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When you are purchasing a power tool, you do not want to buy a tool from a brand that is hardly recognized on the market. You should invest your money on a quality brand so that you can get a perfect tool that works amazingly well.

Bosch is renowned for the manufacture of quality power tools that meet the needs of many handymen. When it comes to cordless hammer drills, there are a variety of products that you can buy from this brand.

Their cordless drills provide versatility because you do not need to worry about the power cord. You have the freedom to use the tools anywhere, anytime when you need it. The tools are also fast and convenient hence giving you the results that you want. With a cordless Bosch hammer drill, you just need to grab your tool and begin your work.

To help you understand in details some of the top hammer drills from Bosch, I have done extensive research and compared different features in many drill presses produced by the company. Here is a list of the best drills that met our specifications and they also have a high customer rating. Read their reviews, and simple buying guide provided so that you can make a wise decision when you are purchasing.

Recommended Best Bosch Cordless Hammer Drill

1.Bosch HDB180-02 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 3/8-Inch Cordless Hammer Drill/Driver

Bosch HDB180-02 18-Volt Hammer DrillEverybody looks forward to that perfect tool that works as you expect and provides satisfying results. It can be annoying to own a hammer drill that hardly works as per your expectations.

When it comes to Bosch power tools, expect nothing but an incredible performance. This is why Bosch HDB180-02 cordless hammer drill is among the most recognized hammer drills from Bosch.

The drill provides you with 360 lbs of torque which is enough to help you handle a wide range of drilling applications. The drill is one of the most compact and lightweight currently on the market that provides you with the best performance and reduced fatigue.

It uses SlimPack batteries and has the FatPack battery ECP technology that monitors the battery when it reaches its maximum life. The power provides by this drill guarantees of effective drilling on any material at hand.

Even when you are working in dark areas, expect the best visibility because the drill is designed with LED lights to provide illumination.

The drill also guarantees you with long service. It has a durashell housing made of ABS/nylon composite that makes the housing flexible. It also a convenient plastic housing that will not crack easily when you are working.


  • It has a flexible power system
  • Provides you with 2-speed settings
  • Has a maximum torque power of 360 lbs
  • Has variable speed trigger and 15+1 clutch settings
  • LED light provides visibility in dark areas


  • Customers who have used the drill have not experienced any problems

2.Bosch CLPK250-181L 18-volt Lithium-Ion Brushless 2-Tool Kit with Hammer Drill/Driver

Bosch CLPK250-181L Brushless 2-Tool KitIf you are an electrician, a carpenter, plumber or a DIY lover, a drill is an important tool that you should have in your tool box. Don’t just purchase any hammer drill that you find. Bosch provides you with a great solution for all drilling tasks.

The Bosch CLPK250-181L cordless drill provides you with the ultimate versatility to help you complete a wide range of projects. This ready-in-one tool holder eliminates the need for you to buy an impact driver and impact wrench as well as fragile socket adapters.

It is designed with a brushless motor that provides 2X the motor life and a superior efficiency to provide a longer run time and little to no maintenance.

The drill’s superior power gives you the opportunity to perform a wide range of heavy duty applications and provides you with satisfactory outcomes.

Working with the tool is also comfortable. It features a small grip diameter that makes it the best in ergonomics and comfort.


  • The battery provides a longer run time
  • It has an ergonomic design
  • LED lights provide illumination
  • It has a powerful EC brushless motor
  • Coolpack technology keeps the battery cool
  • Has a Duracell housing


  • Complaints of faulty trigger

3.Bosch PS130-2A 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Ultra-Compact Hammer Drill/Driver Kit

Looking for the most compact and lightweight hammer drill that will allow you perform your drilling tasks to perfection? Buy the Bosch PS130-2A cordless drill, and drilling holes on different materials will never be the same again.

The drill is versatile hence giving you the opportunity to drill in different materials. This makes the tool ideal for different users such as installers, builders, locksmiths and renovators among others. With its kit, it is very easy for you to perform tasks such as screw driving and drilling in metal and wood.

The drill is perfect for basic applications providing you with a torque of up to 265 lbs. It is also ultra-lightweight and compact for easy operation. It weighs 2.3 pounds only and still provides more power as compared to its competitors.


  • Has a soft grip to reduce fatigue
  • The drill is lightweight
  • Electronic cell protection provides a longer battery life
  • Has a fuel gauge for easier battery management
  • Has variable speed trigger


  • It doesn’t hold well

4.Bosch Professional GSB 10.8-2 LI 10.8V Body Only Cordless Li-Ion 2-Speed Combi Drill

Bosch Professional GSB 10.8-2 LI Combi DrillOur last but not certainly the best Bosch cordless hammer drill is the Bosch Professional GSB 10.8-2 LI 10.8V. This drill features the shortest design in its class, and this gives users optimum handling when you are performing tasks such as drilling or screwdriving applications in tight spaces.

The drill has a battery level indicator that will let you know how much energy is left in the battery. The battery provides 400 percent longer lifetime and unbeatable battery runtime as compared to other tools. The battery also features Electronic Cell Protection that protects the battery against overheating, overload and deep discharge.

The drill also features integrated LED lights that illuminate the work area to help you get a good visibility even in the dark spaces. The drill also features 2-speed planetary gearbox for powerful screwdriving and drilling tasks in wood and metal.


  • Has a short design for optimum handling
  • Designed with a battery level indicator
  • LED lights provide illumination
  • Works well for drilling and screwdriving applications
  • The electronic cell protection protects the battery against overload


  • The battery and charger are not included

5.Bosch RHS181K 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/2-inch Compact Rotary Hammer

Bosch RHS181K 18-Volt Compact Rotary HammerBosch is ranked among the top brands on the market when it comes to the production of power tools. I have used different tools from this company, and I have never been disappointed. For those people who are looking for a cordless hammer drill, you can buy the Bosch RHS181K for quality work.

The hammer drill features the industry’s most advanced lithium-ion technology that provides you with a greater and longer battery life. You get all these in a lighter package, so the ease of use is not compromised. The batteries provide up to 50 percent more run time, so you are sure of enough and reliable power to handle your tasks.

The drill is also rated high for its compact size having the shortest length in its class. It is perfect for drilling in tight workplaces. Its lightweight design also makes the drill ideal for drilling over the head. This tool allows you to drill holes up to ½ inch in concrete and it is compatible with all Bosch 18-volt lithium ion batteries.


  • It has an unbeatable run time
  • The drill is compact and lightweight
  • Compatible with all Bosch 18-volt batteries
  • Provides maximum performance
  • Electronic cell protection prevents the batteries from overload


  • No cons so far

6.Bosch 17618-01 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Brute Tough Litheon Hammer Drill/Driver

Bosch 17618-01 18-Volt Hammer DrillMy power drill died a couple of months ago, and I was interested purchasing a hammer drill from Bosch. I did my research well and compared the different hammer drill from the company. Finally, I settled for the Bosch 17618-01and all I can say it is an amazing product that you should have in your workshop.

I love the Bosch durashell housing and unibody powertrain that is strong enough to withstand all conditions. The drill will serve you for so many years while still offering the best performance. To add to the durability of the tool, it features ½ inch metal chuck that provides increased durability.

Being a cordless drill, it has a lithium-ion battery technology that provides you with enough drilling power on different materials. Additionally, it has an electronic cell protection system that guarantees you with optimal performance.

Don’t worry if you are carrying out your work in a poorly illuminated workplace. The hammer drill has LED light that provides you with good visibility for dark and enclosed areas.

Expect a smooth operation when you are using this drill. It has an ergonomic design and a comfortable handle that provides you with optimal comfort while still reducing fatigue.


  • The lithium ion battery provides a longer runtime
  • It has a unique and flexible power system
  • Features a durable construction
  • The drill is easy to use
  • 25 clutch settings provide optimal precision


  • No criticism from customers who have used the drill

How To Choose The Best Bosch Cordless Hammer Drill

Choosing a hammer drill can be a tough encounter especially for people buying their first tool. To help you pick the right Bosch hammer drill, here are some important considerations that you should keep in mind.

Operation Mode

How do you plan to use your cordless hammer drill? You need to identify whether you need to drill holes in concrete, motor, and bricks or whether you want to use it as a chisel to bust up tile or concrete. Some hammer drills provide two operation modes for drill only and hammer only while others have three modes for drill only, hammer drill and hammer only.

Type Of Battery

When buying a cordless drill, it is important to look for a product that has a battery that will provide you with enough power to handle your tasks. If the drill doesn’t have a lithium-ion battery, then it is not worth spending your money buying.

Work Light

At times, you might find yourself working in a cramped area with poor lighting. If your drill is designed with a work light, it will be very easy for you to do your job with accuracy because the light provides visibility.

Speed Control

Your drill should also give you the chance to control the speed based on the material that you are working on. It should offer a good variable control from barely rotating to full speed. You will need good control at low speed when you are trying to start a screw or drilling holes on surfaces that do not have good adhesion or frequency.

Other Considerations

  • Check the price of the hammer drill
  • Does it have a clutch or torque selector?
  • Consider the chuck
  • Does it have a reversible direction?
  • The type of motor
  • Other accessories like cases and spare battery
  • Consider the size, weight, and safety of the drill.

Final Words

Cordless hammer drills provide you with convenience when you are working. With the above Bosch cordless hammer drills, you do not need to run around with power cords looking for the nearest power source to plug-in. You can take your drilling applications at any place that you want.

The hammers drills above are impressive and not only are they durable but they also have batteries for a longer run time. They are easy to use and most importantly provide admirable drilling results.

If you want to purchase a new hammer drill or want to upgrade your current tool, I would recommend you to try and of these incredible products from Bosh and you will not regret spending your money.

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