Best Hammer Drill Cordless

Best Hammer Drill Cordless – Ultimate Reviews

Being able to drill wood or concrete and slide screws inside. With the right hammer drill, you will accomplish successfully a lot around the house or job-site. A hammer drill is principally an essential improvement tool which can drill holes, loosen or tighten screws and even shape materials.

I enjoyed testing a variety of hammer drills in my quest to configure the best quality ones. As much as the hammer drills are old tools, the aspect of time has not yet depleted their importance in our everyday life needs. The hammer drills will never go out of style, but they advance and become more effective.

In this segment, I have prepared a vividly described list of the best cordless hammer drills sampled from the research in which my team and I carried out. I have also included an effective buying guide to help you choose. If you are a beginner or a pro, this information comes in handy.

Best Hammer Drill Cordless - Comparison Table

Name and Image



Max Speed

Check Price

Makita XPH07Z LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Hammer Driver Drill

3.19 pounds

18 volts

(0-2,000 RPM)     (0-30,000 BPM)

Ryobi P214 ONE 18-Volt 12 in. Cordless Hammer Drill

1 pounds

18 volts

1,600 RPM and 24,000 BPM

Makita XPH102 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless

10.3 pounds

18 volts

28,500 BPM and 1,900 RPM

DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Compact DrillDriver Kit

4.7 pounds

18 volts

(0-450/0-1,500 RPM) 

Milwaukee 2797-22 M18 Fuel Lithium 2-Tool Combo Kit includes Hammer Drill

18.34 pounds

18 volts

0-550/0-1,850 RPM

Hitachi DV18DSDLP4 18-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill

4.8 pounds

18 volts

0-400/0-1,800 RPM

Milwaukee 2607-20 M18 12 Hammer Drill

3.4 pounds

18 volts

up to 1,800 RPM


0.16 ounces

20 volts

27,200 BPM (0-400/0-1600 RPM)


0.16 ounces

18 volts

 0-950 RPM, 4,700 BPM


3.4 pounds

20 volts

650 RPM

Best Hammer Drill Cordless – Ultimate Reviews

There are many types of cordless hammer drills depending on size and weight. The size and weight is primarily determined by the type of task the hammer is crafted for. The following best cordless hammer drills have been well sampled from a deep research and intense tests. Furthermore, most pros have used them hence being highly recommended.


The Makita XPH07Z LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Hammer Driver Drill is the best cordless hammer drill because it crafted with high levels of advancements to ensure flexibility and efficiency. It has the BL Brushless motor which will deliver approximately 1090 pounds of maximum torque.

The compact design of the drill plays at a size of eight inches and a weight of six pounds. One thing about this drill is that 

the three-stage LED gauge has an indicator that will allow you to monitor the battery charge level. Which is a good thing, it won’t die on you without notice.


  • Supports a wide range of drilling applications
  • Has a heavy-duty motor
  • The drill is very powerful
  • Has a long runtime
  • It’s very comfortable to handle and work with


  • Does not come with its battery.

The Ryobi P214 ONE 18-Volt 1/2 in. Cordless Hammer Drill amazed me with its speed and power capabilities. I just could not believe before that you can get a drill that has two times high-speed drilling for high torque operations.

As much as it works fast, it doesn’t vibrate vigorously instead it is comfortable and easy to control. The soft grip handle with an additional two finger trigger ensures greater control and accelerated comfort.

Cordless Hammer Drill is also constructed from high-quality materials that are essentially durable making it effective. It is also light you can beat work time odds with this drill wizard in your hands. Its frame is compact even ladies can comfortably handle it.


  • It delivers high-speed drilling and torque applications
  • It has a lucrative soft grip handle
  • Has a finger trigger for easy control
  • The hammer drill is durable
  • It has long run time


  • Has low concrete stamina

The 4.7 rating of the Makita XPH102 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2″ Hammer Driver-Drill Kit has awesomeness written all over it. The four pole motor that Makita uses to power the bit delivers power that generates 480 of maximum torque.

Makita puts you in a position to control the speed of the motor as you wish. The flexibility allows you to use the drilling hammer for a range of applications. From zero the variable speeds have maximums at 1900 RPM and 28500 RPM.

The job sites are not a guarantee to be always dry and clean. On the contrary, most of the job sites are a mess. In the place, there is an extreme protection technology commonly known as XPT. XPT makes the drilling hammer dust and water resistant.

Together with the battery, the model stands to be lightweight for its size. The lightweight frame favors contractors who will be using the tool for long hours. I am sure you are fond of the star protection technology by now, Makita uses it on the Makita XPH102 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2″ Hammer Driver-Drill Kit.


  • Four pole motor (Delivers an incredible 480 lbs torque)
  • Variable speed design
  • Extreme protection technology
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Battery reaches full charge in 30 minutes
  • Computerized controls
  • 30 days money back or replacement guarantee


  • Not suitable for concrete

I must admit that DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Compact Drill/Driver Kit is a very powerful tool designed by professionals for professionals. So far, it’s the only hammer drill that considers user safety highly by being nicely innovated to achieve just that.

It features a powerful motor that does not hesitate to deliver a maximum power of 380 unit’s watts out with a battery amp of 1.2 you are guaranteed of extended run time. The compact light in weight design is as rewarding as it helps minimize user fatigue.

There are two batteries in the kit and only require one hour charge each to give an unbeatable performance. Double ended screwdriver bit, kit box and carrier bag are also included.


  • Dewalt has Solid frame which fits in tight conditions
  • The compact drill is Light in weight
  • It comes with an Extremely powerful motor
  • The I8-volt has Durable runtime
  • Delivers impressive performance


  • The Dewalt DC970K-2 is expensive

The Milwaukee 2797-22 M18 kit includes a tool that can provide high class power with an incredible drilling speed. Despite that, it can still maintain a long run time, unlike other hammer drills.

It features M18 fuel lithium with an onboard fuel gauge. It also has a built-in LED light which will give you greater benefits. Like you can use it for a long time and to precisely aim for the intended drilling spot without missing.

The Milwaukee 2797-22 M18 Fuel Lithium 2-Tool Combo Kit includes Hammer Drill has been designed to ensure you use it safely and it’s also easy to handle. The well-doctored frame is compact and constructed from highly durable materials.


  • Can drill a high number of holes at once.
  • The combo kit which includes a cordless hammer drill is highly durable
  • It is easy and safe to handle
  • It has a powerful battery
  • It has a cool design despite the fact that it’s a tool


  • The torque numbers are low

Hitachi DV18DSDLP4 18-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill (Tool Only, No Battery) is an industrial grade hammer drill. It has a two-piece motor that disposes of 814 in-lb of torque. With such high torque disposal, no toughness will stand between you and get the job done.

The manufacturer uses a single sleeve ½ inch keyless metal chuck that has carbide jaw inserts. The jaw and Chuck being from carbide and metal elements respectively 

give for incredible durability. The fact that the chuck is keyless allows for convenient bits to swap out. You will never get a better grip than the one that the carbide jaw inserts give.

When working in poorly lit places, the manufacturer ensures better visibility using the LED light. A cheaply made gear case would fall apart soon. The Hitachi DV18DSDLP4 18-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill (Tool Only, No Battery) has an aluminum gear case that gives for durability and strength.

The motor carbon brushes are accessible without having to take apart the hammer drill. External accessibility allows for quick and easy maintenance. The 22 position clutch allows for excellent versatility coupling the 22 positions with both the drill and hammer drill modes.


  • 22 position clutch
  • Two modes (drill and hammer drill modes)
  • Externally accessible carbon brushes
  • Aluminum gear case
  • Aluminum gear case
  • Carbide jaw inserts
  • Keyless Chuck
  • List Element


  • The battery is not included

The experts at Milwaukee have been on their toes doing making great tools that pros like you want. The Milwaukee 2607-20 M18 1/2″ Hammer Drill has the best blend of features, size, and performance index.

It is precisely the most powerful hammer drill that will make you want to work more projects. It comes with an efficient, extremely powerful motor that will undeniably deliver extraordinary results

to you. The frame of the cordless hammer drill is light in weight and compact to fit its small spaces. No more excessive wrist and hand straining.


  • The Milwaukee 2607-20 is the fastest in concrete drilling
  • It also drills many holes at ones
  • It is easy to use and safe
  • When it comes to durability, it beats all odds
  • It is imported


  • It offers limited handle positions

In case you want to drill through masonry, wood or other thick materials, the Porter-Cable PCC620B Hammer drill is the perfect solution for you. The nice component about it's far that you will get a device so that it will provide enough force to pierce via strong materials without any extra hassle.

This hammer drill runs with 20-volt powerful batteries that deliver more run time than other present cordless hammer 

drill models. The charger of this product is splendid as nicely. It completes the charging cycle quicker than different models. It makes use of effective 20-volt MAX system, so you will need two lithium-ion batteries as a way to increase the operating time.

It has 1/2inch metallic ratcheting chuck with 23 exceptional clutches setting for specific varieties of drilling. consequently, this porter cable hammer drill has an effective LED light that is appropriate for running within the smaller tiny area and darkish areas.

This unique tool is powerful however light-weight which can feature as a hammer drill, driving force and conventional drill. you will be able to locate it for less than $100 that's one in all the most important motives for its popularity.


  • Well designed with a comfy grip
  • Minimum fatigue is skilled for the duration of handling due to light-weight.
  • Battery gauge that will help you display how much power is left.
  • LED lights also included to brighten dark working areas.
  • 2 -Speed Transmission


  • Battery not included.
  • No brushless motor
  • List Element

The Makita XPH01ZVX 18V LXT Cordless Hammer Drill is one of the best cordless hammer drills with powerful 18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery. The 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brush less 1" Rotary Hammer with HEPA dirt Xtraction Vacuum Attachment combines Makita BL Brush less Motor era with concrete dust extraction - without the cord. powerful motor that supplies about 750 lbs. of maximum torque. but it features 2-pace transmissions and it has the potential to covers a wide range of drilling.

The XRH01ZVX is powered with an efficient BL Brush less Motor with the variable velocity that grants 0-950 RPM, 4,700 BPM, and a couple of 2.0 Joules with as much as 50% longer run time than current Makita 18V LXT rotary hammers. The performance of the BL Brush less Motor allowed Makita engineers to power each the tool and the separate vacuum motor with an unmarried 18V Lithium-Ion battery. The separate vacuum motor also increases suction performance without sacrificing the performance of the rotary hammer. The result is a powerful and green rotary hammer with a vacuum attachment that gives you the equal drilling capability because the leading competition' 36V rotary hammers, but with up to 2.5 lbs. less weight.

The HEPA dirt Extraction Vacuum Attachment is trigger-activated for consumer convenience. The rubber suction gasket is engineered to offer regular contact with the work floor, wherein the dirt is channeled to the clean dirt box with HEPA filter, which captures 99.95% of dirt debris. 


  • Efficient BL Brush less motor
  • Longer device life & extended battery existence
  • 50% longer run time
  • Longer device life & extended battery existence
  • Three-mode operation
  • Convenience and extra comfort


  • it's high priced

Black & Decker LDX120C is portable, light-weight cordless hammer drill. it's far the best cordless drill for people who need one for small jobs across the house. Additionally, this drill is very pocket -friendly model. it can be used for drilling and screw driving through plastic, timber, and steel.

This drill driver has been designed with a very effective motor. This drill comes along with 20V Li Ion battery also make this drill cum driver a strong yet compact 

machine. It additionally has an auto experience era that has an automated seize which drives most screws flush on the first strive.

The Black & Decker MAX Lithium Ion Drill is more precise than the mechanical clutch. Consequently, you don't need to experiment with trials and error to place the clutch. It's push, drill, and two modes. In drive mode, a microprocessor constantly measures the tool's functionality. As the screw enters the material there's a change in its torque profile.

This 20 Volts drill driver necessitates Lithium Ion batteries at work. The Lithium ion batteries are light in weight. So, it is simpler for you to carry it around. These batteries have a longer lifespan and last for 18 hours. Black & Decker BDCDE120C also has LED lights which brighten up the dark places so that you may easily work on your own bit. This drill driver is extremely strong and durable.


  • Portable, light-weight drill
  • Motor could be very powerful; offers the excellent results
  • Lithium-ion battery is always prepared and holds a charge as much as 18 months
  • The LED lighting fixtures are very vibrant, making it less difficult to peer inside the dark
  • Cost effective


  • Speed stays the same throughout
  • Screws might fall out after a year or two

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Hammer Drill Cordless

If you are confused and frustrated on how to choose the best hammer drill that is cordless, then you can relax and take in a deep breath because I have just the important factors you need to look for. A hammer drill is an important home or job site equipment that needs to be good enough to meet your quality work standards.

The Reason For Use

You need to consider the task you intend to undertake with the help of the cordless hammer drill. Are you going to put up shelves, hang photos or you need it for drilling holes through bricks or masonry? Every drill hammer is constructed according to their specific tasks.

The Length Of The Task

You also need to the duration of the particular tasks you intend for the drill.  This will help you choose according to the size and weight of the hammer drill because they affect time spent on a project. Ensure you choose a hammer drill that you can use for a long time without getting tired.


The cordless drills are the best because they are extremely portable and contain all the features you need in a durable hammer drill. If it’s cordless, it means it has a battery which will need to be recharged over time. That is why I suggest you look for a powerful battery that maintains energy for long, it should take less time charging, and you may want a spare battery.

Drill Capabilities

Hammer drills are constructed on specific tasks meaning they have varying power capabilities.  You will find that a high power drill tends to have greater power capabilities, unlike a low power drill which has low power capabilities. Home tasks like putting up pictures will require low power capabilities unlike site jobs like drilling bricks.


On the market today there are a variety of brands making the drills. You need to realize that not all of them are of high quality. Well-known brands produce high-quality hammer drills. I suggest you read reviews about brands that most people love so that you can invest appropriately.

Design And Comfort

A tool should feel comfortable when you hold it. Since a hammer drill is also a tool, you may pick it up and feel it or test it. Depending on the work you need to finish, pick a drill with the balanced size and weight you can completely handle comfortably. The design also counts whether it’s T-shaped or either way round.

Other Considerations

You may also consider other capabilities and features of the drill like;

  • If it has a brushless motor which offers high efficiency hence having a better run time.
  • More powerful meaning the best cordless drill hammer has a greater power output which measures as a combination of speed and torque.
  • The drill may also come with a built-in light to enable you to see clearly your work surface.
  • A great hammer drill has an adjustable side handle meaning, and you will be able to perform heavy drilling at the same time maintaining stability and control.
  • You may also consider other accessories the hammer drill has like cases, spare batteries, drill and driver bit sets or charger.

Final Words

There are so many cordless hammer drill options on the market to choose from. You shouldn’t limit yourself like the first drill you get is the one you take home. Take your time and know what you need and you will get it.

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