Best Oscillating Tools in 2021 – We Put 12 to the Test

From time immemorial, we have been using different tools to carry out different handworks like; cutting, grinding, scraping, sanding and sawing. Did you ever imagine, one day, a tool that combines all those little tasks will come to surface? Most people call it, the multi-purpose tool. In this case, I will be more specific by referring to it, as an oscillating tool.

Oscillating tools, for the new individuals, works by vibrating its blade over a slim arc. It delivers clean results in a short span of time. If you are a carpenter, tradesperson, floor-person, contractor or a cabinet installer, you can basically enjoy using this tool. Even if you are a ‘do-it-yourself' hobbyist, you will love the oscillating tool too.

This article comprises a nicely sampled list of the best oscillating tools on the market today. They are reliable because besides my team, and I tested and analysed them, other specialists and experts have done the same too. Also a comprehensive guide on how to choose one will follow.

Top Best Oscillating Tools

Just a few years back, oscillating tools were rare; even some high-end professionals missed them in their toolboxes. Well, unlike those days, today they are so many, and it is hard to pinpoint the one that you want. The prices are also tantalizing, but at the end of the day, you need one great oscillating tool.

I am so attached to an oscillating tool because with it I can do a lot in the house, but I don't know about you though. If it's your first time, note that this tool has endless importance and you may need one sooner or later.

After extensive research on factors like efficiency, budget friendliness, how common other people use them and the reliability of brands, we came up with the following oscillating tools, that I know, you will love;

Individual Reviews of 12 Recommended Oscillating Tools


Why we don’t love the tool which one has the multitasking capacity? On the other hand, we can do the difficult tasks with that type of tool which has different options and comes with various accessories. Rockwell F80 is able to deliver this kind of performance what are discussed till now. Let’s see.

This is the first oscillating tools of its category which lets you choose one more oscillating angles. Almost all the oscillating tool has fixed one angle operation option, unlike the Rockwell RK5151K. The advantage of having two oscillating angles is you can operate the tool at two different angles (3.4 degrees & 5.0 degree).

The tool comes with multiple accessories to ease the job. Any tool with various accessories is always a good option you know. And the machine has a wonderful hyper lock clamping system that holds the blade and other accessories securely to the gut. To fix the blade or accessories to the gut, you have to use a screw to fit it perfectly and tightly with the group. This mechanism ensures secure holding and prevents slipping any accessories while working.

A sturdy and powerful 4.2 amp motor is used to the tool which does the tasks quickly and precisely. The machine also has variable speed control option from 10,000 to 19,000 oscillations per minute. So, you can easily match the speed with various demands of tasks.

A LED light is also added to the tool for avoiding any mistake. So, there is no chance of making any mistake with the machine. The tools can be perfectly used for sanding, scraping, polishing, or cutting anything. It is really a good tool for the tough and toughest applications.


  • Dual angles oscillation options (3.4 & 5.0 degree)
  • Hyper lock clamping system offers to change of accessories and blade without the help of any tool.
  • Variable speed ensures the precision of any tasks.
  • The LED light is added to guide you.
  • Comes with carrying bag and various essential accessories.


  • List Element

This item is perfect for using in DIY projects and commercial application also. That is why the tool has great demand. There are many oscillating tool manufacturers in the market and they are continuously introducing new innovation.  And FEIN FMM3500QSL is an innovation of FEIN brand.

Its motor is high power of about 350 watts. The oscillating tool can do any tough job with the power. This power ensures smooth cutting.

Many oscillating tools comes with a short cord and you have to face trouble doing the job just away from the electric source. But the tool comes with an extra long cord which lets you do the job enough away from the power source.

Accessories mounting system is very easy with the tool. You never need any extra tool as like wrench, bolt to change the accessories. You can quickly change the accessories with ease. And the machine produces a minimum amount of vibrations which never problems you while working.

Naturally, you cannot operate the machine easily if it is heavily weighted. Just feel the weight of this tool. It is only about 3.2 pounds which is lightweight as a power tool. Operate the machine with ease and get the best output.


  • It produces less vibration.
  • Perfect motor power for smooth cutting.
  • It requires a few seconds to change the blade and accessories.
  • Extra-long cord.
  • Comes with various accessories and a sturdy carrying case.


  • Blades are rarely found and costly.

As a power tool manufacturer, the Rockwell is a renowned brand over the world you know. They always try to produce top-performing tool and they produce Rockwell RK5132K.

Motor power of this tool is 3.5 amps. The motor can deliver the constant torque at any position. That is why you can do the tasks very quickly but precisely.

It is a fixed angle oscillating tool which is 4 degree. The angle makes the tool aggressive. The angle is enough big and that is why it is able to perform 3 to 4 times faster than the typical tools. The tool is very perfect for the applications where require aggressive force. To be honest it is not ideal for sensitive tasks.

You can control the speed of this oscillating tool that will require for doing different applications. The machine has a wonderful feature which lets you do the work almost vibration free.

To prevent any accident, the tool has hyper lock system to hold the blade and accessories tightly. The tool exerts 1-ton clamping force while attaching the blade and accessories. This mechanism prevents slipping or moving the blade and accessories from the group.

After all, the tool is perfect from different angles such as power, precise cutting, safety, and comfortability. So, you can surely buy this tool for getting superior performance.


  • Enough powerful motor (3.5 amps) can deliver more torque.
  • The tool comes with 32 accessories.
  • 4-degree angle is enough large of oscillations.
  • Vibration free working experience.
  • Accessories changing option is very easy and can be done within a few seconds.


  • Sanding pad quality is not up to satisfactory level.

Coming in fourth is the well-known PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 3-Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit. This tool offers convenient job site usage like no other. It has a cutting guide. A notable feature, which will allow you to stabilize your long cuts as well as control plunge cuts.

The PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 comes with a redesigned tri-position over mold that will provide you total versatility when using the tool kit.

The fun thing about this oscillating tool is that you can hold it however you want. Either back, front or middle. You also get to enjoy the PCE605K52 tool free blade changing technology by quickly changing and adjust the position of the blade depending on what you want to work on.


  • The tool has a very powerful motor
  • Includes over fifty different accessories to dig
  • Has no wrenches and bolts
  • Performs excellently
  • It is a reliable multi-tool


  • The tool is tethered.

Coming in second after the Dremel MM30-04 is the DEWALT DCS355D1 20V XR Lithium-Ion Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit. This is a unique multi-tool kit. It features the Dewalt brushless motor that has been capacitated to give you 57% more run time than other common kits.

It comes with double grip variable speed trigger that will allow you to control its speed while giving you many ways of holding the tool as you carry out different tasks.

DEWALT DCS355D1 has an LED light which is bright will help you see less lit surfaces for enhanced accuracy. Just like its counterparts, you get to enjoy a quick and easy exchange of accessories.


  • It has an accessory storage box
  • It works fast and neatly
  • DEWALT DCS355D1 is cordless
  • It has an extended life span
  • It is portable and reliable


  • It utilizes no wrenches.

This is the third best oscillating tool from Dewalt on this list. Just like its siblings, the Dewalt DWE315K stands no chance of disappointing.

It is a great tool that features a powerful three amp motor.

This motor will give you world class performance while working especially when cutting and sanding.

The 29 piece is so different from its counterparts, as it comes with a multiband adaptor. This means that you are allowed to use other brands of accessories on it.

Dewalt DWE315K has a convenient and portable storage case that includes cutting and sanding attachments. You will also find that this tool is extremely easy to use. With the guide system it has, you will enjoy a high degree of accuracy it will give you.


  • It has an led light
  • Has a quick change accessory system
  • The motor is strong
  • Its speed can be controlled and maintained
  • It is easy and comfortable to handle.


  • Utilizes no wrenches

Being one of the most loved brands, Rockwell has continually made its customers proud. They are consistent in making incredible tools that just satisfy our needs. Now they have a new Rk5121k Sonicrafter oscillating tool.

It is a 3.2-degree oscillating tool that cuts fast, and it will allow you to control its speed succinctly.

The Rockwell Rk5121k has an incorporated hyper-lock tool free clamping mechanism that is quite simple to use. By just providing one ton of clamping force, it will prevent slipping of the attached accessory while you use it.

It doesn't matter the angle you set. The tool also utilizes a global fitting concept in that any branded blades and other accessories can be used on this tool. Budget wise, it's great especially for beginners, and you simply take home a 31 piece kit that contains all the things you need.


  • Has a unique blade locking mechanism
  • The Sonicrafter feature allows it to use any brand of blades
  • It is highly accessorized
  • It is an exemplary crafted tool
  • It is durable and dependable


  • It provides less power

Another best oscillating tool from the brand Dremel is the MM40-05 Multi-Max 3.8-Amp Oscillating Tool.

High performance and time-saving being its principal working objectives, this tool stands at no cost to let you down.

Dremel MM40-05 beats its first sister in power release.

It has a very powerful motor of 3.8 amps. Do you know what this means? Not even the toughest applications you through at its way, will defeat it. The multi-tool is also safe to use because of the quick-lock it bears, which holds accessories on point.

The working speed is not limited, and you can control it as the tool has a switch for that, besides the on/off switches.


  • Delivers unbeatable power
  • It quick to exchange blades and safe to use
  • It is also the easiest to use.
  • Once you adjust the speed, it maintains it
  • It is a high-quality multi-tool


  • It works with a power cord

A great multi-tool from Bosch is closing this list with a bang. Unlike all of the above units, this one is unique in so many ways.

First of all, it has a next generation accessory locking mechanism called a star lock.

This is a 3D tool accessory interface that offers the best grip mechanism you will ever come across.

In fact, I also learned about it when I came across the Bosch GOP40-30B. To add on that, the tool has a multi tool versatility that is incredible. You can achieve a lot with this tool that you couldn't accomplish before. The Bosch GOP40-30B also utilizes a wide range of accessories. One term for such abilities: dynamic!

The power that it provides is very high. 4.0 amps plus a metal gear! Seems it can power a dozen of shooting stars don't you think? The tool features a snap in tool less accessory attachment and release lever. No more burning fingers because no more touching accessories while attaching to the tool.


  • Has the best accessory interface mechanism
  • Can do a wide range of tasks
  • It has enhanced durability
  • It a top notch multi tool
  • The Bosch GOP40-30B works extra neatly


  • It is very expensive

Opening this list is the best Dremel MM30-04 Multi-Max 3.3-Amp Oscillating Tool. This tool has been in existence for quite some time now, and during that period, it has been the best companion any DIYer would ever ask for.

Now it's refurbished and nicely equipped. Dremel MM30-04 has a 3.3 amp motor which is the highest power we recorded, and it can do more tasks you will want to do.

The wrench added employs the quick release and hold mechanism that will allow you easily exchange accessories and hold them in place using the magnetic flange respectively. Whether you want to work fast or slowly, you can control its speed as it comes with speed settings and an on/off switch.


  • The multi-tool has a comfortable handle
  • Its speed range is adjustable
  • It offers faster cutting and enhanced performance
  • The tools is tough and durable
  • It has an extra-strong magnet


  • Exchanging the accessories over time depletes the magnet.

Makita has a reputable history of making indispensable tools. The best Makita TM3010CX1 oscillating tool works silently and does not vibrate.

I know the vibrations cost us concerning accuracy. The tool features 3.0 amp motor that will supply enough power for your project.

It has a soft start feature that was engineered to enhance its performance by allowing you to cut wood fast, sand it, scrap out some uneven surfaces and remove grout.

The Makita TM3010CX1 is famous for its variable speed control mechanism and maintenance. It offers a wide oscillation angle of 3.2 degrees that is perfect for faster operations. Just switch it on and enjoy its convenience.


  • It has large switches
  • Has a small barrel diameter for comfortable grip
  • Produces no vibrations
  • Makes less noiseIt is a high end, reliable tool


  • Tool lock mechanism grows weak over time

Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool is the Multi-purpose tool for home repair and transforming; attachments blanketed for cutting, scraping, and sanding. It handles many applications that used to require tough work via hand or costly uniqueness tools. Trim door jambs for floors set up. do away with vintage caulking, glue, or paint. take in vinyl flooring and carpeting. Chisel out door hinges. Trim shelves for installation. Use 

your creativeness. you'll surprise how you ever did without it. A complete line of Genesis add-ons is available or you may use the covered adapter to attach different brands of add-ons to the Genesis Multi-purpose Oscillating device.

Like most oscillating equipment, the Genesis GMT15A is a versatile DIY tool able to sanding, reducing, scraping, doing away with grout, and more. It’s powered by using a 1.5 amps motor able to oscillating the blanketed attachments up to 21,000 instances according to the minute. offering a strong aluminum die-forged tools housing and a four-pin flange, the Genesis is built to final and firmly hold all of the unit’s add-ons in the region. at the same time as it isn’t well matched with blades and accessories from an extensive form of different brands or manufacturers, it’s a light-weight and well-made oscillating tool perfect for an array of weekend DIY tasks.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Use,
  • Cheaper
  • Durable gear housing
  • All-in-one device for remodeling, restore, and recovery.


  • Only compatible with certain blades and accessories
  • A little noisy
  • Only one speed

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Oscillating Tools

It's easy to assume that an oscillating tool is a simple tool so buying it is a simple task too. But, with the increasing number of oscillating tools on the market, tracking a nice one can be tiring. The following are some of the basic elements you need to consider while purchasing the top rated oscillating tool.


First, you need to ask yourself if portability is what you want. In such a case, then I suggest you consider a cordless oscillating tool. The oscillating tool will enable you to work without worrying about being tethered to an electrical outlet. Instead, you will just need to charge your cordless oscillating tool maximally so that you can enjoy working with it later.

Type Of Work

Choosing the best rated oscillating tool depends entirely on the type of work you are going to do. If you need it for a day to day or long lasting projects, then an oscillating tool with high motor power will do just fine because you will be using so much power that it can offer. Then I suggest it should be connected to an electric source because in such cases a cordless tool will waste your time as it requires to be often charged.

Ease Of Use

The ease of use depends on the type of project you are working on. An electric oscillating tool is very light compared to the cordless one, but it has one problem, you will be tethered around a very short radius.

A cordless tool is very portable, and you can work from any point you want, but it also has one problem. It is quite heavy. I suggest you select an oscillating tool that you find easy to use.


Thanks to the wide variety of oscillating tools being sold today, you can find a cheaper tool that offers high-end professional performance. This also depends.

If you are a professional handyman, then you need a high-quality oscillating tool because you don't want to deliver weak work but the best, if you are a hobbyist then, you can use a better oscillating tool because all you will be handling are light duties around the house. All in all get an oscillating tool that falls in your budget bracket.

Lock Mechanism

One thing that most of us tend to assume is the lock mechanism. A seller will try to convince you how great the locking system is great and changed and when you reach home, you find something else.

I advise you to consider testing the accessory locking mechanism because since you are dealing with a tool, you are prone to accidents, and you need to be safe. No weak mechanisms.

Other Considerations

  • Other than the named basic factors, you could also consider the following;
  • How good the oscillating tool's torque transfer in performance
  • How many pieces of accessories the tool kit comes with
  • You may also consider if the oscillating tool kit has a warranty
  • If the tool is tough enough for productivity
  • If you will be able to position it and control its speed flexibly.
  • How precise is the tool in cutting or how smooth it is in sanding
  • The oscillation diameter also matters
  • If it has a universal accessory adaptor for using with most oscillating tool brands
  • The color of the tool. If you mind color
  • The design of the oscillating tool. If it's comfortable for working with.

Final Words

Until this point, am quite certain you have one, two or more oscillating tools in mind that you think you can work with.

Remember the best oscillating tools are not just simple tools, with today's life trends, you need one for your home or office. Anything could go wrong, and this tool could be your solution. If you are a professional, no season will be a low working rate season, and you will be busy because with this tool, you will be loved and your work will sell itself.

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