How To Use A Step Ladder Safely?

Inside the home or outside, a step ladder is our regularly needed device. Maybe we know how to use it. But, do we know how to use a step ladder safely? For the safe usage, we should have the best step ladder.

Do we know about the precautions that should take before using the ladder? Do we think deeply what will be the sequences of falling from the ladder? If we want to work with the ladder without getting any harm from it, the facts are very necessary to know for us.

For you better knowing purpose, we want to let you know according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeon near about 500000 peoples come to get treatment which is related to step ladder injuries. Unfortunately, more than 250 cannot survive.

We never wish to go to the medical for the same reason. That is why it is very necessary to know how to use it safely, nothing else.

Review your ladder once

What are the construction materials of your ladder?

What type of job you want to do using the ladder?

In which condition usually you do something the ladder with?

All questions are very much related to the ladder you have. If you need to work in a place where has an electric source you should abstain from using aluminum or metallic ladder.

On the side, if you need to reach 15’ height but you have a ladder that height is 6’. In this case, can be the ladder become useful for your job?

So, the first and most important fact is to choose the right and perfect ladder for your job.

The length and weight-bearing capacity of a step ladder

This part can appropriately help you to determine what ladder is perfect for you which are not. Depending on the length and the maximum weight that can the ladder, following step ladders can be found in the market. Select the ladder considering the following table:


Job purpose

Maximum Weight (lbs)

Maximum Length (Feet)


Heavy duty


3 to 20


Extra heavy duty


3 to 20


Special duty


3 to 12


Medium duty


3 to 12


Light duty


3 to 6

How far we go?

In case of most of the persons, it is really a confusing thing. Each and every step ladder comes with the warning signal with a sticker. Someone thinks, we stand on it but should not cross it. Somebody thinks, we stand on it and also we can cross it if we have well balance to me.

Just forgive all of that and keep it in mind always, the sticker is always telling you don’t stand on it and never cross it. You may think, for a little distance you cannot do the job, and you can try it. Never and never cross the line and just remember the job is not possible with the ladder.

A few persons complain some step ladder comes without a level, so what should you do? One and the only solution is, just avoid the ladder. Always accept the ladder that comes with proper instruction.

What should you do avoiding any unnatural incidence:

  • After buying a step ladder your first job is to read the manual or manufacturer guide       carefully.
  • Before every usage, it is necessary to inspect the ladder either it remains ok or gets   damaged! When it needs to repair or already got damage, you should prohibit from use it.
  • Abstain from overreach but move when you really need.
  • When you use the ladder, always follow three point contacts that are one leg and both hands. Always keep your body just middle to the step that helps to maintain balance.
  • Never try to move or walk the ladder while you are already on it.
  • Don’t get down by jumping while you are on it.
  •  Avoid from climbing, standing, or seating on the top of the ladder. It causes an accident most frequently.
  •  Not only on the top, don’t use the top two steps of the ladder.
  •   Be alert about the slippery materials on rungs, feet, or steps.
  •  Don’t stand the ladder on the slippery surface.
  •  If your weight is over than its capacity, just avoid it.
  •  A step ladder is made for using it one person at a time. Never try to use it together.
  •   A stepladder is not suitable for supporting work platform and don’t use it as a brace.
  •  Never try to climb up by running or quickly.
  •  To obtain additional height never place it on the table, box, or on the other unstable bases.
  •  Do not use the ladder when it stands by leaning against tree, wall.
  •  Use it over the strong surface otherwise, one or both legs may sink into the ground.
  •  Don’t use a step ladder from its backside.
  •  When you stand the ladder then check all locks that are properly engaged.
  •  When you are on the ladder, abstain from pulling or pushing of the sideways.
  •  After all, use the step ladder with care and sincerely.

Inspect the ladder again

This point is included on the above list already. But what is the reason for mentioning the point again?

How many accidents occur by the ladder, a large percentage of that numbers occurs because of not doing this point properly. This point doesn’t mean inspect the ladder once a year. It doesn’t mean once a month and doesn’t mean once a week also. It exactly means, inspects the step ladder each and every time before using it.

If you do this, you are very much confident that you are relatively more and safer than the others.

There is no work that is so easy. But, once you do it perfectly and properly then it is easy for you. Similarly, using a step ladder seems difficult but it is really an easy task if once you know how to use it safely.

To do any job using a step ladder, you should choose the best step ladder. Not only that, follow this guide to use it safely and obviously maintain it with care.

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