Ryobi 18v Cordless Hammer Drill Review

In a market with many hammer drill options, it is not always easy to find one that will impressively serve your needs and give you the best bang for your buck. However, many will agree with me when I say the Ryobi 18v Cordless Hammer Drill is one of the best bets.

Users love it for its exceptional performance and features, and the fact that it is cordless is a huge plus too! This means you can move it anywhere you like as any cables do not limit you. Here are some of its best features, to help you make your informed decision based on facts.

Three Operating Modes

It has 3 operating modes, drill, driver and hammer all in one tool increasing its versatility. The drill mode is for drilling holes in plastic, wood, and metal, and the driving mode is for driving bolts and screws in while the hammer mode is more aggressive for drilling holes in concrete and masonry.

Magnetic Holder

This model has a magnetic holder for convenient placement of screws and bits. Anyone who has ever had to work with a drill will appreciate this feature. You do not have to keep reaching out to the surface where you would have otherwise kept your bits and screws so, in its way, this feature ensures user comfort and minimizes fatigue. The fact that the holder is magnetic is a huge plus because you know you will not lose your screws or bits as they will be securely stuck to the holder.


It has exceptional performance, with the help of so many amazing features that optimize performance. It features a 2-speed variable transmission for versatility and precision. It delivers up to 1500 rotations per minute and 19,500 BPM for powerful performance, powering through materials like butter. The clutch can be used in 24 positions, to handle high torque applications. The clutch override allows for fast and easy mode operations between drilling and driving.


The importance of good, comfortable grip on a handheld power tool cannot be emphasized enough. This tool does not disappoint in that aspect, as it has a GRIPZONETMovermold that enhances user comfort. When you are using a tool comfortably, fatigue is reduced significantly.

Depth Stop

This is one of the best and most notable features of this tool. The auxiliary handle has a depth stop rod to make sure that the depth you drill is the exact depth you intended to drill. In other words, it increases accuracy, making your work accurate and easily so.

Variable Speed Control

This tool comes with a 2-speed gearbox with variable speed control. This feature gives a user more control over the tool because in most cases users want to start out slow, precise and easy on the surface and increase the speed with more depth.


  • ½ inch chuck with spindle lock for quick and easy bit changes
  • Clutch override for quick mode changes between driving and drilling
  • Magnetic holder for convenient placing of the screws and bits
  • 24 position clutch to match your driving or drilling needs
  • GRIPZONE over mold to increase user comfort and to offer a firm grip
  • Drilling or driving accuracy is improved by the depth stop rod


  • Vibration is a bit much
  • Gets heated after long periods of use
  • Comes as a bare tool, so you incur extra costs on accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this model come with the charger and battery?

A: No, it doesn’t, they are bought separately. It is sold as a bare tool, allowing you to add to your collection without spending on additional batteries and chargers that you might already have.

Q: Can the batteries be upgraded?

A: Yes, they can be upgraded to lithium-ion or LITHIUM+ batteries for better performance and lighter weight.

Q: Will all the 18V batteries work on all the 18 V tools?

A: Yes they will.

Final Words

As I said earlier, this model is one of the most notable models in the market, and I hope at this point you have been able to see for yourself and be convinced from the features and specs, that it is. If you are searching the market for a new hammer drill, get the Ryobi 18V hammer drill today, and I promise you will not regret it.

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