Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw in 2023 – Reviews and buying Guide.

You know you are more comfortable with the best cordless reciprocating saw on the project where you need to cut different types of materials. You also know the advantages of a reciprocating saw over the other type; that is why you are here to find the best saw for you, aren’t you? But without proper guidelines, it is not so easy to get the best reciprocating for you. Don’t worry; we will help you as you need.

You know a reciprocating saw provides the best cutting experience through different types of materials, no matter if it is vertical or horizontal. At the same time, a reciprocating saw is portable, handy, convenience to use, and many more. But all the things become valueless if you cannot select the right reciprocating for you. That is why you should be more conscious before selecting the reciprocating saw.

Before going to the review section, you should know something important about the reciprocating saw. Read the following sections carefully to get a clear idea about the tool.

Types of Reciprocating Saw

Primarily two types of reciprocating saws are found. Find the types and descriptions below.

Corded Reciprocating Saw

The corded reciprocating saw needs to plug in always during operation. Generally, these are a bit powerful than the other type as it runs over the energy sources directly. But the problem is you cannot use the tool outside its energy source is not available there.

Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Cordless reciprocating is the versatile saw. You can use the saw without direct use of the energy from the source. It runs over the battery. That is why you can use the saw anywhere. The reciprocating saw is generally used to cut different types of vertically/horizontally placed materials such as wood, plastic, bricks, drywall, thin metal, and so on. Use the tool everywhere if you need to cut anything except thick and tough metal.

How to use a Reciprocating Saw?

The operation procedure of a reciprocating saw is pretty easy. Select the right blade at first and then set the blade on the chuck. Then locate and mark the line you need to cut through. Then place the blade on the line and hold the machine with both hands. Now press the trigger and control the trigger as the demand of the materials. Just simple. But don’t forget to wear protective gear before using the reciprocating saw.

The Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw and Its Review

It is not easy to identify the best cordless reciprocating saw because all the saws are not equally effective for all purposes. So, you need to select the working purposes, and then you have to choose that which is perfect for you and perfect for the purposes you use. Here we have enlisted 10 best rated cordless reciprocating saw we hope you find the right saw say here.


We have picked our first product from the top power tool brand ‘’DEWALT’’. There also have many reasons to place in the first position. The brand is trusted and always produced top-quality power tools. And definitely, this reciprocating say will not make you dissatisfied, check the features of this tool below.

The size of the reciprocating saw is not so large, which is about 14.5’’ in length. That 

means it can be used even in tight and confined spaces. What you expect from a reciprocating say especially, good control? It is engineered with a variable speed trigger that means the stroke controls power in your fingers. At the same time, to increase the accuracy, the say has for ways to adjust the blade. Really good.

An LED bulb is equipped with the say which enhances the visibility of the work-space and gives the opportunity in a low-light condition also. You will be also satisfied with the 20V Li-ion battery also. After all, you will get the best cordless reciprocating saw that is highly efficient, definitely.


  • Easy to handle and perfect to work in confined spaces.
  • Excellent battery performance.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design.
  • LED bulb increases visibility.


  • There is no space to carry an extra battery in the carrying case.

This is the other brand Porter-Cable which is also known as a high-performance power tool manufacturer. And they make high-quality reciprocation say always, and Porter-Cable 20V max reciprocating saw is the example of that.

If you are searching for a reciprocating saw that is perfect for confined space, this product can be the best choice for you. Its compact design makes the saw ideal for tight areas. You also get a high-

performance motor within the saw that gives you strong strokes and more run time. 

The reciprocation saw has other advanced features also such as variable speed trigger, tool-less blade system, lightweight, and many others. You will get a one-inch stroke length from the say while cutting. We hope if you use the say, you will be benefited.


  • Easy to handle as it is lightweight.
  • Ideal for confined spaces.
  • A variable speed trigger system allows controlling strokes per minute.
  • Fast charging.


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty performance.

This Bosch reciprocating say is built to move through the hard tasks where other reciprocating says are difficult to handle. There have a few reciprocating saws which are more powerful according to the weight power ration in its class. Let’s see the other notable features of this mighty reciprocating say.

As a power tool, it is not so long at the same time; it is not so heavy in weight also. That is why the users can handle the reciprocating say with comfort and can work for a long time over the head. It also produces efficient strokes while working.

Some of the additional features are also needed to handle a reciprocating say comfortably, such as speed variable trigger, one-handed blade changing system, electric motor protection system, and so on. You become happy to know that the reciprocating say has all the features. If you take a positive decision about the reciprocating saw, we appreciate you.


  • Compact design and suitable use in tight space.
  • Lightweight, and that is why continuous cutting is possible over the head.
  • Exceptional performance.
  • One-handed blade changing system.


  • Battery and charger need to buy separately.

Makita XRJ06PT reciprocating saw comes to deliver the exceptional cutting experience to the users. Its performance, features, and operation mechanism, all are highly advanced. For some of the features, you can easily differentiate this tool from the other in its class, which is the following.

Blade changing option is very handy. No tool is required for the operation. On the other hand, a work light is added with the 

saw to brighten the work area and to work in all where. The operative mechanism is also so easy. Control the sat just in one hand.

After all, with the reciprocating saw, you will get an exceptional experience. The most benefit of this tool you get the longer rum time because of using the powerful battery within it. We are sure that you don’t find battery performance similar to this as it is the best battery reciprocating saw in its class.


  • A variable speed trigger system is equipped with the reciprocating saw.
  • Battery performance is outstanding.
  • Built-in LED work light illuminates the work area.
  • Rubberized soft grip handle provides good control over the say.


  • A little bit heavy in weight.

This is the second reciprocating saw from the same bran Makita in this product line. The previous reciprocating say has the double battery, and that’s run power was also more. But this say comes with a single battery, and to be honest, you get less run time than the previous one.

Its weight is not so heavy, similar to the previous one. Its weight is almost 8.2lbs, which is not more at all. The stroke length of this say is 1-1/4’’ that is enough for 

getting fine cutting experience. The machine is also equipped with an innovative crank mechanism that reduces blade deflection and vibration, which is a very important feature.

The variable speed trigger button is large enough, and you can place two fingers on it to control the trigger efficiently. On the other hand, to give the soft feeling and good control handle is equipped with soft grip rubber materials. We find nothing that is worse for a reciprocating saw.


  • Large variable speed trigger button.
  • Built-in work light with pre and afterglow.
  • The innovative crank mechanism reduces the vibration and blade deflection.
  • The fixed shoe is added for durability.


  • Battery time is a bit shorter than the other saws.

All the essential parts come with this cordless reciprocating saw such as battery and charger. That means you can get a say which is ready to use just after buying the reciprocating say.

The digital brushless motor is used in this reciprocating saw, which requires comparatively less maintenance and gives more run time as well. You can get 25% more run time from this powerful tool on average. It is also lightweight and ideal for working continuously with comfort.

A strong adjustable pivoting show is added to the machine to ensure smooth cutting and to reduce the vibratory effects. It also has other essential features, such as speed triggering variation, easy blade change, work light, and many others. The reciprocating say also comes at an affordable price though it has necessary advance features. So, make your decision right now.


  • It provides more run time than the other reciprocating saw.
  • Fast charging.
  • An adjustable pivoting show ensures smooth cutting.
  • A variable speed trigger mechanism provides maximum control for different projects.


  • Not recommended to use in the tough project.

WORX WX550L reciprocating saw is an innovative tool that comes with reciprocating saw and jigsaw combined. If you just have this tool, you will not need any additional tools furthermore.

The no-load motor is used in this power tool that works both for the jigsaw and reciprocating saw also. The maximum speed of the motor can reach up to 3,000 SMP, and its stroke length is ¾’’, which are efficient in speed and stroke length also. 

You may think about the stroke length, but we say though its stroke length is not so much, this model is more compatible with any t-shank jigsaw and reciprocating saw.

Obviously, you can change the blade without the help of any tool, and its motor’s side design is made for quality cut results. In the end, the power tool can be the best tool for them who need precise cutting with power and versatility.


  • Motor’s side location design is created for efficient cutting.
  • Compatible with any standard t-shank jigsaw and reciprocating saw.
  • The dust blower removes all dust and debris in front of it.
  • Keyless blade changing mechanism.


  • A bit shorter stroke length.

Hitachi CR1888DGLP4 reciprocating saw is the perfect tool for them who are looking for the best battery reciprocating saw because the tools come with the best battery performance. The tool is compatible with most of the 18V Lithium-ion batteries.

In your working place, you will not face any trouble while using the reciprocating saw. It can deliver a lot of strokes up to 3300 per minute, and its stroke length is 1 inch, which is enough for any project.

It is also designed as a tool-less blade changing mechanism, and you can replace the blade within a moment. Its work light also illuminates the area of the working surface. After reviewing all the features, it can be said that you will not regret buying the reciprocating saw indeed.


  • It provides three times more battery value than the other reciprocating saw.
  • It is able to generate up to 3300 strokes per minute.
  • Work light illuminates the low light working surface.
  • Last-long performance.


  • Not for use in a tough job.

Some high-quality power tools don’t come with a high price tag. Sometimes we also can get it at an affordable price. This BLACK+DECKER BDCR20C is the perfect example of this.

Entirely it is a compact design reciprocating saw that has variable speed trigger and quick blade changing mechanism also. It also has a pivot shoe that is added for good control while cutting wood. A variable speed trigger 

also provides the advantages of good control at the same time. You definitely select the reciprocating saw as the best cordless reciprocating saw for home use.

Check the price of this reciprocating saw; you have to expend a negligible amount for it. But you get satisfactory performance from it. Definitely, this is the best budget cordless reciprocating saw in this product line.


  • The price is very affordable.
  • Compact design and lightweight.
  • Perfect reciprocating say for home use.
  • Quick blade changing mechanism.


  • Shorter battery life.
VonHaus 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit_

This reciprocating saw is the last product in this; it is one of the best cordless reciprocating saw in this list. Check the features and advantages of this kit; then, you will also agree with us.

The tool comes with 4 qualities different blades so that you get excellent performance while cutting different types of wood. You also get storage bad with the kit. Ergonomic design rubber handle also provides good control and comfort during operation.

It also has the other necessary features also such as quick blade changing mechanism, electric brake, variable speed trigger, and so on. That means you get everything from the tool while cutting wood, plastic, or thin metallic things.


  • It comes with a competitive price.
  • Control the speed trigger in different tasks using the variable speed trigger mechanism.
  • Feel the comfort and control the tool while operation as it has a rubber grip handle.
  • 4 different blades are supplied for different types of operations.


  • Only ideal for light to moderate operations.

What to Consider When Buying a Cordless Reciprocating Saw

The buying guide helps us a lot to find the best cordless reciprocating saw. Some features make a cordless reciprocating saw versatile and also make it high performing. If you want to get the best kit, you should know these. The following factors are enough if you can review them before buying them.

Motor Power

The power of a reciprocating saw primarily depends on its motor. Each and every high performing reciprocating saw has a powerful motor, obviously. But a powerful motor is not necessary for simple jobs such as cutting drywall, woods, plastics, and others. But if you go for cutting denser materials, then you obviously need to use the powerful reciprocating saw. But more power will demand more cost definitely.

Run Time

Is there anyone who doesn’t want to get such a reciprocal saw that has more run time? Everybody expects the best battery performance. You always should such a reciprocal saw that has standard run time. If you want to get more power battery reciprocating saw, you have to expend much money obviously. But you should not choose the one which has a very limited battery life.

Blade Changing Mechanism

All the time, you might not have the right tool to release the battery from the teeth of the reciprocating saw, right? That is why you should go for the tool that lets you change the blade without the help of any tool. And it also needs to have a quick-changing feature. Most of the reciprocating saw comes with this property nut, not all. So, be careful before buying the right reciprocating saw for you.

Variable Speed Trigger

There have many advantages of variable speed trigger over the fixed trigger. You will not always work with the same materials. Sometimes you may work with light materials, sometimes denser, right? But if you have a fixed trigger, you can’t cut all types of materials precisely and finely. That is why a variable speed trigger is needed so that you can apply the right trigger speed on different projects. You definitely review this factor because it is a key factor of a reciprocating saw, definitely.

Size and Weight

The weight of the machine is a vital factor, we think. Before going to buy the reciprocating saw, think about the working space where you use the machine. You need to use the machine for a short term just like pull, cut, and down then the heavier machine is ok for you. But if you can’t hold the machine for a long time and if it becomes heavier for you, then you should definitely go for the lighter one.

On the other hand, the size of a reciprocating is also a significant factor. If you cannot introduce the machine to the working area, how you do the job? That is why a shorter and compact design machine is always a good option to work in a tight space.

What Other Features Should I focus on?

Basically, the above factors are the key points that should consider before buying the best cordless reciprocating saw, but you may consider some other factors for a better review.

First of all, you may check the handle of the saw. You should choose the handle that comes with a good grip, and it should be soft. If the handle becomes soft and grip, you will get comfort and good control combined.

Secondly, you may check if the kit comes with the necessary tools or not! Sometimes some reciprocating saw comes without battery and charger. If you don’t have any complaint against this issue, we have nothing to say. But it is definitely an advantage if you can get the machine that is ready to use with its all tools.

Thirdly, some of the reciprocating saws come with some safety features such as electric brake, pivoting shoe, vibration-reducing technology, and so on. These are also extra advantages also.

Do I Need To Purchase A Name Brand Reciprocating Saw?

Frankly speaking, it is not needed always to buy a name brand reciprocating saw, but. But sometimes it is necessary. If you buy the reciprocating saw from a name brand, you can be confirmed that you have bought a high-quality tool because the brands become famous and reputed for producing a good quality tool. The more chance of getting an ordinary reciprocating saw if you buy from an ordinary brand. We are not discouraging you, but we want you to buy a good reciprocating saw, nothing else.

Do I Need a Reciprocating Saw with a High Voltage?

You find the answer to this question in the very first of the buying guide section. No problem, get your answer again here. The tough job requires a more powerful tool, isn’t it? Why do you need high voltage reciprocating always saw if you work with light materials? But dense materials also require high voltage reciprocating saw. But it is an obviously good option if you can buy the high voltage machine so that you should not buy the more power saw in the future for tough tasks.

What are the advantages of a Reciprocating Saw?

There have different types of a saw in the market today. But why you use the reciprocating saw? Because the saw has some advantages over the other types, which are enlisted below

  • Compact design and easy to handle. These are also lightweight that the other saws.
  • A variable speed trigger is the key advantage of reciprocating saw.
  • It lets you cut the materials no matter it is vertically or horizontally placed.
  • The blades are inexpensive and also more durable.
  • Users can control a reciprocating saw more comfortably.
  • It can cut a variety of materials such as wood, plastic, bricks, drywall, and even thinner metal.
  • The reciprocating saw is safer than other types.

Safety Tips You Need To Know About Reciprocating Saws

Reciprocating saw is a type of power tool, you know. At the same time, it is also an electric tool. On the other hand, it is a cutting tool. That means the reasons are more you need to take safety measures before handling a reciprocating saw.

Wear the Right Protective Gear

Sawdust, wood chips, and tree branches may all become risky to you. On the other hand, the machine is also dangerous. That is why you should wear necessary protective gear such as a dust mask, ear cover, gloves, safety goggles, and also sturdy shoes. The shoes prevent slip. It is also better if you avoid jewelry, hanging the hair, and loose clothing.

Avoid Working around Flammable materials

You should not use the reciprocating saw on or around flammable materials. A reciprocating saw doesn’t produce flame, are you thinking it? You are right, but it produces sparks, which may be the reason for the ignite of the flammable materials.

Use Your Both Hand

A reciprocating saw is a power tool; remember it. These are lightweight, but not too. To control the reciprocating saw efficiently, hold the machine with both hands. You might not control the machine by one hand.

Maintain the Minimum Distance from the Blade

The blade is one of the most dangerous parts of a reciprocating saw. If the blade touches any part of your body, there must be happened something serious from it. So, maintain a distance from the blade and keep away your hands.

Check the Electric Wire and Cord

Any bad issue with electricity is always dangerous. A short circuit is not only dangerous for your tool but also dangerous for you. Always use the saw after confirming there is no leak on the electric wire and its cord it dry. Never use the reciprocating saw when it is wet.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What Is The Difference Between A Jigsaw And A Reciprocating Saw?

  • The saws are nearly similar but different. Jigsaw is used for finesse and tight cutting. It is also used in circular or parallel cutting. But the reciprocating saw usually has a large blade, and it is used to cut pipe, windows framing, and others.

Q: Can You Cut A Tree With A Reciprocating Saw?

  • Reciprocating saw is used to cut tree branches, but it is not the ideal tool to cut a tree. If the tree is small enough in less in diameter, then you can try.

Q: How Many Amps Do I Need In A Reciprocating Saw?

  • It depends on the nature of tasks. Up to 10amp is enough for the light job, but you should choose more power when you go for a tough job.

Q: Can You Use A Reciprocating Saw to Cut Drywall?

  • Definitely, you can safely cut drywall.

Q: Which Is Better Jigsaw Or Reciprocating Saw?

  • The purpose of the saws is not the same, basically. If you need finesse, small, circular, or parallel cut, a jigsaw is an ideal tool. But if you need to make a windows frame, cutting pipe, or cutting drywall, you have to choose reciprocating saw there.

Final Thoughts

We have reviewed all the reciprocating saws, and we also tell here which saw is perfect for which type of project. On the other hand, here we also mention the capability of each and every reciprocating saw. If you ask us to know which is the best cordless reciprocating saw? We answer all of them are best. We have enlisted all the reciprocating saws after long research, and we found most of the things positive of these saws, and that is why we placed the tools here.

We don’t know your requirements and your working dealings also. Without knowing them, how we can say it will be best for you? Just check the features of the tools and match with your requirements; you can select your best reciprocating saw, definitely.

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