Hiltex 10513 Rotary Hammer Drill Review

A drill is an essential tool that you can use for making holes in different types of materials. The best hammer drill should provide you with comfort, control, and versatility when you are carrying out your tasks.

The Hiltex 10513 Rotary Hammer Drill is one great tool that most people use to perform heavy duty projects on different materials such as bricks, concrete and solid steel.

The tool has a powerful motor that provides reliable drilling power to get your job done in minutes. If you love DIY projects or use drills in your area of specialization, the Hiltex hammer drill will be a great addition.
From my experience with the tool, I can say that it is a versatile and reliable tool you need to have at home. It is well crafted to provide you with comfort and control when you are drilling.

There are many other features that you will find useful when you are using this tool. I have reviewed this tool in details so that I can enlighten you on the benefits you will get when you buy the hammer drill.

Motor Power

The first thing that you should check when you are purchasing a hammer drill is the motor power. If a tool cannot provide you with enough power to carry out your drilling tasks, then it is not worth your money. This model is designed with a high performance 1000 watts motor that provides very reliable power to cut through even the toughest material.

Three Function Mode

Buying this tool is like buying three in one. It gives you three different modes where you can use it as a hammer only (chiseling only), hammer drill (hammering and rotation), drill only (rotation only). Depending on the task at hand, you can pick the right mode that you need to use to do the job.

Control And Comfort

Control and comfort is also another key thing to check when you are buying a drill. For the best results, your tool should be comfortable to hold so that you can have maximum control. This model has a 360-degree swivel with an auxiliary handle that has textured grips. This provides you with effective control and comfort when you are working.

Capacity And Other Features

The drill has a capacity of 1-1/2 inch for concrete and 1 inch for steel. On top of that, the drill has a no-load rotation speed 0-800RPM, no load impact frequency 0-3500BPM and 6 various speeds control.

Other Accessories

Apart from the drill, other tools accessories are included in the package. Such bonus accessories include kit in bow mold case, 1-pc universal chuck with adapter and key, 1-pc depth gauge, 1 bottle oil, 3-pcs 6 inch SDS drills and 2-pc 10 inch SDS chisels.


  • Designed with a high-performance motor
  • Provides you with three function mode
  • Auxiliary handle provides textured grip
  • Offers 6 various speed control
  • It has a strong motor


  • Tough to install the drill
  • The drill is not reliable

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many amps does this Hiltex drill have? Anybody who has purchased the drill?

A: I have this drill in my workshop, and it has 10 amps. It is a great drill that I would recommend.

Q: Imp looking for a drill that I can use to put ½ anchor holes through a cement beam. Can I depend on this product?

A: Yes you can. This is an amazing tool that will get your job done. Just try it.

Q: Does the drill have three modes of operation that is hammer only, drill and hammer and drill only?

A: No, the drill has only two modes for hammer and hammer drill.

Final Words

Do not make your drilling boring simply because you do not have the right hammer drill. The Hiltex 10513 Rotary Hammer Drill is a recognized tool that provides excellent results when you are drilling concrete, bricks or steel.

It is designed to give you with comfort so that your hands will not get fatigued when you are using the drill. You can try this drill if you want to buy a new product, replace your old model or buy a person as a gift.

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