How To Drill A Hole In Ceramic Tile? What Drill To Use?

For your workshop, home, or any other purpose you feel the necessity of the best hammer drill and that is why you are here. In fact, a hammer drill is really a powerful tool that you should have. This electric device is used for many purposes. For Example, to make a hole in both firm and hard materials such as wood, brick, stone, ceramic tile, wall and so on.

I am sure everyone wants to have the best product. But, having some lacking about the product we cannot select the best one always. Similarly, a good quality hammer drill also has some characteristics which are the signs of quality. Keep reading to gather the knowledge about this fact.

On the other side, the most important is to know, how to use the hammer drill machine? How to make a hole in a ceramic tile properly?

Step by step, all the information and guideline you will find in the article, just keep reading with patience.

Criteria of a good quality hammer drill-

Depending on specifications and safety measures we try to enlist some point that should have as a good hammer drill. Perfect and right specifications give you the service properly and safety property ensures a wide range of security.

Source of power: Each and every hammer drill is supplied by either direct electricity or battery. Most frequently the battery is lithium-ion and within 20 volts. The advantage of cordless (Battery powered) hammer drill is, you can use it anywhere. But, in the case of the corded hammer drill, you should work within the range of electric supply source. So, cordless is convenient than the corded, isn’t it?

Motor power capacity: Power of the motor is proportional to its service. If you use the machine for the moderate work purpose, 6-8 amps motor power is enough. You can do almost all your homework with the machine and it is able to demolish even concrete. The more powerful motor can work more smoothly and does not fail to make a hole even in hard materials.

Size of drill bit: The size of the chuck determines the hammer drill size which is located the end of the drill. Chuck is the place for fitting drill bit. They vary in sizes such as ½, 1/4, 5/8 inches. Some key-less chuck also found in the market. You don’t need to remove or attach any tools on it.

The direction of drilling: Some hammer drill has only forward moving function. In case of that, it will be difficult removing. But, a hammer drill with reverse function is able to move forward and backward. With the reverse motion switch, you can easily remove the drill from the hole.

Transmission: if you penetrate into moderately hard materials such as wood and aluminum, single speed or single gear hammer drill is perfect in this case. But, if you make a hole on more strength materials as like concrete then you need a two-speed hammer drill. This hammer drill is heavier than the single gear but it has more force of power.

Balance: If you cannot keep the machine balanced there have many chances to occur unusual happenings. When a hammer drill is an excessive heavy in weight then it becomes difficult to maintain balance. On the side, the machine produces a lot of vibrations and to control the vibrations you need to hold the hammer drill comfortably.

Handle: Handle is the portion of the machine to which hold, you operate the machine. Because of being heavyweight and producing vibration there should have a soft grip on the handle. As you can hold the machine comfortably and operate it confidently. Some manufacturers produce hammer drill with a slippery handle which is very risky. So, avoid grip less handle.

Safety properties: The machine is heavy and it also does heavy work. So, you definitely expect some features which give you safety from unexpected occurrences. For example, the lock button on trigger prevents unwanted drilling on unexpected site.

How to drill a hole?

On a ceramic tile, wall, brick, wood, concrete or any surface we need to drill a hole for many purposes. To set up a plug or attaching anything we need to drill holes. But, how can we make it? Just follow the following steps:

  • Mark a point in where you want to drill with the pencil or nonpermanent marker.
  • Select the right drill bit: Low quality steel drill bit fail to penetrate most of the time. There are so many drill bit to penetrate tile among them diamond bits are very effective but it is costly. You can choose a masonry bit which is made up of carbide triple steel. This bit is enough strong for the purpose.
  • Wear safety glass for the maximum protection for your eyes.
  • Drill the tile: Start drilling at low speed with moderate pressure. Administration of much pressure can cause break the tile. Then, the drilling point can be lubricated with water and it enhances drilling.
  • Then set up your desired item on the hole

Why is it call hammer drill?

The machine is used to drilling a hole but for which reason, it is called hammed drill? Do you think ever? If the machine lacked hammering action, it will be difficult to penetrate into hard materials. When you do work with the machine it bumps up and automatically goes down quickly. This is nothing but a hammering action. For this action, it will be easier to penetrate into hard materials. Hammering action depends on BPM (Bumps per minute).


Don’t use ordinary or wooden made drill bit to make a hole in concrete. It not only fails, it will ruin your bit also. For the excellent result, regular use masonry bit.

Always wear a protective glass for your eyes safety and comfortability.

Always remember, a hammer drill is a holer but not a screwdriver. Never use the hammer drill to drive of a screw. Some people mistake it as thinking a screwdriver.


We tried to give you an overall idea about hammer drill. We told the factors that should keep in mind before buying a hammer drill. We told how to run it. We told about its safety precaution. We tried to touch all necessary sector of a hammer drill.

We hope, this content can really help you before buying and also for working purpose. Some people don’t know how to run it properly and that is why they claim, On the other hand, some can run it but having low-quality hammer drill they cannot get the perfect result. We are sure if you follow the drilling steps which are mentioned before you definitely get the best result with the best hammer drill obviously.

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