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10 Best LED Headlamp in 2021 – Top Picks & Reviews

We often find ourselves in the middle scaring dark at times. Other times we require illuminating our working area. To operate best in whichever task that we choose to do, it is best if we could use both of our hands.

Now, that is not possible while using conventional flashlights. Using the best LED headlamp, you get awesome hands free visibility in the dark. It doesn't have to be hard trying to do stuff with a single hand anymore.

Now that you know the solution for hands-free lighting the question remains. Which is the best-LED head lamp? But before we get to that, what is so unique about these LED headlamps. LED give for ultra- bright lighting while keeping the voltage consumption low.

We all have relatives that are fishing, camping, etc. enthusiasts. The best-LED headlamp can serve as the perfect gift for these relatives. Once I have had to change a tire in the dark, a well-wisher helped me out with a flashlight, but he didn't have the time to wait till I fix the tire. Well, I managed by holding the flashlight using my mouth, the headlamp is a much easier and comfortable way to light.

Best LED Headlamp- Comparison




Max. Brightness

Max. Beam distance


Latest Price

Fenix HP25 Headlamp

6.5 oz / 183.5 g

1000 Lumens

600+ feet



6.5 oz / 183.5 g

300 Lumens

90 meters


Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp

97 g (3.4 oz)

300 Lumens

80  meters

IPX : x8

Coast HL7 Focusing LED Headlamp

4.4 ounces

285 Lumens

127 meters (416 ft.)


Black Diamond Spot


300 Lumens 

80 meters


WindFire® 1800 Lumens CREE XM-L T6 U2 LED


1800 Lumens


Waterproof design

Energizer Vision HD+ LED Headlamp

2.4 ounces

250 lumens

70 meters


Snado 2000lm Super Bright rechargeable Headlight

6.7 ounces

2000 Lumens

220 meters


Ousili Headlamp Flashlight_

10.2 ounces

6000 Lumens

100 yards


Xtreme Bright X-99 Sensor LED Headlamp_

4 ounces

150 Lumens

100 yards 


10 Best LED Headlamp in 2020 - Reviews

Fenix HP25 Headlamp

As a headlamp manufacturer, Fenix has a good reputation. And they produce good quality headlamps really. This item has some positive things which inspire me to review Fenix HP25. Let’s see.

Almost all the parts of this headlamp are made with high-grade plastic materials. But the Cree bulbs frame is not made with plastic. Aluminum construction frame supports the Cree bulbs. The headlamp never fails even after accidental fallen on the floor from a medium height.

The lamp has two beams, spot, and flood. The first one is really awesome. You can also use it for hunting purposes and it will do better. But the flood beam is not too strong. You can use it for book reading, walking, or many purposes but not seeing wildlife in darkness.

You may need to use the headlamp on any climate that may hot summer or rainy season. Right? Won’t it be better if the headlamp comes with the waterproof property? That is why it is made with waterproofing property. The headlamp is resistant against water up to 2 meters depth for maximum 60 minutes.

The headlight can give the best experience if you use it on running, trekking, and even for hunting (Using spot beam) purposes.


  • The central spot beam is very bright.
  • Easy setting and comfortable to use.
  • Lock switch to prevent accidental power on.
  • Waterproof up to 2 meters.
  • Batteries are replaceable and cheap.


  • Short battery life of about 90 minutes on highest brightness of both beams.
Fenix HP25 Headlamp
Fenix HP25 Headlamp

This is the item which is very popular and it is widely known. The headlamp is very popular because of superior quality features. The light is exceptional in performance, durability, simple design, and easy to use when compared to other.

The lamp is very easy to use. You can use light with various brightness levels. The first click helps reading the book, or use under a tent. For the medium brightness click twice that can help you walking and trekking down at night. And three clicks will produce high brightness light. You can also use red LED light by pressing and holding the switch.

It is powered by three AAA/LR03 batteries which are replaceable and rechargeable. And you can charge the batteries using. The headlamp can be used up to 260 hours at the lower power and 60 hours at the highest power.

It is also waterproof. And you can use it in the rain. Waterproof is really an amazing feature for any product.

Because of the above useful features, this item is considered as one of the best-LED headlamps.


  • Perfect for outdoor activities such as running, mountaineering, hiking, and so on.
  • Multiple light options including red and white LED light.
  • Reflective headband to detect other lights.
  • Waterproof.
  • Durable.


  • 60 minutes of battery life at maximum power which is short.

PETZL - ACTIK Headlamp

Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp

Black diamond revolt is the alternative name of a good quality headlamp. The headlamp offers a wide range of features which should have as a best-LED headlamp. It can be used almost all purposes if you can use it perfectly.

The light can be configured at high or low brightness as you need. You can use the headlamp in a tent, or reading book. And you also use it for trekking, running, and navigation at night. You can also use the red LED light to read the map.

Regular alkaline or NiMH batteries are the sources of power of this headlamp. The battery is changeable and also rechargeable. You can also see the charge status of the batteries. Surprisingly, the batteries can be charged with a USB port. Really, this feature is amazing. Thanks, Black Diamond for keeping this option on it.

You may need to use the headlamp in rainy weather. That is why the manufacturer makes it as waterproof. It is also water resistant underwater (1 meter) for maximum 30 minutes. So, there is no chance of damaging the headlamp if fallen on water accidentally. Benefit?

After all, it is really a good option if you want to get a good quality headlamp. The product also comes with three years warranty and its price is also affordable.


  • Different brightness options and has red LED light.
  • Use regular alkaline batteries or NiMH batteries.
  • Battery indicator shows the charge status.
  • Lightweight.
  • USB charging option.


  • Not so powerful when compared to another rechargeable lamps.
Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp
Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp
Coast HL7 Focusing LED Headlamp

Coast HL7 is a long distance covering and durable headlamp. You can use this headlamp in any situation whether it is a very dark place or low light areas. It is also an inexpensive headlamp. After all, it is great. Let’s see the advantages offered by the headlamp.

First of all, it can cover the long distance that means you can see everything which lies in front of you. The light beam can reach up to 357 feet which are enough. You can also use the light to navigate wide areas. So, you see the long distance objects as well as the objects just near to you.

The first paragraph says it is durable. The headlamp and headband both are durable. The headlamp remains well functioning even after bumping with anything. You also never need to think of breaking the lamp as a result of bumping with any objects. That means you can use the lamp for a long time.

It runs on regular size AAA batteries and you can recharge the batteries when needed. On the other hand, you can keep some extra batteries to replace when the batteries running low.

In the end, we can say the headlamp contains all the essential features such as wide flood beam, spot beam to navigate far object, battery charging option, waterproof property, and so on. So, it is definitely a good option when you want to have the best quality headlamp.


  • Excellent headlamp for visualizing long distance object.
  • Better performance in low light condition.
  • Various control technology.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Durable.


  • A bit heavier for its size.
Coast HL7 Focusing LED Headlamp
Coast HL7 Focusing LED Headlamp
Black Diamond Spot

Some headlamps are perfect for low light and some are suitable for complete darkness. Depending on your condition you have to search the light which is compatible with your environment. But, we recommend you to get this item whatever the condition is? Surprise?

The headlamp comes with different modes and compatible with every environment. Where you need to see in complete darkness or low light? It doesn’t matter, it works on both condition. The lamp can emit 200 lumens that mean you can see everything in dark places.

Black Diamond Spot contains power tap technology that helps you a lot. Dim light or bright light, which you need? Use the dim light when you need and turn it into the bright light easily and quickly. So no matter either you want to use the headlamp in a tent, barbeque party, trekking, walking, or other purposes.

The headlamp also has red light option to see anything in dark. If you want to see an object within darkness staying outside, you can see the object easily with the help of red LED light.

It is also made as a simple and low-profile design to make the headlamp comfortable to use. That is why you never feel any trouble even wearing it for a long time.


  • Excellent performance both in low light and complete darkness.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Rechargeable battery operated.
  • Easy operation.


  • The item is not waterproof.
Black Diamond Spot
Black Diamond Spot Headlamp
WindFire® 1800 Lumens CREE XM-L T6 U2 LED

The WindFire® 1800 Lumens CREE XM-L T6 U2 LED is another of the most amazing headlamps in design and performance. The construction makes for a temperature and water resistant headlamp.

The manufacturer uses super soft, adjustable headbands. The head bands include a top piece. This headlamp uses an internal circuit booster to provide a wide operating voltage.

The wide operating voltage allows for three switch modes. Revolutionary focus technology enables this Windfire headlamp to deliver a beam of super bright light. It delivers an incredible 1800 lumens. The lamp allows for zooming, and it is also rotatable.

It is ideal for a range of outdoor activities as it is rugged and water proof. The two rechargeable batteries are included to ensure that you incur no extra cost. A battery indicator lights red for charging and red when fully charged. You will be using a single button to switch between all the lighting modes, including on/off.


  • Internal circuit booster
  • Water resistant
  • Revolutionary focus technology
  • 1800 lumens
  • Single button operation


  • The batteries are only compatible to this lamp (cannot charge on another unit)
WindFire® 1800 Lumens CREE XM-L T6 U2 LED
WindFire® 1800 Lumens CREE XM-L T6 U2 LED
Energizer Vision HD+ LED Headlamp

The Energizer Vision HD+ LED Headlamp is a headlamp that has more light modes in comparison with competitor headlamps, six in total.

These modes enable you to control the brightness as well as the run time depending on the task at hand.

Apart from the six lighting modes, you can also use the red night vision light by the push of a button.

This headlamp offers for excellent versatility. The head strap is adjustable to ensure comfort. Pivoting action enables you to direct the beam wherever that you want. It is an easy to use headlamp, using a push button switch. The battery compartment is easy to open further facilitating for ease of operation.

Using three AAA batteries, the headlamp lasts 6 hours on the high lighting setting. On the low light setting the lamp stands for an impressive 50 hours. It's is extra reliable, both water and impact resistant. Also, the lens is essentially shatter-proof.


  • Shatter proof lens
  • Six lighting modes
  • Easy to open battery compartment
  • Pivoting action
  • Easy to operate push button switch
  • Stylish and comfortable


  • The batteries are not rechargeable
Energizer Vision HD+ LED Headlamp
Energizer Vision HD+ LED Headlamp
Snado 2000lm Super Bright rechargeable Headlight

With the Max 2000 lumens adjustable LED headlamp headlight you get the capability of both flood and spot lighting. While using for spot lighting, the visibility is up to 500 meters and 200 for the flood lighting.

It also offers for smooth switching between the three switch modes strobe, high, and low modes.

An aluminum construction will see to it that this headlamp stands for more than the estimated 100,000 hours LED life. Replace the LED, and you will have a lot more years out of the head lamp. You can decide to use either of the two batteries that the manufacturer provides. Alternatively, you can choose to use both of the batteries.

To enjoy a hand's free use of the Max 2000, just adjust the lamp to either focus straight ahead or down to the ground. The manufacturer provides a USB and cigarette lighter adapter chargers, plus a wall charger. The chargers offer a whole range of power sources.


  • Flood and spot lighting
  • Adjustable
  • Aluminum construction
  • Waterproof
  • 3 Modes Zoom able


  • The beam direction of focus is not as quite adjustable (just up and down)
Snado 2000lm Super Bright rechargeable Headlight
Snado 2000lm Super Bright rechargeable Headlight
Ousili Headlamp Flashlight

The Ousili Headlamp Flashlight delivers to you an incredible 6000 lumens, which make for visibility up to 100 yards. The manufacturer makes it with premium materials aluminum and TPU elastic rubber. The aluminum alloy crust offers for durability and abrasion resistance.

The TPU elastic rubber, on the other hand, gives adjustable head circumference.

The headlamp includes two rechargeable batteries and a USB charger. The batteries rated 4800 mAh are the most suitable for high power LEDs. It has four working modes low, middle, high, and the flashing modes. Under a full charge, the working time ranges between 4-6 hours. The batteries require twelve hours for full charge.

The housing that holds the LEDs swivels allowing you to adjust the direction in which the beam shines. Also, whenever that you widen the beam, it does not dim unlike other headlamps of lower quality. You can charge this headlamp in the car as the manufacturer also provides for a cigarette lighter adapter charger.


  • Delivers 6000 lumens
  • Durable aluminum alloy
  • Abrasion resistance and water proof
  • Includes two rechargeable batteries
  • Four working modes
  • Adjustable head circumference


  • Be careful not to use when charging
Ousili Headlamp Flashlight_
Ousili Headlamp Flashlight
Xtreme Bright X-99 Sensor LED Headlamp_

The Xtreme bright X-99 offers hands-free illumination at its best. You need no buttons just some hand waving to turn on/off the headlamp using a hand wave sensor.

So, even when you have got oily hands, you have got no worries with this headlamp. It serves sports, emergency, and work lighting all this time allowing you to aim the light where you need it.

It is one of the high-quality headlamps, taking into account that it is water and shock proof. It uses high-quality military grade aluminum for the component to ensure durability. Also, ABS plastic that the manufacturer uses is impact resistant, which gives for incredible versatility. Use it for camping, hiking, boating, and many more activities.

It uses 3AAA batteries and gives an incredible battery life. 150 lumen Cree LED makes for a bright headlamp. It has the visibility of up to 75 yards. The manufacturer provides you with a 100% lifetime warranty for this head lamp.


  • Innovative hand wave sensor
  • 150 lumens provide visibility p to 75 yards
  • Military grade aluminum
  • Impact resistant ABS plastic
  • Incredible battery life


  • Some plastic notches make it uncomfortable for long times
Xtreme Bright X-99 Sensor LED Headlamp_
Xtreme Bright X-99 Sensor LED Headlamp

How To Choose The Best LED Headlamp

The factors below provide a guide on how to choose the best LED headlamps. They are the best in regards to performance and convenience.

Power Options

Without power, you would be better off without the headlamp. There are rechargeable and the replaceable battery power options. I would not recommend any of the two as it all depends on what is the most convenient for you. Despite that, you should enquire for the battery life for both options.

For example, the rechargeable battery might take longer than 12 hours to charge while it lasts for 8 hours. Will that be convenient for you? If not there is a way to go about it. If the battery is compatible other units, you can charge it on that other unit, while you use the spare unit.

Also, for the rechargeable batteries, the manufacturer should provide for all charging options. These options are the wall charger, cigarette lighter adapter, and the USB charger. For the replaceable batteries know the battery life so you can carry enough extra batteries. It will be best if these units come with a battery indicator. To show you when you hit battery low and full charge as well.

Water Resistant And Shock Resistant

Water and shock resistant make for an LED lamp that is ideal for use under all conditions. Water resistant headlamp will come in handy even when it's raining. When using the headlamp for outdoors, it will come across a lot of hits and falls.

It is in your best interest that the manufacturer makes the head lamp shock resistant. Also, this is the feature that makes the lamps suitable for use when cycling.

Material Of Construction

Materials have a great part to play in the durability of the headlamps. The materials have to strike a balance between lightweight and comfort. Aluminum alloy is the most common material for construction that meets the two requirements. It offers a rugged design that can afford accidental falls.


The prime reason of using the LED headlight in addition to their bright light is the comfort during use. As much as it gives you the freedom to use both hands, it should also feel comfortable even after long periods of use.

Adjustable head bands allow adults and children to find the perfect fit. A top piece on the head band goes a long way in ensuring that the lamp balances perfectly. The bands should be preferably from soft materials so that they do not poke the skin and irritate.

Lighting Options

The best of the LED headlamps come with a wide range of lighting options, making the lamps suitable for different lighting needs. To use on a long range, you will need the spot lighting mode and flood mode for short range.

There are other modes such as the strobe modes. The manufacturer should design the lamps to allow for easy switching between the different modes.

Customer Service

I was hoping not to mention customer service, but I cannot because not all manufacturers have good customer service. The best-LED headlamps are from manufacturers that have the best customer service.

These manufacturers have nothing to worry about materials and workmanship. So, whenever you report a defect or fault, they will be more than glad to help you out.


There has to be a technology that set apart the brands from each other. You will find a brand that uses some revolutionary technology to deliver the most powerful beam. Also, some manufacturer uses a convex lens in place of flat lens hence providing for a perfect circle of light.

Others go smart and use a hand wave sensor to control the lighting modes. The sensor sees to it that the only time you make contact with the headlamps is when putting it on and off the head.

Final Verdict

You will note a big difference the moment you start using the above-listed LED headlamps. You will be taking much shorter time in carrying out tasks such as changing a car tire. These headlamps are for everyone kids, mums, and dads. At times kids need to play out in the dark. While it is not safe, these head lamps make it safe.

As a dad you need to be handy in the house for your wife, plumbing under the sink, you need lighting to see down there. These LED lights are the most convenient. Okay, ladies maybe you are asking where you can need such? You never know when you might get an outage and need to take care of things in the kitchen and the LED headlamp will come in handy.

All that said, the above –listed LED lamps are by far the best in the market. They meet the above factors that draw the line between the best and the rest. These lamps are easy to use and give you the best value for your money.

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