities, it is possible to save many times as well as any tough task can be done with less effort. But, it is very important to choose the best impact driver to get the maximum advantages from it.

Driving screws, building decking, roofing timbers, tile backer board installing, or any task where need to drive long screws all the where there is the space of using an impact driver. If you can use the driver once in the right way, you will be surprised to think about how easily you can do the job! Really, this is the truth. Before that, you should know how to use an impact driver, right? If you are not good at the driving of an impact driver, the following section is mandatory for you.

How to Use an Impact Driver?

If you ever used any drilling device, the job is very easy for you. On the other hand, if you don’t have any experience, nevertheless it is easy for you. It is a quite easy and very simple process that is why anyone can run the driver.

You should use the right size bit in the collet first. We want to remind you that you should check carefully about the bit by which you are going to driving screws or making holes. Screw driving bit never works while you are trying to make holes and vice versa.

Secondly, plugin and make sure the impact driver has an electric connection. After that set the bit into the right point and press the power button, don’t exert gentle pressure at the beginning; otherwise, it may hamper your entire work.

Thirdly, turn back the tool when your screw is already driven, or hole is made. Just simple. Some of the machines come with easy and fast bit changing capacity; they are always a good choice. If you buy those drivers, you can work more quickly and more easily.

DEWALT DCK240C2 20v Lithium Drill DriverImpact Combo Kit

Dewalt DCK240C2 is a compact design and lightweight combo kit which is very much perfect for doing the tasks in a tight area. That means you can use the kit more comfortable where you have enough spaces. Let’s see the other features for which you can buy the product.

The combo kit comes with one-handed bit changing system that is why you can work quickly. At the same time, it has a built-in 3 LED light ring with a 20-second delay which lets you see without having any shadow.

It can drill very quickly as it comes with 2-speed transmission (0-450 & 1500 rpm). Use the speed as you need. The handle also comes with an ergonomic design that provides good control and comfort. It also comes with a high-performance motor, and you can use the kit in a moderate to tight job.


  • Compact design offers to work in a tight area comfortably.
  • Easy to handle as it is lightweight.
  • High-performance motor delivers excellent performance.
  • Ergonomic handle provides good control and comfort.


  • It takes an hour to be charged fully.
BLACK+DECKER LD120VA 20-Volt Max Lithium DrillDriver

This is the kit which can be bought at a very affordable price. You will also realize that you have bought a good power tool expending money. If you want to do light tasks, this item is perfect for you.

A lithium-ion battery is supplied with the kit, and you also get satisfiable run time. Total 30 numbers of accessories come with the driver that is more than enough for your home project. You can comfortably run the machine through plastic, wood, and light metal.

As a power drill, its weight is not so heavy of about 4.7 pounds only. That means it can be handled easily. The soft grip is also added around the handle that is why you feel comfortable while working. And most importantly it comes with a key-less chuck so that you can change the bits and screws quickly. Summarizing all the features, it can be said that it is one of the best impact drivers for light jobs.


  • Comes with a 24 position clutch which provides good control and never overdrive screws.
  • It is lightweight of about 4.7 pounds only.
  • 3/8” keyless chuck for a quick change of bits and drivers.
  • Compact design and handle provide grip and control.


  • Comes with a single battery.
Makita CT322W 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Compact Cordless 3-Pc. Combo Kit

Regarding one point of an angle, the first three products are in one category that is every item is suitable for a tight area. Yes, the item also comes with a compact design. This one is also compatible with light to moderate tasks.

This item is 25 percent faster than its previous model that means it is engineered for doing the job faster. It delivers 480 in. lbs of max torque and its motor are powerful enough to do the tasks.

It comes with multiple tools including impact driver, ½’’ driver-drill, flashlight, two batteries, and rapid charger. There also has a battery indicator to show the charging status. In the end, you will get a good impact driver if you won it.


  • ½’’ driver-drill that delivers 480 in. lbs of maximum torque.
  • LED flashlight to illuminates the working area.
  • Come with two batteries, so you can use another battery when one’s charge goes down.
  • Ergonomic design and rubberized handle for comfort.


  • Not ideal for heavy tasks.
Ryobi One+ P236 18V 14 Inch 3,200 RPM 1,600 Inch Pounds Lithium Ion Cordless Impact Driver

All the time we cannot pay a decent amount for your needs, but we want to get a good product. This product is the perfect example as it comes with a very affordable cost, but performance is standard.

We always look for extra features from the power tool because all standard power tools ensure its quality. Overmold rubber handle for good control, LED light for visualizing the working are, tool-free bit changing, and magnetic tray to keep the tools all the features are included in this kit.

Yes, it is true that the kit is not ideal for heavy tasks, but its performance is not bad with light to moderate jobs.


  • Very lightweight of about 2.7 pounds only.
  • Tri-beam LED lights illuminate the working area.
  • Tool-free bit changing option.
  • The magnetic tray keeps the accessories on the unit.


  • The battery is not supplied.
Bosch IDH182-01 18V Brushless Socket Ready Impact Driver with 2 Batteries

Bosch IDH182 is an impact driver comes with socket ready adapter. It has both 1/4’’ quick-change hex and ½’’ square drive chuck that can be changed in between with the adapter. It is really a rare feature. If you are looking for an innovative impact driver, this is for you.

Its built hammer and anvil system provides impact performance up to 1650 in. lbs of torque and up to 3200 impacts per minute to fasten through wood and metal object. Because of using a brushless motor, its 

lifespan is double than other impact drivers.

It also has a performance control system by which you can control the speed so that you can minimize the damage at the same time maximize the power where needed. The other beneficiary features are also added to this kit, check the below.


  • Socket ready adapter minimizes the chance of breaking adapter itself.
  • More runtime and lifespan because of using a brushless motor.
  • Advanced electronic motor prevents overheating and overloading.
  • Variable speed control trigger also provides more control.


  • Price is a little bit high.
PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Impact Driver Kit

If you are looking for a budget-friendly power tool that comes to deliver high performance, this one is a good option for you. Though you don’t get many accessories with the tool, you get high quality and high performing impact, driver.

The manufacturer uses a brushless motor which increases the machines run time at the same time the kit doesn’t require any maintenance. Thanks to the manufacturer for using a brushless motor.

We didn’t find any critical features which are missing, such as LED illumination light, quick bit changing, variable speed trigger, soft handgrip, and battery indicator. That means it has a complete package of essential features.


  • Budget-friendly high performing impact driver.
  • More run time because of the brushless motor.
  • Doesn’t need any maintenance as it has a brushless motor.
  • Battery and charger included.


  • Comparatively large and heavy.

Bosch’s IDH182 is a cordless and brushless impact driver and impact wrench. That means you get 2 in 1 compact. It has a ½’’ impact socket to use ¼’’ hex screwdriver which is the most common type.

It seems to be small than the other impact driver, but its performance is outstanding with the application. You can use the driver with most of the fasteners and remove screws from any object.

Its maximum torque is 1650 inch-lbs, can run up to 2800 rpm and impact rate is 3200 BMP. Seeing the figures, you can easily guess it is a highly powerful impact driver. And you will realize this when you will use the kit in real. Our experience says you will love the kit.


  • It has most common type ¼’’ hex bit chuck and ½’’ square drive chuck.
  • Brushless motor provides more run time.
  • 2 Lithium-ion 2.0Ah batteries come with a quick charger.
  • Variable speed control trigger.


  • According to many users,it is small.
Bosch PS41-2A 12V Max 14-Inch Hex Impact Driver Kit

This is the smallest and light impact driver on this list. Because of the specification, this is the best impact driver to work in tight spaces in this list. Its weight is only 2.13 lbs; you can imagine how much comfortable you can handle this kit.

It is a 12V impact driver, but there is no reason to think it can’t deliver high performance. You can use the machine in most of the driving application. We don’t 

compare this kit with 20V impact driver, but its 930 inch-lbs is much enough to deliver high performance, isn’t it?

Its maximum speed is 2600 rpm, which can be controlled by the speed variable trigger. You will face no problem to work in low light condition as it has LED light around the head. We hope you definitely love the machines handle, battery indicator, design, and performance.


  • Compact design and light weight.
  • Ideal kit to work in narrow spaces.
  • Variable speed trigger.
  • Works in low light condition with the built-in LED lights.


  • Shorter warranty period as a power tool.
Milwaukee Electric Tool GIDDS2-157188 M18 18V Impact Driver Kit

You don’t buy a power tool for a few days rather you want to work with the tool as long as possible. Right? That means longevity is a great factor. At the same time, more run time is also a great advantage. If you want to get these two benefits at once, then you can buy this kit.

You will be satisfied with the performance, we are sure. It delivers up to 2750 RPM, and 3450 impacts per minutes where it can produce 1500 inch-lbs torque, which is good enough. REDLINK intelligence is used to prevent the machine from overheating. This features place the machine in its class.

All other specifications and features are also impressing. There is no fault seen in our eyes. Hopefully, you will feel the same if you use once.


  • More run time and long-lasting.
  • REDLINK intelligence prevents overheating.
  • The driver is lightweight of about 2.65 lbs.
  • LED light for low light condition.


  • Battery and charger don’t come with the kit.
Dewalt 20V Max 38’’ impact wrench

Dewalt 20V Max 3/8’’ impact wrench is a versatile tool, and it is engineered keeping the needs of a professional in mind. That is why it is made as compact design, lightweight, and at the end, powerful device.

Every professional loves the socket changing system by hog ring anvil of this driver. So, it doesn’t take so much time to change sockets. On the other hand, the LED lights illuminate the working place and the lights off 20 seconds delay after releasing the trigger.

It has a powerful lithium-ion battery which ensures 33% more run time than the other standard driver. It is a great advantage, we think. And your battery will be charged quickly. If you buy the kit, you will not be disappointed.


  • Easy to handle of being lightweight.
  • Compact design and easily fits in the tight areas.
  • Three LED lights give the chance to work in low light condition.
  • Powerful battery gives more run time.


  • Price is higher than the other drivers with the caliber.

The Parameters That I Should Consider Before Buying an Impact Driver (Buying Guide)

Some of the parameters are the major facts that determine the quality of an impact driver. At the same time, the parameters are also responsible for their performance. That is why you should check the following matter before taking the final decision of an impact driver.

Drive size:

Which sizes and types of accessories compatible with the impact driver that depends on the drive size. Typically the drive size is ¼’’ hex type. It varies to a different impact driver. But you should remember the drive size when you are buying the accessories for it.

Motor type & Voltage:

The performance of an impact driver greatly depends on its motor power and type also. If you buy a brushless motor, you will get more run time and can use without any maintenance. At the same time, your kits ability depends on the voltage of the kit. You can choose between 12V-20V of an impact driver. You can also choose high power when you need.

Speed & Torque:

If your working tasks are light to moderate, then you can choose 12V impact driver which can produce on average 800-1200 inch-lbs torque. If the tasks are more difficult, then go for higher torque. On the other hand, most of the impact drivers have a minimum of three rpm range. Your application is not always the same; that is why it’s better to choose the kit which has different rpm option.


Ergonomics are the significant factors to serve you well. That is why you should check its weight, overall design, rubberized handle, shock, and vibration resistant property. Then you can ensure that, yes, you’ve bought the best impact driver.

Battery capacity and charging time:

Run time of an impact driver generally depends on battery capacity. It is expressed in Ah, try to choose a more powerful battery. On the other hand charging time is a great fact. Typically a 2Ah battery takes 30-60 minutes to be fully charged.

Frequently Asked Question

Q- What do you use an impact driver for?

Generally, an impact driver is used to drive large fasteners. You can also drive lag bolts more easily using an impact driver.

Q- What is the best impact driver?

It is very difficult to indicate a particular model. But only then we can say it is the best impact driver who has these features: lightweight, high torque, maximum speed, more run time, durable, and short charging time.

Q- Should I buy a drill or impact driver?

An impact driver is a screw driving specialist at the same time; it also drills holes with spade bits, twist bits, and others. But if you need a clean cut and precise holes, drill driver is a better option, but it cannot drive screws.

Q- Can you use an impact driver as a drill?

Yes, you can use an impact driver as a drill for small purposes but not in tough drilling.

Q- Is Impact Wrench and Impact Driver the same thing?

In general impact wrench and impact driver is the same thing, but usually, an impact wrench is much heavier, bulky, and more powerful.

Q- Can a hammer drill be used as an impact driver?

Partially you can use a hammer drill for the alternative use of impact driver for drilling a hole. But you can’t use the hammer drill for driving screws.

Q- Are brushless impact drivers better?

Brushless impact drivers have some advantages over its counterparts, such as more run time, minimum maintenance, and produce less heat. If you want to know the straight answer, yes brushless is better than the brushed motor.

Summary Line

This is the last but one of the most important parts of this content. If you read the content entirely, you may notice that all the drivers are not equally powerful and the same sizes. That means all the drivers are not for all application. You have to think about the nature of the application, whether it is light, moderate, or tough. Then you have to make the decision which impact driver is perfect for you.

If your tasks are moderate to tough, then you should choose the high power driver. On the other hand, a 12V impact driver is enough for doing light and medium tasks. If you can review these facts exactly, then you will be able to get the best impact driver for you. Hope you can opt the right product if you read this content entirely with attention.

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