How To Use A Cordless Circular Saw Safely?

How To Use A Cordless Circular Saw Safely?

A circular saw is an essential and powerful tool for your workshop. As you feel the necessity of it and we think you should buy it to make easy your job. In this article, we are going to discuss the most popular cordless circular saw.

You have the best cordless circular saw but unfortunately, you don’t know how to use it safely. In this situation, is the tool useful to you? Then the tool is ineffective for you.

If you want to know how to use it and how to work with the tool perfectly, you are in the right place. Using the guide, safety measures and all the necessary information related to a circular saw you will find in this article. Just keep reading and gain the knowledge which is needed for you.

Basic about a circular saw

This part is really needed for you because knowing nothing about a product will disallow you to get its benefit. Though all the machines don’t have the same parts and features, these parts are almost the same in all the circular saw and it will be helpful if you know them accurately.

Basic about a circular saw

  •  Trigger: This part is present in all circular saws. When you start the tool by switching on the trigger the motor start and wait a few moments to reach full speed before the cut.
  •  Depth adjustment: Set the position that how much deeper you want to cut and fix by the depth adjustment. Never forget to tighten the tool after set cutting depth.
  •  Base plate: How much portion of this blade is exposed under this plate that is the cutting depth.
  •  Removing blade guard: When you don’t use the blade, it is best to cover the blade by the blade guard. When you are ready to cut retract the blade guard.
  •  Handles: Usually, the machine has front and back handle. It’s better to hold both handles while using the machine.

Blade types

Several types blade of a circular saw machine you will find in the market surprisingly. And different types are suitable for different applications. You also use a blade for many purposes but if you use the right blade you will get the best service.

Framing blades: It is a wood cutting blade and it is widely used to cut quickly.

Rip-cut blades: This blade can cut the wood aggressively.

Cross-cut blades: Usually use to cut wood or wood composites and certainly against the grain of the wood.

Combination blades: Suitable for cross-cut or rip-cut.

Continuous-rim blades: Also known as a diamond blade and perfect for cutting tiles and slate.

Turbo-rim blades: Another type of diamond blade and suitable for cutting brick and concrete.

Segmented Blades: It is also suitable for concrete and brick but they can cut quicker.

How to use safely

To use the machine to perfectly follow the steps. We hope you will definitely able to use a circular saw by following these steps.

⇛   Select the right saw for your working purposes.

First of all, you need to have the perfect saw for your job. If you need to cut concrete and you select woodcut blade. Can you imagine what will be the scenario? Size is also a great matter, depending your task choose the right sized machine.

⇛   Understand the features of the tool

After selecting the saw you need to understand the features by controlling which you do the job. Back to the “Basic about a circular saw” paragraph and make sure you can understand well.

⇛   Place the material in a perfect position which you are going to cut

Never lay the materials, board, tiles, or anything on the floor or any surface directly. When you place the material on the floor and start cutting, there will be the more and more chances of cutting the underneath surface. Make sure there is a gap or free space just under the demarcated cutting line.

⇛   Using a measuring tape and scaled rule mark the line traveling of the blade

You should demarcate the line by a pencil through where the blade will go for the cut. It helps you to do the job perfectly.

⇛   Adjust depth

Adjust the blade to the right depth. If you want to cut 1-inch wood then set the blade to about 1.1 inches. This technique prevents pushing from the lower portion and cut the materials perfectly.

⇛   Retract blade guard

When you don’t need to use always try to keep the blade closed by the guard. As it is the time to cut, remove the blade guard.

⇛   Confirm, blade lies in the line of the pencil mark

Before start cutting, look at the blade position and match it to the pencil mark otherwise the blade can go to the wrong line.

⇛   Hold the machine handle and hold the material

Hold the machine with the right hand and with the other hand hold the material that needs to cut. Sometimes, the material displaces that’s why your left hand hold the material to the right position and right hand will control the machine.

⇛   Start cutting just after check

Switch on and start cutting. After pressing the trigger, wait a moment to reach the motor to its maximum speed.

⇛   Look at the base and maintain pencil line

Keep eyes on the base and make sure the blade runs through the pencil line.

⇛   Push the machine to the material

Keep pushing the saw with enough force but never push too hard. Too much pushing can be the cause of decreased motor speed. A sharp blade requires less pressure on the other hand blunt requires more pressure on it.

⇛   The job is done perfectly


If you use a cordless circular saw then you can do the work with convenient. If you read this guide carefully you can do the job perfectly. The task was difficult for you before but, you are ready to use a circular saw now. We also told here which blade you should use for which purposes at the same time we also told of its user guide step by step.

Just follow this guide and make your task very easy using this tool. And be sure you are using the best cordless circular saw. See you again with a new guide, thanks for reading this content.

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