The 15 Best Tool Bags In 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

Anybody who works with different tools needs the best tool bag. This bag helps technicians, construction workers, electricians, welders, mechanics, contractors, installers, etc. to convey their tools conveniently. It does not matter your profession in the use of tool bags. If you carry tools, then you surely need a good tool bag to aid mobility and to safeguard your tool. It is especially important for workmen that move around from one place to the other. Getting a tool bag would prove to be an invaluable asset. 

You should also know that leaving your tools around on the floor might damage them. And if you fail to keep them safely in a tool bag, it can be stolen or forgotten.

Types of Tool bags

There are many types of tool bags in the market today. Most of them let you properly manage your equipment's safety. There are different types of tool bags. They include;

  • Tote tool bags
  • Shoulder tool bags
  • Rucksack/backpack
  • Canvas
  •  Holdall tool bags.

The functionality, accessibility, and efficiency of the tool bag make it essential for every handyman. Tool bags come with various external and internal pockets. Some of the pockets are big, and some are small.

A tool bag can make your work easier and more convenient for you. They come in different sizes, shapes, and compartments, where you can efficiently organize your accessories and tools. Some of the backpack models come with sufficient space for you to house pieces of drywall or cables while going to work.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a tool bag
  • You can use tool bags to store your tools.
  • It provides a convenient way for you to convey your tools from one workstation to another.
  • They protect your tools from getting damaged and pilfering
  • You can also use tool bags for professional purposes

How does it work?

.Tool bags come with various external and internal pockets. Some of the pockets are big, and some are small. Most of the tool bags come with a special design that can match any work you do. While some of the tool bags can help you transport more of your tools than when you use an ordinary toolbox as your carrier. You can use the best tool bag to stay efficient and organized. It allows you to carry the majority of the tools you use in one compact package. After you finish your work, the tool bag will serve as an efficient storage space where you can gather your items together.     

Why you need a Tool Bag

There are ample reasons why a workman needs a tool bag. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a tool bag

  • You can use tool bags to store your tools.
  • It provides a convenient way for you to convey your tools from one workstation to another.
  • They protect your tools from getting damaged and pilfering
  • You can also use tool bags for professional purposes
  • The tool bags also allows for the easy organization of your tools
  • With a tool bag, you can work singlehandedly
  • You can also work effectively in tight spaces if you are using a tool bag
  • You can also work effectively in tight spaces if you are using a tool bag

How to Organized your Tool Bag efficiently?

Best tool bags are organized in First-Order Retrievability these days. This is a concept where there is no need for you to move any tool in other to reach another tool. As a result, you will have an efficient and quicker way to work. With this system, you can arrange your tool bag so that everything will be visible and accessible.

It helps you to arrange tools in a vertical way in the tool bag compartments for easier access and visibility. The design of some tool bags allows easy arrangement from its outside to the inside. If you want to organize your tools efficiently, store your everyday tools on the outside. Likewise, you can arrange the tools you don't often use on the inside of the bag.

 Make sure that you do not pack the outside compartment of the tool bag with jagged items since it can bruise your shoulder. Store similar items such as; a hammer, pencil, nails, and tape measure closer to each other. Organize sharp items holstered on both sides and never transport combustible objects.   

In this review, we have analyzed the best 16 tool bags in the market today. This would help you to make the best choice the next time you go shopping for a tool bag.

In this review, we have analyzed the best 15 tool bags in the market today. This would help you to make the best choice the next time you go shopping for a tool bag.

Top 15 Tool Bags In 2020          


If you are on the lookout for the best tool bags in 2019 that can work as your perfect tool storage and carrier, you should go for this product. This CLC 1539 Large Multi-Compartment unit comes with sufficient space where you can accommodate various tools, accessories, and parts. No matter the range of your tools or weight, this tool bag can conveniently accommodate them.

If you are an installer, carpenter, tradesman, or in the networking/telecom, cable TV/satellite, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, or any other maintenance, field, you shouldn’t miss this tool bag. The design comes with compartments which are convenient for a handyman.

It has enough room in the inner compartment, which can house big handed tools and power tools, respectively. Also, it has a large exterior compartment that comes with sufficient space to where you can arrange varieties of parts and tools. 

There is also an external tape-measure clip as well as a wide carabineer. It also features tool pockets which are in vertical form. As a result, your tools will be visible, and you can easily have access to them. It comes with seven external pockets which are convenient for a contractor to store tools that are required in an emergency.   


  • The construction is very sturdy and can last for a long time
  • You can store as many as tools you wish within this particular tool bag
  • It comes with heavy-duty zippers to ensure maximum safety and security for your tools
  • The shoulder pad is adjustable and well-padded for easier carriage
  • Its well-padded handles are comfortable and offer a secure grip


  • Its shoulder straps seem to give problems sometimes
  • The elastic loops do not function as they should

If you are searching for the best tool bag you can use for many different purposes; then you should go for this brand.

This particular tool bag comes from a well-known brand in the tool bags industry.

 The McGuire-Nicholas 22015 15-Inch Collapsible Tote design offers high-quality. Its craftsmanship is superior with innovative design and premium quality materials.

This 15-inch tote tool bag comes with multiple functions and features to enable you to store each of your tools. The construction is sturdy with various pocket shapes so that you can house tools of different sizes conveniently.


  • Its pockets come with a tapered design to enable more space for tool storage.
  • The interior features 14 webbed loop which helps to house tools effortlessly
  • Its handle is padded with sturdy, tubular steel foam for more convenience
  • It comes from a well-known brand for high-quality workwear manufacturing
  • Very easy to maintain and clean
  • Extremely affordable


  • There are no associated cons yet

This Stanley STST70574 12-Inch Soft Sided Tool Bag is your best tool bag option if you are looking for a durable, strong, and hard-wearing tool bag for your tools. It comes with straps which you can adjust easily to access your tools.

The construction comes from 600 x 600 durable denier polyester materials that ensure it lasts long. You can use this tool bag for efficient organization of your tools. Thanks to the spacious external and 

internal pockets, which can let you organize your tools efficiently.  

The frontal pockets of the Stanley STST70574 12-Inch Soft Sided Tool Bag have adequate covering ensure the safety of your small size tools.


  • This bag design ensures easy and convenient access to each of your tools with its adjustable strap design
  • The handles are well-padded for maximum comfort
  • Its bottom is padded with rubber foam to ensure its sturdiness and safety of your tools
  • There is also an external mesh pocket for your accessories, small tools, and personal belongings
  • It is extremely durable


  • It seems that the build quality is not as it should be
DEWALT DGCL33 33-Pocket Lighted USB Charging Tool Backpack

The Dewalt Pocket Lighted USB Charging Tool Backpack is versatile. It is a durable tool bag that can contain every of your work tools. You can use this unit to store testers, drill bits, wrench sets, screwdrivers, pliers, extensions chords, drills, and many other tools.

It is designed for heavy-duty carriage and storage. It has a padded base that supports the weight and also prevent abrasion and wear. You can easily open 

this  particular tool bag with the help of its heavy-duty zipper, which comes with the double-pull design.As you carry your tools with the Dewalt Pocket Lighted USB Charging Tool Backpack, you will feel very comfortable. It has adjustable shoulder straps which are large pads.

Its features are impressive, and they come with a lighted USB design that is rechargeable. When you are working on low lighted places, this tool bag can offer you the necessary illumination. There is also an accompanying USB that can enable you to charge two items at the same time. 


  • This tool bag is exceptionally durable
  • Quiet comfortable and easy to carry
  • It comes with the LED lighting technology for the ultimate illumination
  • You can open this backpack very easily and effortlessly
  • It comes with multiple storage characteristics


  • It seems to become uncomfortable when it carries excess weight

If you are a professional handyman or tradesman that usually climbs up the ladders, this tool bags is best for you. Even if you walk for long distances to reach your workstation every day, this Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC Service Technician Bag, 1-Pack is ideal for you.

The design for this tool bag provides a comfortable and safe transportation system for your tools. It also comes with a heavy-duty design, patented Pro Pac center panel, stabilizing injection, and the molded water-proof bottom that ensures the dryness of your tools. No matter how 

nasty the weather condition is, you are sure of maximum dryness of your equipment’s. It also comes with up to 56 internal and external pockets as well as plenty of room for various types and sizes of tools.

This Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC Service Technician Bag comes with innovative fast release handle which enables easy access to the large tool area compartment. It minimizes strain from shoulder straps due to its efficient design.


  • This tool bag delivers structural stability and ergonomic rubber TPV grip
  • The design is especially to provide comfort while transporting tools
  • It offers easy access to your tools
  • Multiple storage options
  • The design is quite durable
  • It also comes with a five-year warranty provision


  • The price range is a bit high

The Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag is water & abrasion-resistant. Tool users should not miss this particular tool bag due to its convenience and easy access during operation.

The construction ensures durability and can comfortably support heavy tools due to the heavy-duty materials used in building it. It can also tolerate drizzles. Its base is resistant to abrasion, and it comes with an interior metal frame structure.

It comes from a well-known manufacturer for durable and big size tool bags. Its synthetic material also exhibits the Rain Defender Technology to ensure that your tools are always dry and clean inside the bag.

The base of this tool bag is resistant to abrasion; thus; your tools are sure of maximum safety within the tool bag.


  • It can contain varieties of tools in different sizes and shapes
  • Perfect for DIY enthusiasts and on-site professionals
  • It comes to the Rain Defender water-resistant technology
  • Can support heavy-duty loads
  • There is also a limited warranty provision
  • It is quite durable
  • Offers easy access and greatly prevents easy collapse


  • The pockets are not deep enough to stabilize tools

The WORKPRO Tool Bag comes from a well-known brand that manufactures high-quality products in Asia. No wonder this unit offers high-quality performance and durability. Its construction design is premium quality to ensure that you can transport hand tools and others. The bottom of the carrier is sufficiently padded for extra-sturdiness so that even though you’re your bag may fall, your tools within will never damage.

This particular tool bag comes with an efficient and durable design. It is made from rugged polyester material and has plenty of pockets along the double sides and interior to contain various tools.

You can comfortably use this tool bag to carry and organize your gears. Moreover, they have the assurance of security. They organize your tools very well, and you don’t need to ransack your bags anymore for tools.


  • It offers ultimate comforts
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable
  • Its handle comes with an additional handle
  • Ideal for heavy-duty loads
  • Construction offers maximum safety for your tools


  • There seem to be a bit of seam trouble
  • You can only use this tool bag to convey smaller objects

If you are searching for the best tool bag that offers high durability, then you should go for this product. It is sturdily crafted with a 600-denier double wall as well as a ripstop poly waterproof material.

The wall of this Bucket Boss Gatemouth Tool Tote in Brown, 70012, is reinforced with sturdy foam so that its shape will remain stable no matter the weight it is carrying. This particular tool bag is a no-

frills, basic carrier which opens at the top. As a result, you can conveniently see within it to grab whatever tool you may need.

It even features mesh pouches on its end, which you can use to store your pens, papers, and any other objects you don't want to lose.   


  • It can contain tools that weigh up to 11 liters
  • The shape of this bag never changes from its normal design due to overweight
  • Its steel handle is padded with foam for perfect grip, and they are incredibly durable
  • You can also use this bag to carry your gardening equipment


  • The length seems too insufficient

The Occidental Leather 9850 Adjust-to-Fit Fat is sturdy and efficient for superior field activities. It has a good tool holder arrangement and intuitive design, which can improve the quality of your work. 

If you are a tool user that wants the best tool bag that will be handy and convenient 

for you to get your tools, then this product is your ideal option. Its unique design can save you plenty of time. Also, it is extremely durable no matter the stuff you carry inside it. Even if you are using the Occidental Leather 9850 Adjust-to-Fit Fat to convey sharp objects, it will still remain durable for you to use many years to come.


  • You can wear it throughout the day without complaints
  • It is comfortably
  • It is very functional
  • Can last for a very long time
  • Adjustable belt sizing
  • Even when this tool bag is full with your tools, it will never hang low
  • There is even a side hand holster
  • You can conveniently use this tool bag while bending or kneeling down without issues


  • The durability is not 100%
DEWALT DG5543 16 in. 33 Pocket Tool Bag

The Dewalt Pocket Toolbag is one of the best tool bags 2019 has to offer. It is an ideal option for any contractor or a handyman in search of the best tool bag. It comes with many impressive features that make it efficient, durable, and functional for all tool users.

There is the heavy-duty ballistic poly and poly material used for its construction which makes it more durable than other 

tool bags. You can also make use of this tool bag under dirty and wet conditions due to the four bottom pads that offer protection.


  • You can have easy access to your tools due to its vast interior and convenient pop-open system
  • The features are from high-quality and its design last longer
  • Its internal zipped pocket is quite convenient
  • It can accommodate each of your tools daily with its multiple interior pockets
  • The shoulder straps are sufficiently padded for protection as well as the base pads.
  • Its construction is very sturdy
  • The price range is very affordable
  • It comes with various pockets


  • There are no cons yet

This rollover tool bag from Klein is the ideal option for rough terrain. The materials of this tool bag are industrial and the highest quality. This bag offers high-performance as well as durability. With its 600D ballistic weaving, this tool bag can endure the most demanding and harshest weather condition. You can easily load and unload this tool bag with the help of its reinforced lid that features metal frames.   

Its handle comes with the heavy-duty telescoping design. There are also high-clearance wheels to ensure the easy carriage of about 250 pounds worth of tools.

You can comfortably organize your tools within its 19 pockets that are attached to the internal and exterior part of the tool bag. Due to its hardtop, you can conveniently stack your tools and still have leftover compartments to accommodate your personal belongings.


  • It can house large tools with it 
  • Its roll-over design helps the transportation of tools across rough terrain
  • You can easily load and unload tools from this bag due to the reinforced steel frames that are always open
  • It is very durable and functional    


  • Its durability is not 100%

You should go for this tool bag if you want efficiency, functionality, and accessibility to your tools. The handles are properly padded to ensure that you will not suffer from bruises even though you carry it for a long time. The shoulder straps are adjustable, which enables you to carry them easily.

The construction of this tool bag is especially from top-notch and high-quality 

leather material. As a result, you can expect this particular tool bag to withstand any harsh elements and abuse whatsoever. 

What is more? Its stitching is especially heavy-duty so that you can use it for heavy-duty purposes and it can still last you for a long time.


  • It has stitching for heavy-duty purposes as well as a bar tacking
  • It offers maximum durability due to its high-quality construction
  • You can comfortably carry your tools with this bag
  • It provides easy access to your tools because of its wide opening
  • A large number of internal and external pockets for convenient organization of your tools
  • Its function is versatile and comfortable to handle


  • There are no associated cons yet

This product comes from well-known American manufacture for delivering high-quality professional standard tools. If you are a working man that is looking for the best tool bag to transport your tools as well as carry your laptop at the same time, this particular bag is ideal for you. The Backpack Electrician Tool Bag Pro Organizer features separate compartments which will ensure the protection of your laptop from the other objects.

There are also additional 25 pockets, especially for the storage of adapters, tools, phones, and cables.

The interior of this particular tool bag comes in an orange color to enable ultimate visibility. Its bottom design is tough and quite durable to make sure that the elements will never disturb your tools.


  • The design provides maximum protection for your laptop from the other objects
  • It comes with many different storage spaces for your tools and personal belongings
  • There is even a provision of a molded sturdy front pocket to safeguard your safety glasses


  • It seems that the length of its strap sometimes gets longer

If you are searching for the best tool bag that is durable and can house all your tools, both large and small, you should go for this brand. One significant fact about this particular tool bag is the great number of its compartments. Also, these compartments come in different placements and sizes.

The backside of the Dewalt DGL573 features four pockets which offer more convenience as you reach out for your 

working tools.

There is also an additional strap where you can attach certain objects as well as two slots and a hook at the side for your everyday tools storage. It also comes with a Velcro pouch and smaller slots on its other side. The interior of the bag is a wide-open compartment that features four open pouches inside. 


  • You can use the provided LED lights to illuminate your dark work areas
  • It is very comfortable to use
  • The tool bag is quite durable
  • It can contain multiple tools at once
  • Lightweight and sturdy


  • There are no additional pockets for parts or loose screws
  • The LED lights are not high-quality

The Oregon Cordless 40 Volt Max Tool Bag is durable and versatile and good if you do not want your tools to get damaged. This particular tool bag accommodates or hosts different kinds of tools, parts, and accessories. It comes together with a lithium-Ion battery charger inside one of the double exterior pockets. Also, it comes with batteries inside its interior compartment.

 The Oregon Cordless 40 Volt Max Tool Bag has an extra-large 16 inches wide-mouth opening that ensures optimum visibility and easy access. It comes with seven interior storage spaces where you can efficiently organize your chainsaw accessories, charger, and your battery. The polyester construct, which is coated with rugged PVC is resistant to wear and abrasion.


  • This product is quite durable due to its rugged construction which ensures resistance to wear and abrasion
  • It is efficient and allows the appropriate organization
  • Its design is compact for easy transportation of tools
  • Many compartments ensure the storage of the various tool
  • Offers ease of use, great value and easy to access


  • The price range is a bit on the high side

What do I need to know before Buying the Best Tool Bag?

Tool bags are best for handymen with a large variety and size of tools. Tools such as crowbars, level, sockets wrench, pliers, etc. can be conveyed with a tool bag. However, a handyman can use it as well to convey smaller tools as well.

Tool Bag Buying Guide

There are certain factors you need to consider if you want to get the best tool bag in the market. You have to consider the following;

  • Material Type

Generally, tool bags come in different materials such as poly fabric, nylon, canvas, etc. The most common types are canvas and nylon. Therefore, if you want to get the best, look for the material that is sturdy and durable. The material type determines how effectively the bag can accommodate the weight of the tool. The material type also determines how long the battery would last.

  • Zippers

A good tool bag should always come with zippers for heavy-duty items. You will not appreciate buying a tool bag with a zipper that breaks off easily. Heavy-duty zippers are the best options to go for, and usually, they have a double-pull design.

  • Multiple Pockets

Tools come in various shapes and sizes. You will get size tools such as power drills and hammer. There are also little ones like screwdrivers. That is why; you need a tool bag that can have many pockets where you can store the different tools in their respective sizes.

  • Bottom Padding

Good tool bags should come with bottom padding or feet. This would ensure that the bag does not suffer from wear and tear. If you want to buy, look for the model that comes with feet or thick padding which would also safeguard your tools from dirty and wet surfaces.

  • Well-Padded Shoulder Strap

When you are lugging a tool bag that contains a lot of steel, your shoulders are likely to suffer from strain. This is the reason good tool bags come with a well-padded shoulder strap. The padding can support most of the tool’s weight.

  • Wheeled Bags

Tool bags with wheels gives you another convenient option of moving with your tools. Carrying a bag on your shoulders can sometimes be tiring. You can opt to roll it on the floor if you feel too tired to carry on your shoulder. They enable you to move around without exposing yourself to health-related risks.

  • Textured, Padded Handles

Another essential factor you need to look out for is the padded and textured handles. This would enable you to handle your tool bag for more extended periods without suffering bruises.

  • Wide- Mouth Opening

Tool bags that have a wider mouth can let you load tools more comfortably. If the mouth is very wide, it will be better for easy use.

  • Zippered Compartments

Zippered compartments are quite handy for those tiny items which are susceptible to misplacement. When you zip up the compartments, the small tools remain where you keep them.

  • Storage Space

Another essential factor you should consider is the number of items that the prospective tool bag can accommodate. You should always go for a model with ample storage space.

  • Clips and Hooks

You should make sure that each of the clips and hooks come from high-quality. Also, ensure that the attachment is proper.

Care and Maintenance

The most challenging and vital fact about owning various tools is to know how you can care and maintain them properly. Check these tips to know-how:

  • Keep the Tools Clean

The major care and maintenance tip are to clean your tools regularly. This would prevent the tools against rust and corrosion.

  • Check your Tool for Significant Damages

Your eye is the correct judge for any likely damage to your tools. Before you use any tool, you should endeavor to check the metal parts, casings, and around its handles for any significant damage. If there are some damages that require repairing, do it immediately without wasting any time.

  • Lube the Tools

Make sure that you have lube sprays in your tool bag which you can use to lubricate the tools. You should lubricate the moving parts of your tools at intervals to keep them in a healthy working condition.

  • Keep out of Harm’s Way

Endeavor to maintain maximum safety anytime you are working with your tools. Endeavor to put on your working gloves and other PPE items.

  • Organize your Tools

It is important to organize your tools every time since it can help you not to lose them. You should get the best tool bag that is sufficiently wide to house your tools efficiently.

  • Keep your Tools Away from Moisture

Moisture is not suitable for tools. Exposing your tools to moisture and extreme weather conditions can cause rust and corrosion.

  • Get More than One

It is crucial to have more than one of every tool as it can help to militate against overuse

  • Compressed Air

Make sure that your tools have access to compressed air cans since it can clean out dirt and dust that you cannot clean otherwise.

  • Never Overheat the Tools

Temperature is important whenever you are making use of power tools. If the temperature is excessively high, it can damage the tool or some components. 

  • Smooth Running

You should always make sure that your tools are operating smoothly as they should. Never work with a tool that is not operating up to its normal standard, that’s an indication that it is not in order.

  • Tool Bag Maintenance

Getting a tool bag is crucial if you want to take proper care of your tool and maintain your tools. Then taking care of that tool bag is another way of maintaining your tools. You should bring out the tool bag at intervals and clean it up. Before you clean up the bag, you should remove all the tools then remove every dirt, dust, and oil in the bag. Use an air spray or damp cloth to clean inside the bag.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best tool bag?

The best tool bag is the unit that enables you to organize your varieties of tools, parts, and accessories in a particular place for easy carriage. It is the perfect way to protect your tools from damaging and also make them accessible to you.

How to choose the right size?

Choosing the right size of the best tool bags depends greatly on you and the work you are doing. If your work requires a large assortment of tools or a small number of tools, then you should choose accordingly.

How to use it?

You should make sure that you bought the best tool bag in the market. Then make sure that you organize the tools properly. That is; every tool should go to the ideal compartment for it. You should also ensure that you bring out all the tools at intervals and clean up your tool bag.

How to clean?

Before cleaning your tool bag, you should ensure that you have been using it for a long time. Then you can apply soap and warm water to it. You should also, use a cleaner that is non-toxic and scrub it gently with medium bristle. After the washing, rinse the bag thoroughly with warm water.

A backpack or a rolling tool bag, which one I should buy?

If your work requires transporting large, heavy tools, then the rolling tool bag is ideal. But then a backpack comes in handy when the tools are not such that can stain your back.

What accessories should I get for a tool bag?

The accessories you can get for your tool bag are uncountable. Depending on the size of your tool bag you can start from the following;

  • Work gloves
  • Diagonal pliers
  • Nose pliers
  • Combination pliers
  • Screwdriver and ratchet sets
  • Combination sets of hex folding keys
  • Extra-long hex keys
  • Folding knife
  • Screwdriver sets
  • Joint and adapter sets
  • Tape measure
  • Bottle opener
  • Canvas bag hand tool-sets
  • Adjustable wrench

Final Verdict

After going through this post, you now know that it is beneficial to buy the best tool bag. Owning one is the only way you can protect your tools from damages and pilfering. Also, it makes your tools visible and easy to access. If you are a handyman or a tool user, you shouldn’t miss making your choice from any of these 15 products. They offer great value on your investment.

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