How To Mount A Tv In Wall using Hammer Drill?

Flat monitor or flat tv is a part of your living home. It always entertains you and provides you with all the news of the world. At the same time, it is also a nugget to you. But, do you care about it? In which place you set it?

The wise decision is to set the tv on your wall. To do it, the best hammer drill is a useful tool. By using a hammer drill you will perform to make wholes and mount the tv fixing bracket on the holes. The way is to set the tv on the wall is very much easy and the place is enough safe for your flat screen television.

But, the most important is you should know how to mount it? We are here to let you know how to do it keeping maximum safety. Let’s see…

The tools you require:

  • Pencil/ Markers
  • Perfect sized wall mount kit
  • Hammer drill
  • Screwdrivers/ Wrench
  • Level
  • Tape measures
  • wall_mounting_tools

    Sequential Instruction

    •  Make sure you already obtain a sturdy mount kit: The mount kit or bracket by using which you are going to set the tv on the wall that doesn’t come with the tv most of the time. You need to collect it separately from the store from where you brought tv or for the electronic store. Purchase the bracket that will perfectly match with your television backside points.
    •  Mark the point to make wholes: Measure the points of the mount kit using a measuring tape and mark the point appropriately on the wall. On the other hand, you also mark the holing point by attaching the bracket/ mounting kit on the wall. Remember, if the demarcation points you couldn’t mark precisely you will don’t set your tv on the wall.
    •  Use a hammer drill to drill pilot holes on the demarcated points: To make holes, the best tool is hammer drill cordless. Cordless hammer drill allows you to make whole anywhere as it doesn’t connect to any plug of the power source. Make the straight holes according to the demarcation points.
    •   Fix the bracket plate on the wall: First, ensure that the bracket plate is flat. If it seems other than flat, make it flat. When you purchase mount kit, some necessary tools also comes with the set. Use that hardware to set the bracket plate on the wall and tight the screw as it cannot be unfastened.
    •  Connects all cables to the tv before mounting: It’s better to connect all the cables to ensure that after fixing it with the wall you will control it just pressing the tv remote. If you connect the necessary cables after fixing it, it will a little difficult and more labor for you.
    •  Hide the wires: It is important to hide cables and wires otherwise it will look ugly. To hide them, you can use cable management raceways. You also find raceways which are paintable. So, it depends on your choice either you want to match with your wall or you make it contrast with the wall you have!
    •  Finally, mount the tv: Make sure you already fixed all the necessary items to the right points and now install the tv to the bracket frame. Now you are ready to enjoy.

    Advantages of mounting a tv in a wall

    Having so many spaces why we usually set it on the wall or which reason we suggest to set it on the wall?

    You have many things in your bedroom or drawing room that are always beautifying your environment. Tv is one of them, isn’t it? When you set it on the wall then it is free from any clutter.

    Maybe you don’t have a space crisis in your home but don’t you feel more comfortable if you will have more enough space? After installing it on the wall it provides you more space.

    If you set it on the wall you can set it anywhere for your viewing comfort. Sometimes a long time enjoying television we feel neck pain because of upward direction viewing. When you set it on the wall it will free from these problems and set it to the right place as you feel comfortable to see it.

    When we use a table, tv stand, or cabinet using to keep the television, its cables are usually seen on the floor or back to the table or cabinet. But, if we hide the cables and wires after installing it on the wall then all the cables will be hidden and it is the smart way to keep the tv on the right place.


    When you intend to set the tv on the wall of you’ve already set it to the wall you should aware about some facts.

    First of all, when you intended to set it to the wall, confirm the part of the wall is free from any damage so that it can hold the tv strongly.

    Secondly, the bracket or mount kit you are going to use that should be enough sturdy. The strength of the kit is proportional to the safety of your television. You should select the bracket considering the weight of your television.

    Thirdly, be sure that all the screws are applied tightly and the mounting frame will be able to bear the weight strongly. Never use the lower standard bracket that may cause a fall of the tv from the wall.

    Then, if you have the fireplace in your room calculate the room temperature and ensure the temperature exert no harm to the tv.

    There is no doubt about mounting the tv on the wall is the smart way to keep it safe and also a smart decoration. For the maximum safety, follow our instructions properly. We tried to ease your work and that is why we told you hammer drill to use. The best hammer drill not only eases your work it helps you to do the job perfectly and efficiently.

    As the procedure is related with electricity, work with taking maximum precaution to avoid any unwanted incident. And, obviously read the manufacturer guide. But, we are sure you are now ready to install your tv on the wall just after reading the guide. Enjoy the job and enjoy your flat screen as well.

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