Corded Or Cordless Hammer Drill

Which Is Better- Corded Or Cordless Hammer Drill?

Are you searching the best hammer drill? It is a little difficult to opt for the best drill. But, if you have a clear idea about hammer drill then the job is easy for you. You know, there are so many types hammer drill but you already make a narrow line that is good. But, you are hesitating about selecting either corded hammer drill or hammer drill cordless.

The corded hammer drill is the strong tool having more power and perfect for the tough job. Power of the hammer drill is always the same while running. On the other hand, the cordless hammer drill is the perfect tool for working convenience.

Both of the hammer drills are perfect for the different circumstances. Some of the people say corded is the best tool on the contrary cordless is the favorite tool to the others. Let’s see which tool is perfect for which purposes and which is widely popular!

Hammer drill (Corded)


Corded hammer drill runs when the connection cable is connected with the electricity. As the machine always uses electricity, its power is always the same. The machine is the perfect tool if you drill a large number of holes.

When the comparison factor is the strength of power then corded hammer drill is better than the cordless. This drill has the ability to perform the tough job and with the tool, you can work for a long time.

Usually, the machine is not bulky in size. As the hammer drill is devoid of bulky sized battery, it remains comparatively lightweight than the cordless hammer drill. For the reason, most of the professionals like to use the machine.

The negativity of the tool is, it cannot be run without the supply of electricity. So, the place where the electricity supply is absent, the tool is valueless to you there.

This is the tool that can give you the long-lasting performance. Usually, these machines are durable and have a long lifespan.


  • It is the perfect tool for powerful drilling.
  • It remains the same powerful throughout working time.
  • No chance of getting out charge.
  • Long lifespan


  • It needs continuous electric supply.
  • Chance of accident is more.

Hammer drill (Cordless)


Great tool for the most working convenience is cordless hammer drill. Basic and principal difference between cordless and corded is this machine consumes energy from the battery, on the other hand, corded runs using direct electricity.

So, this is a battery powered machine. There also has different machines having different battery power. Usually, 6 volts to 24-volt batteries can be found in the market. A 24-volt battery containing machine can give you the maximum power force and low powered machine contain a 6-volt battery.

Think you are working and at the time charge of the battery run out. What will you do then? That is why the wise decision is to have an extra battery that can support you when the charge of one battery gone.

The machine is also the same power as the corded drill but when you use it in high power mode, it consumes charge more and charges run out quickly.

 But, the major convenience of this machine is it can be used anywhere. You never think as the corded machine, electric supply is present or absent?

But, we want to let you know this convenient tool is not suitable for a wide range of work as it is powered by a battery. If you work repairing your home, bathroom fittings, repairing wooden furniture or any moderate work it is greatly beneficial to you.

As the machine requires a battery to run, almost all the manufacturer provide fast charger. Within a short time, the battery can be fully charged.


  • Can be used anywhere.
  • Electric supply does not require.
  • Chance of accident is less as it is devoid of trailing leads.
  • The tool is perfect to work in narrow spaces.


  • More power runs out of charge quickly.
  • Need to alert of charge status.

Which is the best?

From the different point of view, both are best and you never underestimate any of them. But, we need to know which one is best considering all the factors. Let’s take a look again.

Logic on behalf corded drill

It is definitely a powerful tool and it can be used in the tough task. On the side, using the tool you can do a wide range of work even you work throughout the day.

Just forget all the things and tell me, do you need to do always a large amount of work? Do you think working place considers whether there has the electricity supply? No, and not at all. No work is stopped depending on nothing.

 So, in this case, you cannot do the job not having the supply of electricity.

Logic on behalf of cordless drill

The tool that runs by the battery energy and this is also electric energy. But the convenience is you can store the energy and you use it where you need.

 If you need more power the tool able to deliver but it consumes more energy and drains out the battery quickly. In this case, you should keep an extra battery for the backup. But your job is not being stopped here.

A tool that gives you the opportunity to work everywhere. How many tools can give you this advantage?

Note: Corded hammer drill or cordless whichever you have it doesn’t matter we just want to know you an important fact. Some people make wrong by thinking it has a screwdriver like function. Never drive a screw with the kit and always remember it is a hammer drill, not a screwdriver.

Summary line

This is the time need to collapse the whole article into a few lines. Depending on working circumstances corded and cordless is suitable for different conditions may be. But cordless hammer drill is widely popular and most of the people count it as the best drill.

If you need much power, you also find a very powerful cordless hammer on the market. So, in your working condition, this tool hasn’t a major limitation which is contrary to your work environment. In the end, we can definitely say hammer drill cordless is really the best hammer drill.

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