Best Step Ladders in 2021 – Top Durable & Lightweight Models Selected!

Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you were just a little taller? You probably used a chair, step stool or improvised to reach those high shelves. That's impressive. But there are items you can easily use without compromising your safety and comfort.

Step ladders. They come in various sizes, weights, and heights for you to choose from. With them, you can easily clean those high windows or ceilings without breaking a sweat. You can also use them to repaint the exterior and interior of your house. You can also use them to restock your retail store. They have so many uses you can never get disappointed.

Choosing the best step ladder can prove to be a very difficult task. This is where this article comes in. It will look at every possible scenario you may find yourself in and inform you on how the step ladder will be beneficial to you.

Best Step Ladders in 2020 –Comparison Table

Product Name





6 feet

300 Pounds


Little Giant, 3 step, Aluminum, 2-1by4 Feet, 300 lb. Capacity Stepladder

2-1/4 Feet

300 Pounds



3 Feet

330 Pounds



22 Feet with Wheels





330 Pounds



12.5 Feet

330 Pounds




250 Pounds


Best Choice Products Multi Purpose Aluminum Ladder


330 Pounds


Best Choice Products Shade 3 Step Ladder


330 Pounds


Folding Four Step Ladder

10 ¼-Feet

300 pounds


Simple Step 2 in 1 Step Stool and Ladder


250 pounds


Flip-N-Lite 300-Pound Duty Rating 6-foot Stepladder-7

6 Feet

300 pounds



330 Pounds


Reviews of 13 Best Step Ladders in 2020

There are inexpensive step-ladders in the market. They're made to fit into the budget of most people.

They're however not safe. Get the Flip-N-Lite 300Pound Stepladder. It's the best step ladder yet.

This Flip-N-Lite step ladder will ensure you climb in comfort. This is because it's engineered to be safe yet inexpensive.

With its huge comfortable standing platform, it's guaranteed that you'll feel safe when you go up or down the ladder

The lightweight step ladder opens with one hand. It's slim and light enough for anyone using it. It's a 6-foot model that weighs 14lbs. Don't mistake its lightweight feature for weakness. It's an extra heavy duty constructed stepladder. It's rated to hold up to 300lbs

The slim profile of the step ladder makes it easy to transport or store. It also exceeds all the applicable quality of standards step ladders are required to meet.

It comes with a handy tool tray useful when you use the ladder. A tall handrail adds more stability and support.


  • Ensure you climb in comfort
  • Lightweight but extra heavy duty constructed stepladder
  • Slim profile makes transport and storage easy
  • Tall handrail adds more stability and support
  • Comes with a handy tray


  • Ladder is only good for small less tedious jobs
  • It doesn't lock when collapsed

If you're terrified of heights, don't get discouraged, there's a step ladder for you. This Little Giant 3-Step Aluminum step ladder is what you need.

It will make you feel like you're standing on the ground. It's one of the best stepladders in the market

This Little Giant step ladder has your safety and comfort as a priority.

You'll be able to complete household chores with stability. It has generous 9-inch wide slip-resistant steps with rugged aircraft-grade Aluminum construction

This stepladder has an easily fold-away handrail complete with a handy tool tray. You can easily fold the step ladder with one hand and store. It takes very little storage space

You don't have to carry the step ladder as it comes with tip and glide wheels. This makes moving the stepladder from project to project a breeze to reduce fatigue and damage to walls or furniture. This step ladder is rated to hold weight up to 300ponds.


  • Has 9-inch wide slip-resistant steps
  • Steps are made from aircraft-grade Aluminum construction
  • Has an easily fold-away handrail
  • Comes with tip and glide wheels for easy movement
  • Handles weights up to 300pounds


  • Unfolding and folding the step ladder is difficult
  • Complaints of the ladder being too heavy

This is the update version step ladder of the previous item. If you think the previous item it too short for you then you can go for this 3step ladder. This item also comes from the same manufacturer. So, you don’t think about the quality of this product.

As like the previous item, it is not only a step ladder. The item is always ready to give you a seat where you can sit. That means it is not only a step ladder it can be used as a chair also. So, you don’t think twice before buying it.

The step ladder has a semi-rounded handlebar which is covered by grip materials. The grippy handlebar helps a lot while climbing and carry. On the other hand, you may need to stand over the top step at the time you will get more space.

The frame of the step ladder is made of metallic elements and its feet from non-marring materials. That is why it never scratches your floor. It can save spaces while storing. It can be folded and it becomes narrow after folding.

The large and wide steps are very useful. There has enough space either to sit or stand. Its performance is really good. Summarizing all the points it can be said that it is one of the best step ladders we’ve ever seen.


  • Can be used as a step ladder and chair also.
  • Wide and extra large steps.
  • Don’t scratch on the floor.
  • Larger standing space at the top.


  • Too heavy to hold up.

Little giant 22-foot step ladder can be the best choice for them who are tired of using a typical step ladder. And you can see in the heading it is multi functional step ladder. The basic difference of this ladder with the others is convertible design. There are also some special features which are one step ahead than the other ladders, let’s see.

The rock lock system is an advanced feature of this tool. You need to configure and adjust the height of a ladder frequently. And it takes enough time. But, this step ladder is configured by a rock lock system which offers you to adjust the height and configure easily. First of all push to release, now adjust, and tap finally. Look, it is done. Benefit?

It is convertible that we said before. The step ladder can reach up to 19 feet with the help of its dual pin hinge. So, you can reach to the roof lines, ceiling, or other areas using the ladder.

The ladder can be converted to an extension ladder, staircase ladder, frame ladder, plank & trestle scaffolding system. No matter which form you want to use, it gives you highest comfort and safety.

It is aluminum constructed and dual pin hinge provides more stability. Of being aluminum construction it is resistant against rust but it cannot be used on electrical works. But, from the every angle it is perfect.


  • Can be used in 5 different ways.
  • Rock lock system is added for easy and quick adjustment.
  • Can reach up to 19 feet with the ladder that are more than enough
  • Dual pin hinge provides more stability.
  • Very versatile.


  • Not ideal to use in electrical purposes

Sometimes we also need to work at low height area. In that purpose, we really don’t need a big and tall step ladder. Do you need to work frequently at low height condition, you can definitely buy this step ladder.

It is a small and short step ladder but it is enough strong. It is made especially as a very strong structure. The ladder can easily bear up to 330lbs weight. The weight bearing capacity tells about its strength and it is durable also.

The step ladder is very much perfect for your DIY projects. After a long time work, you may get tired naturally. At the time you may have to sit anywhere to take rest. You may don’t have the space to sit. But the manufacturer makes the ladder as a way you can use it as a chair also. Take rest sitting on it.

Look at the steps and see how much wider they are! It gives you extra comfort while standing on it. It also never causes pain and fatigue of feet like the other step ladders. Its handlebar is curved and padded. It gives you extra space as it is curved and ensures comfortable hold as it is padded.

It is really a good choice if you need a small but strong step ladder. It can give you seat option which is an extra advantage. What are you thinking about this item?


  • Heavy duty step ladder.
  • Can be used as a chair.
  • Wide steps give comfort and help to maintain balance.
  • Curve handlebar gives extra space.


  • Quite heavy.

The manufacturer OxGord makes the aluminum telescopic step ladder that is very lightweight but able to hold heavy weight. The ladder has some difference with the other step ladder and it can be used as a multi-purpose ladder.

It is only 2.5 feet at the normal condition but the ladder reach up to 12.5 feet when fully extended. 12.5 feet height is enough to work with the roof o ceiling area standing on it. When the ladder makes 75-degree angles with the ground at the full extended position, it can hold maximum 250lbs weight.

It is a useful tool and every user also agrees on this matter. The functionality of the tool is awesome. The ladder is contained locking system. When you open the ladder to use it will automatically lock the ladder at every step so that you can climb safely.

Another advantage of using this ladder is it can be used for multipurpose use. No matter either it is office work, homework needs access to the roof or working in the tall building, you can use the ladder comfortably.

The ladder comes with carrying bag, a user manual, and 1-year limited warranty. Hopefully, you will get the satisfiable working experience and it never hurt you with the performance.


  • The extended ladder which can be extended up to 12.5 feet.
  • Every step locking mechanism makes the ladder safe more.
  • Ideal for use in the home, office work, cargo, rooftop access, and tall buildings.
  • Using the mechanism is very easy.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Some users complain about its cheap construction.

Louisville Ladder FS2006 is a simple structure, medium height, heavy duty, and sturdy step ladder which can bear up to 250lbs weight. If you want to get a simple tool which can give you good working experience then you can choose the ladder.

The construction material of this step ladder is non-conductive superior quality fiberglass. Hope you can understand the quality of this ladder. To give the maximum stability the manufacturer uses thick rubber on every foot so that it can stand over the surface with stability.

The steps are non-slip which also gives you stability. SHOX system is added to the ladder just below the very first step. It gives the ladder more stability and it is also a sign of 

durability. You never need to think about the accident if you work safely and following the user manual.

At the top, you will find some useful option which will help you a lot. It has hardware tray, a magnet tray, tool slot, curved front, paint bucket holder, and pipe holder. You can only realize the benefits of having these options while working.

The ladder can be used multiple purposes such as in a construction site, electrical work, office work, residential job, and so on. Review the features of this ladder it has all which are needed as the best step ladders.


  • Superior quality fiberglass construction.
  • Can hold up to 250lbs.
  • SHOX system provides extra durability.
  • It contains hardware tray, magnet tray, pipe holder, paint bucket holder, and tool slots.


  • High price.

I like versatility, finding an item that can perform more than one task is gold for me. If you like versatility as well, then you need the Best Choice Products Multi-purpose Aluminum Ladder.

It's rare to find a stepladder made with a high-quality material at this price. This Best Choice step ladder is made from anodized Aluminum alloy construction. Aluminum is known for being anti-corrosive, strong and durable.

The Aluminum material allows for weights up to 330lbs capacity. The ladder can be extended up to 12.5ft according to your specifications/needs.

This Best Choice step ladder can be used in 7different ways. Telescoping ladder, twin stepladder, stairway stepladder or two scaffold bases. It can be used to access the roof, balcony, clean windows, paint and decorate

This multi-position step ladder has smooth operating hinges. This allows for easy folding and unfolding for easy storage/transportation. The ladder is also very safe. This is because it comes with safety locks and protective rubber pads.


  • Made from anodized Aluminum alloy construction
  • Allows weights up to 330lbs with an extension of 12.5ft
  • Can be used 7 different ways
  • Has smooth operating hinges for easy transportation/storage
  • Comes with safety locks and protective rubber pads


  • Has small parts that are choking hazards for children
  • The rungs are very narrow

There are those places hard to reach in every home. Cleaning/fixing them can be a difficult task. That's why you need this Best Choice 3-Step ladder. It's a step ladder ideal for reaching those high or hidden places in your home.

For your convenience, the step ladder comes with a tray. This tray can act as a table for your tools when you're using the stepladder. You won't have to climb or down when you need a certain tool.

If you're short on storage space, this is the perfect step ladder for you. It's designed to take little space during storage. Although it takes little space during storage, it can handle weights up to 330lbs.

To ensure that the step ladder lasts so that you get complete value for your money, it's constructed to last. It's made from high-quality HD steel construction. Steel is very strong and sturdy. The feet are made from anti-skid rubber to ensure you don't slip and fall.


  • Comes with a tray for convenience
  • Takes little space during storage
  • Handles weights up to 330lbs
  • Made from high-quality HD steel construction
  • Anti-skid rubber feet for safety


  • Complaints of the ladder not being lightweight
  • Steps are attached with bolts instead of metal

If you're planning to clean those high/hard to reach places you need a very secure ladder. You wouldn't want to get into an accident you could have avoided. This Folding Four Step Ladder is what you need. It's one of the good step ladders there is.

This Folding Four Step ladder is for multi-purpose use. It can be useful for decorating, housecleaning, assessing high cabinets and shelves.

To give you a little more stability when you're on it, it comes with a variety of features. It has front and side support rails. This gives you more stability. The non-slip rubber steps and padded feet offer not only stability but also comfort and safety

For an even more sturdy design, the stepladder can handle weights up to 300lbs. With its 66inch height, it's perfect for people of different heights. If you're low on space, this ladder will still be efficient for you. Its space-saving design folds flat for easy storage.


  • For multi-purpose use
  • Has front and side rails for added stability
  • Non-slip rubber steps for comfort and safety
  • Handles weights up to 330lbs
  • Space-saving design for easy storage


  • Complaints of the step ladder being heavy
  • Collapsing the ladder requires some skill

The Simple Step 2in1 Step Stool and Ladder is as convenient as they come. It's an item that provides the height of a ladder with the stability of a step stool. This makes it one of the best stepladders in the market.

This step ladder is perfect for jobs around the house. It's great for changing bulbs, painting walls or ceilings, cleaning windows, hanging decorations, dusting or reaching high places.

The Simple Step ladder has a sturdy and safe design. It's made from durable steel with a load capacity of 250lbs. It has an ANTSI type1 duty rating. The outstanding feature is that it has the height of a ladder (up to 9ft) with the stability of a step stool.

It's made with padded hand rails for a comfortable and sturdy grip. It's at the same time collapsible for easy transportation and storage. With its deep treaded steps, extra wide base and rubber feet, you will be as stable as you want to be.


  • Perfect for jobs around the house
  • Sturdy and safe with a load capacity of 250lbs
  • It has padded hand rails for a comfortable grip
  • It's collapsible for easy transportation and storage
  • Deep treaded steps, extra-wide base and rubber feet for stability


  • Complaints of the ladder being heavyIt's expensive

If you're looking for an inexpensive stepladder, you're in the right place. Get the Flip-N-Lite 300Pound Stepladder. It's on of the smart step ladder here.

This Flip-N-Lite step ladder will ensure all of your climbs and going downs are comfortable. It's engineered to be safe yet inexpensive. It has a huge comfortable standing platform to ensure safety.

The lightweight step ladder opens with one hand. It's slim and light enough for any operation. It's a 6-foot model that weighs 14lbs. This is an extra heavy duty constructed step ladder rated to hold up to 300lbs

The slim profile of the step ladder makes it easy to transport or store and exceeds all the standards step ladders are required to meet.

For convenience, it comes with a handy tool tray useful when you use the ladder. A tall handrail adds more stability and support.


  • Allows you to climb in comfort
  • Lightweight but extra heavy duty constructed stepladder
  • Easy to transport and store because of its slim profile
  • Tall handrail add more stability and support
  • Comes with a handy too tray


  • Ladder works well for small jobs
  • The ladder doesn't lock when collapsed

Double-sided ladders can be convenient and handy when you're trying to reach those high places. If you can get a small, lightweight one like the Finether folding 3-Step Ladder, don't hesitate to get it. It's one of the best stepladders in the market.

With this ladder, you'll be able to access those high/hard to reach places. This will help you do those small repairs/household chores.

Like changing light bulbs, cleaning, dusting great for use at home, in the office, outside or in a retail store

The non-marring non-slip angled feet add stability. The steps are deep, angled, slightly ribbed and double riveted to give you a more secure footing. The ladder is also safe and secure as it's made from a sturdy Aluminum alloy which is water, rust and corrosion resistant.

It has a carrying capacity of 330lbs and weighs 4.63lbs. Once it's been folded down, it can be easily transported and stored. For even more convenience, it doesn't require any assembling. The smooth, rounded moldings protect furniture and walls from scratching.


  • Allows for small repairs/household chores
  • Non-marring, non-slip angled feet for stability
  • Made from sturdy Aluminum alloy that's water, rust and corrosion resistant
  • Carrying capacity of 330lbs
  • Smooth and rounded moldings protect furniture and walls from scratches


  • Doesn't come with a holding trayNot for extensive use

How To Choose The Best Step Ladder

Before you buy a step ladder, you need to think about a few issues. This is because your life will be depending on it when you'll be using it.

Ladder Material

The best step ladders are made from different material each with its advantages and disadvantages. There are ladders made from Aluminum, Steel or Plastic to choose from depending on the type of work you perform.

For example, if you a lot of painting you will need a step ladder made from Steel because they're extra sturdy. If you use it for a task that doesn't take a lot of time like changing bulbs, plastic will do. Steel and Aluminum step ladders are more durable and strong compared to plastic ladders. So choose one that you feel will work well for you.

The Safety

When you're not on the ground, you're prone to accidents. Gravity never takes a day off. So you'd want a step ladder that will be safe when you'll be using it.

You need to get step ladders with wide steps that have been rigged with rubber. They're mostly non-slip steps that will ensure your safety. Also, it will be safe to get a step ladder with top notch locking mechanisms. This will make the ladder look and feel safe.

Height And Weight

Most stepladders can be used by anyone who can climb them. This doesn't imply that you should disregard the height of the stepladder. If you're tall, you'll need a shorter stepladder. This is because your comfort will be compromised with a tall stepladder. The vice versa is true for short people

Most step ladders are lightweight for easy transportation especially if you have a lot of projects. You need a step ladder that will not be a hassle moving especially when you perform household chores. The best stepladders can be easily folded and carried around. Alternatively, you can get one with wheels for easy movement.

Ladder Accessories

These are those items meant to make your work easier. The best step ladders are made with holding tray. This is convenient when you need to carry tools or other items with you as you perform house chores. It would be beneficial to get one of these stepladders. Just be careful not to exceed the weight capacity or else it will tip.

There are other accessories like hooks, braces or levelers. They mostly come together with the stepladder. This makes folding and unfolding it very easy to make it convenient for your use. Others are meant to protect your furniture and walls from scratches. It's better to get those types of stepladders.


This is the determinant of the type of step ladder you will get. The prices will range depending on the material used to make the ladders. For example, Aluminum step ladders are more expensive compared to wood, plastic or steel stepladders.

Those ladders with extra accessories like padded rails are more expensive. Those with more features for your convenience are also more expensive. This is, however, a personal choice. I'd prefer getting an expensive one that will last compared to a cheaper one that will break one week after purchase. Get a step ladder that will not break your bank.

Final Verdict

As you can see, step ladders are useful items for repairs or chores. You, therefore, need to choose one that will make your work easier. Just ensure that you will pay extra attention to the safety and comfort of the stepladders.

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