Best Hammer Drill for Concrete Reviews in 2021

Are you having a hard time determining the hammer drill to best serve you at home or for heavy tasks? There is no need to worry. With a little assistance from an expert in this area, you can find yourself the nicest tool ever.

There are plenty of amazing drills on the market to choose from. I have reviewed the best power drills before, and now I want to guide you through the best hammer drills for concrete. Each user has unique needs and requirements.

As much as there are models that are superior, your drilling needs can sometimes be met by a model that is less known. This guide contains the best hammer drills. It’s designed to help you determine the models that will help you achieve your drilling goals.

Best Hammer Drill for Concrete Reviews

​ - Comparison Table


Product Name



Drill Capacity 


DEWALT DCD996B Bare Tool 20V MAX XR Lithium Ion Brushless 3-Speed Hammer Drill

4 pounds

0-38,250 BPM, 2,250 RPM

1/2 inch


6.9 pounds

0-5,100 bpm and 0-1,300  rpm; 

1-1/8 Inch

Bosch 11255VSR BULLDOG Xtreme 1-Inch SDS-plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer

6 pounds

0 - 1, 300 RPM and 0 - 5, 800 BPM


Makita HR4013C 1-916″ AVT Rotary Hammer Drill

14.99 pounds

1,450 - 2,900 BPM, 250 - 500 RPM

1-9/16 inch

Milwaukee 2607-20 M18 12 Hammer Drill

3.38 pounds

0-400/ 0-1,800 RPM

1/2 Inch

Hiltex 10513 1-12 Inch SDS Rotary Hammer Drill Includes Demolition Bits, Flat and Point Chisels

16.65 pounds

0 - 800 RPM, 0 - 3500 BPM

1-1/2 inch

5.8 pounds

 0-1,100 RPM, and 0-4,100 BPM

1/2 inch

DEWALT DCD950KX 18-Volt XRP-Inch Hammerdrill Kit

1 pounds

0 to 21,250, and 0 to 34,000 bpm



4.28 pounds

up to 2800rpm



7.28 pounds

0-1,100 RPM and 0-4,500 BPM


Recommended Best Hammer Drill for Concrete


The DEWALT DCD996B Bare Tool 20V MAX XR Lithium Ion Brushless 3-Speed Hammer Drill is powerful with a motor output of 820 units watts. The high output allows for faster application speeds. It has three speeds that allow for versatility.

In dark and confined places the 3 modes LED lights will ensure the best visibility. If you leave the LED accidentally on they will automatically shut off after 20 minutes while in the spotlight mode.

The nitro-carburized chuck makes for a heavy-duty chuck. The transmission system is also all metal thus ensuring for reliability. DEWALT uses a brushless motor. The motor is more efficient than the brushed motors. The efficiency results in the hammer drill having more run time than the competitors.

The design allows for good balance hence longer working without fatigue. The manufacturer also incorporates a belt hook to keep the tool close to hand. Coating and seals on the switches make the unit dust and moisture resistant.


  • High-performance transmission
  • High-efficiency motor
  • Speed up to 38, 250 BPM enable for fast drilling
  • 3 mode LED light
  • Durable metal ratcheting chucks
  • Comfortable handle
  • Moisture and dust resistant


  • Lacks the auxiliary handle

Bosch Bulldog Xtreme Max SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer for drilling and chipping in masonry and concrete. This 1-1/8-inch diameter drilling capability rotary hammer weighs 6.9 Lbs, offers drilling, hammer drilling, and chiseling modes. It’s powered by means of an 8.5-amp motor turning in 2.4 foot-pounds of impact power with 5100 no-load BPM and 1300 no-load RPM.

The Bosch GBH2-28L 1-1/8 in. Sds-plus bulldog severe max rotary hammer functions a powerful 8.5-Amp motor and kickback manipulate. this feature is an incorporated sensor to forestall tool rotation in the course of bit bind-up situations. A tool that upholds the tradition inside the line of mythical Bosch bulldog hammers, the GBH2-28L combines person consolation with versatile drilling and hammering capabilities. It gives counter-balanced vibration manage for greater secure dealing with of the hammer. perfect for masonry professionals or preferred contractors.

It has a multi-function mode selector for drilling versatility – drilling only, hammer drilling and chiseling. This bulldog has perfect functions for tough-operating professionals, which includes a variable-velocity reversing trigger for correct bit starting, Vario-Lock positioning for the choicest chiseling angle, a hammer hook that lets in the person to grasp the tool on the task and an ergonomic d-handle for user comfort. The SDS-Plus device affords for device-free bit changes.

Additional consumer safety functions consist of vibration manage, a counter-stability device that movements within the opposite direction of the striker to optimize hammer motion. And an overload snatch is covered on all Bosch rotary hammers. In an overload situation, the tool stays in operation, but the clutch disengages to prevent dangerous torque movement.

The rotary hammer has a variable-pace reversing trigger for an accurate bit beginning to beautify effectively. It has a hammer hook that offers brief tool garage in the course of the task. And the ergonomic D-handle design is ideal for each overhead and downward drilling program.


  • Powerfull 8.5 amp motor 
  • Uses an integrated sensor to stop tool rotation during bit bind-up situations
  • Counter-balanced vibration control – improves user comfort.
  • Variable-speed trigger with reversing – offers accurate bit starting.
  • An ergonomic d-handle for user comfort.


  • No cordless option.

There are a few rotary hammers you will find in the market which will provide similar features and performance as like Bosch 11255VSR SDS-plus. It is a top performing rotary hammer that is capable to satisfy you with the performance.

Come about the power at first. The rotary hammer is included 7.5 amp battery which is powerful enough. The hammer can produce the speed up to 1300 RPM and 5800 BPM. This is the perfect hammer to do the tasks through the toughest objects.

SDS plus bit is a very convenient option of this rotary hammer. You never need any tool to replace or remove drill bit unlike the others hammer or rotary hammer.

The machine is multifunctional. It has three function modes: hammer only, rotary hammer, and rotation only. Just decide which function you need and switch on that mode then start to work. It also lets you run the machine with variable speed what exactly you need.

Its handle is designed such a way to give you the highest comfort. With the rotary hammer, you will not have to face any trouble to drill down or overhead direction. After all, it is really an amazing rotary hammer that you may buy.


  • SDS plus bit offers to chance or remove the drill bit without any tool.
  • Variable speed triggering system allows run the machine at your optimum speed.
  • Three functional modes: hammer only, rotary hammer, and rotation only.
  • D-handle provides good control over the rotary hammer.
  • Enough powerful for DIY projects and toughest applications also.


  • SDS plus bit doesn’t work perfectly after a certain period of time.

Makita has proven to be a perfect representation of quality in power tools. In fact, the Makita HR4013C Rotary Hammer is one of my favorite hammer drill. It is a great addition to the Makita’s Anti-Vibration technology line up. I have had problems with my previous hammer drills. They vibrated too much.

The Makita HR4013C Rotary hammer functions with up to 45 percent less vibration while it delivers up to 20% more impact 

energy than its predecessor models. This amazing hammer drill operates on a powerful 11 amp motor that delivers a whopping 8.4 feet pounds of impact energy. That means it can handle the most demanding applications.

The tool also provides a more convenient operation for you through its easy-to-use features such as the lock-on or trigger activation. To make it even better, Makita includes a speed control system that automatically put on additional power to the motor so that it can complete the most challenging jobs. It is fitted with LED service light which notifies you approximately 8 hours before the tool’s brushes need replacement.

You also get to benefit from the variable speed control dials, which enables you to match the speed to the application so that it provides greater versatility. It is an excellent piece of innovation, made for serious hammer drilling.

It is an incorporation of excellent construction and performance so that in it, you find a powerful tool. It also has a torque limiting clutch designed to prevent gear damage. And how does it do that? It automatically disengages gears if the bit binds. It produces a gentle sound when operating, unlike its noisy counterparts. It is a tool that I enjoy using a great deal.


  • Vibration absorbing housing
  • High versatility
  • High power motor
  • Strong construction
  • 2-mode operation


  • It can’t drill through some materials

When it comes to battery powered hammer drills innovation, Milwaukee is not lagging behind. While it does not come with a side handle, you can incorporate one. The position of the trigger is excellent. Also, the handle makes for the best grip.

Owing to the compactness and the lightweight frame all people do agree that it is easy to use and handle. Durability is not one of the things that you will have to worry about. Milwaukee makes the Milwaukee 2607-20 M18 1/2″ Hammer Drill very durable.

I use the hammer drill for both drilling and screwing. I get to achieve the two functions without any problems all thanks to the two-speed gearbox. I sue the higher speed for drilling and the lower for screwing.

The ergonomic design not only balances well in the hands but also when not working. The large surface area on the base allows the hammer drill to stand alone.


  • Durable
  • Easy to handle
  • Hammer feature
  • Has an incredible grip
  • Incredible torque
  • Two-speed gearbox


  • Does not have a carry bag

Usually, we review many factors before buying a rotary hammer and the important is what type of job it is able to do similarly what type of tasks we need to do. We think this factor should consider first. So, first of all, we wanna see its working capacity.

100-watt motor is built in the hammer and its rotation speed is 0-3500 RPM at no-load. The motor power and its speeds are enough to do any tasks with steel, brick or concrete.

The machine has three working modes namely chiseling only, hammering and rotation, and finally rotation only. So, it provides you the actual job what exactly you need.

To giving you the highest comfort it has a 360-degree auxiliary handle and the handle is equipped with a textured grip for preventing the chances of slipping while using. So, it gives you highest comfort at the same time safety also.

On the side, the hammer comes with various necessary items including 6” SDS drills, SDS chisels, depth gauge, oil bottle, chuck with adaptor and key, and a blow mold case. That means, you don’t buy only a hammer drill, you are buying a complete package of the best rotary hammer. Benefit?


  • Its motor is enough empowered.
  • It has three different modes which are very needy.
  • Handle comes with a grip which reduces the chance of slipping from hand.
  • Comes with all necessary items.


  • Excellent output while doing light to the medium job but not advisable to use in heavy duty tasks frequently.

If you are looking to buy a new hammer drill for your workshop or to use in an impending project or task, the DEWALT Bare-Tool DC212B might just suit your needs. This tool comes with some amazing qualities and features to help you approach you’re drilling with a touch of professionalism. Whether you are out to replace your old rotary hammer drill or just looking for a later model, the DEWALT Bare-Tool DC212B is designed not to disappoint.

It is given a new design that makes it easy to access tight spaces while still keeping Dewalt’s hardness and its tough look. This is a very well balanced drill to use, and nothing I’ve ever used can beat it in that. It has an active vibration control shocks designed to reduce vibrations through the hammer drill significantly.

With reduced vibration, your arms are relieved and saved from feeling fatigued. It has a massive 1.7 feet pounds of impact drive, which makes it work like a corded Dewalt hammer drill even though it is cordless. It is a highly functional tool with a decent look and feel.

The materials and craftsmanship put into its construction are significantly responsible for the excellent design and performance that this hammer drill presents. Some other features that make this drill a great option for any modern workshop include the variable speed, plus its handy forward and reverse switch.

You also get to enjoy fast penetration drilling on various kinds of materials. Besides, the DEWALT Bare-Tool DC212B is lightweight and easy to use. Every part is perfectly put into place for improved convenience and control.


  • Significantly reduced vibrations
  • Easily accesses tight spaces
  • Provides optimal balance
  • Reduced sudden, high torque reactions
  • Versatile in all applications


  • Battery and charger are sold separately

This hammer drill has all the features that it needs to conquer even the toughest tasks. The DEWALT DCD950KX is equipped with high-power, high-efficiency motor that delivers 450 unit watts out of the maximum power for greater performance in various drilling applications. It is the kind of drill that you need for large projects, both for professional and domestic use.

It also has a heavy-duty metal ratcheting chuck, which provides maximum bit gripping strength. It even boasts LED work light put in place to provide you with increased visibility in dark or confined spaces. The DEWALT DCD950KX is made up of strong exterior and highly functional parts that work together to exude the excellent performance that it is accustomed to.

This amazing tool is designed with patented 3-speed, all-metal transmission for fastest application speed and enhanced runtime. It looks sleek and powerful, just like its Dewalt counterparts, and that is the exact reflection of how it performs. It is a powerful tool that is easy to operate and store. You will like its best-in-class length designed to improve balance and better control while you use it.


  • Strong construction
  • Less vibrations
  • Provide maximum user control
  • Elegant design
  • Powerful performance


  • Not the fastest drilling speed

For construction is cement block walls and concrete floors, therefore, I always choose TACKLIFE corded drill. It is extreme smooth running, plenty of power and nicely balanced. The power and hammer feature make it a better choice.

Powerful 6 amp motor for drilling on metal, glass, stone and wood according to different bits One tool for dual purpose, versatile function. Variable speed trigger with speed dial is adjustable as your 

needs. Locking button on handle may fix the speed to free your hand. Fantastic home improvement helper. Forward and Reverse ability for easy adjustment according to tasks.

Hammer Drill Tacklife 360 Metal Reversible Handle Aluminium Alloy Head Cover 7A 3000 RPM Variable Speed Metal Depth Gauge Metal Gear For DIY. Metal gear provide good heat dissipation, more stable and reliable; 360 metal reversible handle offers greater control and stable in different working angle.It’s come with useful and practical accessories.One switch to set function of Hammer and drill for home projects and DIY. Variable speed switch allows for precise speed control at 0-3000 Rpm to different material, and it can be used as a screwdriver at a minimum speed. 360 adjustable anti-skid auxiliary handle is convenient for operation at any angle. Lightweight body makes you to control easily, provide a good grip feeling

Metal depth gauge can measure drilling depth to keep precision Compact size, powerful drilling ability. 360-Degree adjustable anti-skid ancillary handle is convenient for operation at any angle. Supplied thickness gauge can measure drilling thickness to keep precision.


  • One tool for dual purpose, versatile function.
  • Variable speed trigger with speed dial is adjustable as your requirements.
  • Locking button on handle may fix the speed to free your hand.
  • Forward and Reverse ability for easy adjustment according to tasks.
  • Supplied thickness gauge can measure drilling thickness to keep precision.
  • 360-Degree adjustable anti-skid ancillary handle is convenient for operation at any angle.


  • This drill can't be used in reinforced concrete walls.

Makita HR2811F 1-1/8-Inch Rotary Hammer is a versatile, high powered rotary hammer with a L shape design perfect for horizontal work. The hammer accepts SDS-PLUS Bits is powered via a 6.7 Amp motor that offers up to at least 1,100 rpm and 4,500 bpm so you can deal with an extensive range of jobs. A variable velocity feature outputs the right quantity of strength for the mission at hand. 3 distinct modes permit you to hammer, rotate or do each at the equal time for greater versatility.

The Makita 1-1/8-inch rotary hammer does no longer hammer when in idle mode, so it's going to closing for a longer period of time. Its seize limits torque output for extra balance and more reliability. An LED mild makes the Makita electric rotary hammer safe for use in low light environments. Its grip and facet handles are padded and ergonomic for more consolation.

The Makita 1-1/8 inches rotary hammer does not longer hammer when in idle mode, therefore it is going to closing for a longer period of time. Its seize limits torque output for additional balance and more reliability. A Light-emitting diode mild makes the Makita electric rotary hammer secure to be used in low light environments. Its clasp and the handles of the facets are padded and ergonomic to get more consolation.


  • It's Cheap.
  • Works Nicely on concrete.
  • Doesn't vibrate too much.
  • Having three different mode.


  • It takes loads of attempt to fasten torque in place.

Thing to Consider when buying the best hammer drill for concrete

The hammer drill that you end up purchasing will be determined by a lot of factors. The tasks at hand and your financial strength are some of the factors. This guide will help you choose the best hammer drill for concrete.

Comfort and Design

Any tool should be comfortable enough when you use it. When you are trying to select the best hammer drill for concrete, don’t just consider how it feels to turn it on for just a few minutes. Consider how your arms will feel even after long use. Make sure the drill you choose can maintain the same level of comfort you feel the first few minutes of use, for a long time of use. The handles and the control features should be designed to give you maximum comfort even if you use the tool for longer hours. The lesser it strains your arms, the better.

Torque and Speed

Speed and torque work hand in hand. That is why some of the best tools in best hammer drill buying guides are usually the quickest too. When a drill has a high maximum speed, it is most likely to have more power, given it has a sufficiently well-designed motor. Speed also contributes significantly to the quality of drilling that you can achieve with a hammer drill. I always go for machines that are consistent leaders in speed.

Corded and Cordless

This is where mobility determines the choice. A cordless drill offers high mobility, unlike a corded drill. If you get a hammer drill with 12 to 18 volts, then you have a drill with enough power to meet most work needs for homeowners. The higher the power of the drill the heavier the work that it can handle. High power model tackles heavier work, but more voltage means the drill has a bigger heavier battery. Also, consider the fact that a cordless drill needs periodical battery charging. Corded drills are high powered and lighter than cordless models.

Power Drill Capabilities

Some power drill capabilities make them perfect for certain tasks, while others simply make the work easier for you and the machine. You can choose drills on the basis of size since they come in different sizes. The measurement or size indicated represents the size of the drill chuck. A 1/4 inch chuck is suitable for a light duty driver. A 3/8 inch drill is commonly used for works around the home. Besides, this size also accepts a wide range of bits. For heavier applications, choose a 1/ 2-inch drill.

Final Verdict

Once you have found the right hammer drill for concrete, your work is guaranteed to be easy, enjoyable, and with desirable results. These are some of the most loved power drills in the market today. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements from this guide. Any of these will do you a lot of good both for home and for professional use.

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