Best Hot Glue Gun in 2021 and Reviews

A hot glue gun is an item that serves many purposes. Can we say that the Do-it-yourself (DIY) slogan was as a result of this item? Hot glue gun allows every individual to be professional create and repair things on their own. This specific item is good for most artworks and also a good product for repairing household or crafts jobs. That said, let's see how to find the best hot glue gun as well as the available brands.

What is the Best Part of Hot Glue Gun?

A hot glue gun is a versatile device that can be used for various applications. It is lightweight and can be used for various projects regardless of their scale. Glue guns allow amateurs to finish their DIY projects in professional quality because they are easy to use. They require zero skills and no prior knowledge. This is why kids can safely use them at home or at school.

Part of Hot Glue Gun

The glue used to stick various objects is cheap and easy to obtain and store. A hot glue gun is widely used in Art and Crafts, footwear and leather, woodworking, furniture, outdoors applications, building and construction, bookbinding, packaging and shipment in addition to retail manufacturing.

Reviews of the Best Hot Glue Guns on the Market:

We asked several experts about their opinions regarding the best hot glue guns on the market. Here is a list of their top picks:

Cobiz Full Size (Not Mini) 60100W Dual Power High Temp Heavy Duty Melt Glue Gun_Modified

You never use all items for rough and frequent use because all the products are not made in the same way. But, you can frequently use Cobiz full-size hot glue gun. It is a sturdy device and can be used comfortably.

The hot glue gun has two heat settings one is 60 watts and the rest one is 100 watts. 60 watts option melts the glow slower manner which is very useful for handworks such as beads placing, stone 

placing, etc. On the other hand, 100 watts setting helps to make a strong bond between large and hard objects such as wooden materials.

You can use the gun comfortably because of the perfect size of this glue gun and not being of very bulky and heavy. The trigger is placed to the right place and you can control the gun by one hand completely.

Unlike the other hot glue gun, it takes a few times to heat up. Advanced thermal technology is used to heat up the machine within a very short time. And the nozzle of the glue gun is heat resistant and enough durable.

The item is perfect for use in arts and crafts purposes. Heavy construction, perfect size, and comfortable use, it is perfect from different angles.


  • It features two different heat settings.
  • The copper nozzle is heat resistant and durable.
  • It is protected from overheating.
  • One hand control and comfortable to use.


  • Requires more time to cool down.
Blusmart Upgraded Mini Hot Glue Gun with 30 Pcs Melt Glue Sticks_Modified

Does your baby have many toys? Are they needed to repair frequently? This mini hot glue gun can be the right choice to repair your kid's toys. If you have the interest in the arts and crafts projects with tiny items, Blusmart mini hot glue gun can be a good option for you.

The machine doesn’t get more time to heat up. It starts melting of the glue within 2-5 minutes. So, you don’t have to wait a long time to start work.

It is a 20 watts mini hot glue gun. So you can use it to connect one small item with the others. But, if you deal with the large and heavy items, this machine is not recommended for you.

The high-quality aluminum nozzle is durable and can deliver that amount of hot glue how much you need for the projects. Its size is 5.1” by 4.3” which is very perfect to use comfortably. This mini hot glue gun can be really a good option to help your adorable kids with arts & crafts endeavors.


  • Power switch which contains LED light to indicate on/off status.
  • Heat up quickly within 2-5 minutes.
  • Great option to repair kids toys.


  • The nozzle is heated up a bit.

This is another hot glue gun within this list that can be a good choice for your school going kids. The advance kids frequently use glue to represent their creativity. And definitely, you can help them by giving this hot glue gun so that they can make the desired things easily and happily.

It needs to have safety features as it is frequently used by the kids. And the manufacturer also made the glue gun thinking this matter. It has a stand just near the nozzle and keeps fingers far from the glue dispense way. The stand also helps to keep the machine right positioned.

After dispensing the glue, it takes maximum of about 30 seconds to make a strong bond. Not only that the machine also prepare the glue usable within a few minutes.

The machine is the USA made and it doesn’t allow dry out of glue. It doesn’t produce any toxic materials which are injurious to the users. So, you can definitely give this glue gun to your kids so that they get inspirations to create creativity.


  • Best choice for school going kids.
  • Glue is ready to use within a few minutes just after connect the glue gun with the electricity.
  • Protects the fingers from the heat.
  • Built-in stand.
  • It takes only 30 seconds to make strong bonds.


  • It doesn’t have on/off switch.
Tacklife PGG01B 3.6V Mini Cordless Glue Gun 2600mAh-18650 USB_

This is the first battery-powered hot glue gun in this list. All the time it is not possible to use a glue gun connecting with the electricity. Sometimes it needs to use independently. If you need to use a hot glue gun independently any anywhere then you should choose this item.

A 2600mAh lithium-ion battery is included with the gun. You can use the gun up to 35 minutes per full charge. The gun maintains the temperature automatically to keep the glue temperature at an optimum level.

It has a temperature indicator to indicate the working temperature. Wonderful auto power off feature is included with the gun. The hot glue gun automatically powers off after using 10 minutes continuously. This feature saves energy.

45 Pcs glue sticks come with the pack and a USB cable is also supplied to charge the glue gun. The handle is equipped with soft rubber which gives grip feelings and good control over the gun. All these features make the gun as a best hot glue gun. If you can use it perfectly, you will be fully satisfied.


  • Comes with 45 pcs glue sticks.
  • 35 minutes run time per charge.
  • Auto power off feature saves energy.
  • Rubber cover gives grip feelings and good control.


  • Small size glue sticks tend to slip.
Chandler Tool Large Glue Gun - 60 Watt - Hot Glue Sticks_,

Does the item look different than the other hot glue guns? Of course yes. Its design is not the same as the other typical glue gun. The major difference is its base. Does it have other differences with the features? Let’s see.

Chandler Tool is an American brand and naturally, it is constructed in America. They make the guns maintaining the highest quality and of being comfortable to use.

It is a 60w hot glue gun and takes a few times to melt the glue. The machine is ready to use just after plug in. So, you don’t need to wait more times to use the gun. The exact amount of glue comes out after pressing the trigger that’s why it doesn’t allow glue waste.

The hot glue gun is UL certified and the people of North-America know well the value of UL certification. It is also very expensive and it is a trademark of the safety of a product of course. So, you can use the hot glue gun without any hesitation.


  • Stand-up base eases the hot glue gun to use.
  • UL certified which indicates its quality and safety.
  • Perfect choice for any DIY projects such as crafts, birthday, holiday, repairing furniture, and toys.


  • Nothing significant.
CRENOVA Hot Glue Gun, Glue Gun Kit with 60pcs Glue Sticks_,

Are you looking for a hot glue gun which you can use many days? If the answer is yes, this item is perfect for you. This pack comes with 60 pcs glue sticks. Can you imagine? Yes, it comes with 60 pcs. Let’s see what other amazing features are offered by the hot glue gun.

It takes a few minutes to heat up. Within 3-5 minutes it is ready to use. And the kit has a special property to control temperature. 

It controls the temperature when glues are melted well and doesn’t heat up furthermore. That is why there is no chance of overheating of glue.

The hot glue gun can be used various purposes such as repairing toys, artistically flowers, decorations, or any metal or wooden materials. That means you can use it all the purposes where you need. Having this hot glue gun means you have magic in your hand to repair or create anything innovative.

It also has safety features to prevent any accident. Do you want anything more? If you count 5 kits as a best hot glue gun, you must have to count it.


  • Comes with 60 pieces of glue gun sticks.
  • A wide range of use.
  • Heat up quickly within 3-5 minutes.
  • Automatic temperature control capability.


  • Many users complain it doesn’t heat up quickly.
Stanley Tools GR20AX Trigger Feed Hot-Melt Glue Gun

If you like simple mechanism tool that is very easy to use then it is perfect for you. The hot glue gun has a compact design, easy use mechanism, and have an attractive look and very useful.

It is made especially to use in arts and crafts endeavor. A lot of people used this hot glue gun and they are using still now. They said, they never used a user-friendly hot glue gun like this.

The manufacturer uses a trigger feed mechanism in this hot glue gun. This mechanism allows for controlling the flow of glow. Use exactly that amount of glue how much you need. The other typical hot glue gun doesn’t give you this option.

It takes only 60 seconds to make a strong bond after applying the glue. This time is not so long rather it is ideal. The handle design is very much perfect to be adopted within your hand. In a word, you can use the hot glue gun comfortably and in the easiest way. Are you ready to use it?


  • Compact design and attractive look.
  • Heats up quickly.
  • The outflow of the glow can be controlled with a trigger feed mechanism.
  • Requires only 60 seconds for bonding.


  • It needs two glue stick to work and many users don’t like this.

This item is the perfect choice for the professional user. Remember, it is as like as other typical hot glue guns. Its quality, design, effectiveness all are superior in quality. You can use this tool all day long without any hassle which is not offered by other regular hot glue guns.

The heating element requires maximum 5 minutes to heat up. It has temperature regulation property by which you can 

adjust the temperature between 285 degrees F to 428 degrees F. Increase the temperature as your working elements require.

The hot glue gun uses 220 watts heating element so that you can use the tool faster and longer as you need. The other tool needs a break after long time use but it doesn’t require at all.

The trigger of the tool is adjustable. That is why you can dispense that amount of glue how much you need. You can use the hot glue gun various purposes such as repairing, decoration, remodeling, flooring installation, and so on.

The features of this hot glue gun are hardly found to the other typical tool. And all the users are satisfied with the performance of this kit. If you buy this kit you will not need to search for another best hot glue gun furthermore.


  • Top quality hot glue gun for the professional adhesive worker.
  • Requires only 5 minutes reaching to maximum temperature.
  • Perfect item to use faster and long time.
  • Adjustable trigger mechanism.
  • Capacity to adjust the temperature.


  • Its price is a little bit high than the other typical hot glue gun.
BOSCH PKP 18 EPKP 18E Glue Gun

This is a reliable and convenient hot glue gun that you can use for a wide range of applications. It won’t disappoint you because it will stay hot and ready for use.

This device provides constant controlled heating that will keep your gun working. Your glue won’t get dry or hard in the middle of the job for maximum convenience. It guarantees a smooth and flawless output that keeps any two surfaces together. It is clean, mess-proof and user-friendly as it prevents the dripping of hot glue on various surfaces. It even features a wire stand that will keep it upright when you are not using it. It is lightweight and very comfortable to use. It also comes with 5 glue sticks so you can get started working on your projects right away.


  • Lightweight design.
  • Wide range of applications.
  • Constant controlled heating.
  • Smooth output with no mess.
  • No glue dripping.


  • It takes 7 minutes of preheating before it is ready for use.

Using Purpose of Hot Glue Gun:

For each hot glue gun application, a compatible hot melt adhesive should be used. Hot melt adhesives come in different shapes and sizes and this is why it is crucial to make sure that the glue stick is compatible with your gun. The glue produced is either soft or hard depending on the nature of the stick used. The glue is usually durable and waterproof which makes it a great option for outdoors work. It can also withstand different weather conditions and chemicals treatments. The glue goes on smoothly and dries up fast which makes it the perfect option for repair and patchwork.

How Does a Hot Glue Gun Work?

The glue used comes in different colors for various applications. Before using your glue gun, you need to go through the user’s manual to make sure that you are using the perfect glue for the job. The user manual will get you accustomed to your glue gun, how fast it should heat up and whether you will have to switch it on and off for maximum safety.

It is very important to make sure that the nozzle is free of old glue residue. The clogging can prevent the smooth passage of your hot glue once you begin using the glue gun. You can use a toothpick or any sharp small object to make sure that the glue path is clear. You can also remove the nozzle and clean it from the inside. However, you should never use water to clean your glue gun or any of its parts.

Use a clean glue stick and feed it at the back of your glue gun. Slide it until the stick stops, even if there are the remains of an old stick inside the gun. After ensuring that your stick is properly inserted, plug the gun into a power outlet. Don’t worry if the stick slides out, it will stabilize once it starts melting. A cordless model can be more practical because it allows you to use your glue gun for more versatile applications.

How to Choose The Best Hot Glue Gun?

A good hot glue gun can last a lifetime. It won’t disappoint you because it is easy to use. But picking the best hot glue gun can be a tricky job especially with a lot of products on the market. This is why we asked several experts about their opinions regarding picking the best device. Here are some criteria that can help you with your purchase:


A heavy hot glue gun is not practical. The purpose of the glue gun is to enable you to finish various delicate jobs conveniently. You don’t want a heavy device that will strain your hands.

There are a lot of options available on the market. You need to make sure that your gun is not bulky, so you can use it comfortably. It will also be more convenient to store.


There are a few things that you need to be careful about. First, your gun should be comfortable to carry. An ergonomic design is a great option because you can easily use it. Make sure that the button you push won’t strain or pinch your fingers. Second, you have to a buy a device that won’t burn your hands. Your hands should be kept away from the hot nozzle and the body of the gun should stay cool at all times.

Fast Heating:

Who wants to waste a lot of time waiting for their glue gun to heat up? A glue gun should be able to heat up fast especially if you want to use it for a quick fix. This will heat up your glue for a smooth and easy application that won’t force you to push your gun too much.

When your glue is hot, you ensure that you will be getting the best bonding result. If you are in a hurry and your glue is not super-hot, chances are that the items or surfaces you glue will separate easily because the glue wasn’t as hot as it should be.

Temperature Control:

This is a great feature that will allow you to finish your projects fast. It allows you to keep your glue hot in between applications so that you don’t have to waste any time. This feature saves energy because you can keep your gun in a ready mode without actually having to use it at full energy.


We hope that you found our comprehensive guide useful. Picking the best hot glue gun will enable you to finish a lot of tasks at the convenience of your home. For more updates, check our articles at Please subscribe to our mailing list to check our latest posts. Kindly contact us for any questions or comments.

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