How Solve Most Common Problem Of Hammer Drill?

When you see, someone is drilling a hole. He is continuously doing the job and you are looking. At a time you are thinking how much easy the work is! Yes, it is very easy for as the person already knew how to perform it properly.

But, when you hold the hammer drill and start drilling a hole then you realize the job is not like that as you thought. It is a really little bit difficult by the best hammer drill if you didn’t run it properly.

An experienced person also faces some problems while using a hammer drill. This is the reason we are here. We would like to tell you about some common problems and teach you how we can solve them.

What type of hammer drill do you have?

If a product is available in various types in the market that means a specific type of the products is suitable for the selective purpose, isn’t it? Think, you need to drill a hole in tough and extremely strong surface then you need an Electro-Pneumatic hammer drill. But, you are trying to do it by percussion hammer drill that is a lower power tool. What will be the scenario?

So, this is an important fact, what type of work you need to do and what type of hammer drill do you have! So, your first job is to find the best and perfect hammer drill for the work.

Do you run it properly?

Another most important part to avoid any problems with hammer drill is to know how to use it. If you cannot run it properly you will need to face numerous problems. An English proverb says-

                                                  “A bad workman quarrels with his tools”.

If a person cannot do anything properly then he claims against many things. Every problem has the solution. But finding out the way of avoiding problems is not the best solution? Learn to run the hammer drill to ax the problems.

Common problems of the hammer drill

Hammer drill users complain about some problems which are typical and can be solved by us. Sometimes we have to face many difficulties with the silly matter. But, if we get the knowledge about some basic fact we will solve many problems alone. Here, we talk about the most common problems and we also find the solutions also.

  • Cracking of the work-piece
  • One of the most common and biggest problems is this! It occurs when too much pressure is applied at the beginning while drilling hole against the drilling materials. The result is cracking of the materials or demolishing.

    To avoid this problem, set the drill bit to the right point. Start drilling applying minimum pressure on it and increase pressure gradually. When the head of the drill bit penetrates the surface and adapt it to the hole then apply gentle pressure. Stop increasing pressure when the drill bit reaches its maximum amount.

  • The breaking of the drill bit
  • It can occur with anyone. There has some reason for breaking a drill bit. Low quality, drilling through the metal piece, using excessive feed, slipping of the drill bit during drilling hole and there’s may have many more reasons.

    Unwanted drill bit breaking can be solved if we use quality full bit always. Very high quality also require high price but we suggest you use masonry drill bit and it can give you excellent performance.

    Not only that, try to reduce feed and if you notice drill bit is slipping then use necessary tools so that it can stand still over the piece. And always target right point where you perform the job easily.

  • Drill bit’s slipping
  • If the chuck of the hammer drill fails to hold the bit tightly and properly, there will be the chance of slipping drill bit.

    In this case, the solution is using 3 flats drill bit. This type of drill bit adapts to the chuck perfectly.

  • Bit jams
  • When you feel any foreign bit lies in the whole and then you may face this problem. To solve it, unplug the hammer drill and drill bit from the hammer drill turn the drill bit anti-clockwise with the help of a typical wrench. Look, the bit is removed from the whole. Set the drill bit again and now it is ready to perform.

  • Over-sized hole
  • When you intend drilling a hole you also intend the diameter of the hole. After making the hole you notice, it is a little bit bigger. Before drilling check the drill bit size and diameter. When your drilling, does the drilling piece is vibrating? Disallow drilling surface to vibrate. If the holes already over-sized, you also repair it with brushing.

  • Getting damage to the tools quickly
  • Are your tools getting damage quickly? They don’t give you long lasting service? When you use the machine, it becomes too hot and allows cooling. You can also use coolant for the quick result.

    Try to operate the hammer drill at medium speed. Too much speed is proportional to quick damage. Always use right point and use adequate feed and use the tool long time.

  • Breaks outer corners
  • Sometimes we see the outer corner of the drill bit is broken. To avoid this incidence don’t use the hammer drill in too much speed rater medium speed. And allow drill bit getting cool otherwise it happens continuously.

  • Slow drilling
  • You need to drill a hole in the wood and on the metal piece. Where you completely do it quickly? Definitely, you performed quickly in wooden materials. So, it is clear that drilling surface is the great factor whether you do it quickly or it takes enough time!

    If you want to perform quickly it’s better to use a high-quality drill bit. We suggest you use a 130° split point drill bit. It ensures you precise and faster drilling.

  • Rough hole
  • You want to make a precise hole that is clean cut. But when you drill, that makes a rough hole. Is this incidence occurs with you? If so, reduce the feed while drilling. And, allow cooling of the drill bit after a periodic interval.


    All the time we want to do all the jobs perfectly. Unfortunately, sometimes we fail to do it precisely. As much we have the experience with the hammer drill, that are the most common problems. We also used the best hammer drill and we need to face these problems more or less.

    We also talked to many hammer drill users and they also agree with me. We learned after facing those problems. We share these problems and hope you know about these problems before you face these. So, learn from this content and reduce the chance to face with them.

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