Drill Doctor DD750X Drill Bit Sharpener Review

Are you finding trouble choosing the right drill bit sharpener? I recently bought one that has proven to be very helpful. I’m always very choosy when purchasing a new gear. With power tools or any tools, you need something that guarantees perfection and excellence.

After all my drill bits became dull and blunt, I decided to buy the Drill Doctor 750x after a friend recommended it to me. I like it. It can sharpen various types of bits. Having this tool in your toolkit or at your shop will help you bring your tools back in action. According to what I’ve found out, the drill doctor is such a fantastic tool, and that is why many people prefer it to its competitions.


Drill Doctor comes with a DVD that will direct you on how to use the drill. Besides the DVD, there is a written manual that gives instruction. As I have tried this drill doctor, I prefer using the DVD even before I open the manual paper. Also, the good thing is that, if you misplace the instruction paper you can easily download one from their website.

A Rugged Shell Case

The drill doctor 75OX comes with a rugged case that holds the drill, and the shell case makes it easier to move it to any place you are going to work with it. Inside this case, there is enough space for storing the doctor drill itself, two chucks, two sharpening wheels and another part is used to store small drill bits and other important accessories.

Sharp Tools Perform Better and Are Safe

For you to make your work easier using the Drill Doctor, you should make sure that your bit is sharp. This will save your time. Using a dull drill bit results in a low quality work. By using this drill bit sharpener, you save your tools and equipment from damages. Dull bits will lower the life span of your drill.

Design and Durability

This drill doctor is made of very classic materials. For instance, the wheel of the drill is made up of diamond that maintains its shape for so many years of use. It also has a metal split point port this feature produces accurate power with speed and load. This feature makes the drill doctor durable and long lasting so that you can enjoy its service for as long as you want.


The Drill Doctor 750xis easy to maintain. Unlike most modern bit sharpeners, the drill doctor does not need much on maintenance. However, you should make sure that it is clean all the time. Cleaning the drill doctor is done by checking on the chuck, and around the diamond wheel. The diamond wheel will need replacement when it wears out. Cleaning is not a big deal.


  • It can sharpen larger diameter drill bit
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent durability
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Easy to maintain


  • It is expensive

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Apart from the drill bit sharpener, what else is contained in the box?

A: In the box, the drill bit sharpener comes with hard shell carrying case, user guide and instructional DVD.

Q: Does Drill Doctor sharpen smaller cobalt bits?

A: yes, but it will do so only if you follow instructions. Drill doctor has ever failed in its sharpening work.

Q: Which type of bit does the drill measure?

A: Drill Doctor is cable of measuring a variety of bits, this include; English, metric or letter gauge bits.

Final Verdict

Having this drill doctor tool around you in your toolkit is fancy, but you must be careful in handling it. You need to take care of it because its components are the most delicate and most of them need repair and replacement every time you feel they have worn out.

Though there are several types of drill doctor on the market with their price tags, you should not get convinced to buy what you do not want. Look at the best qualities of a product before purchasing.

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