Hammer Drill VS Rotary Drill VS Impact Driver- What should you buy?

Hammer Drill VS Rotary Drill VS Impact Driver- What should you buy?

Sometimes it is difficult to choose the best one when you have multiple options. Agree? The situation is also confusing when you need to choose one while having three options hammer drill, rotary drill, and impact drill.

When multiple tools have same and nearly related function then it becomes difficult to opt. Similarly, three tools of this content have some specific function but somewhere they have some similar function also. That is the reason people cannot decide what should buy. Right?

First of all, we need to know these three tools completely but separately. And we also need to know their operation purposes. And after that, we’ll have a clear idea about these three tools which will help us to take the right decision before buy. Let’s see…

Hammer Drill

Hammer drill is a tool which is widely used for the purposes of attaching or fittings. The drill has hammering action for which it is called hammer drill. The tool is enough powerful making a hole through the concrete, ceramic, brick, or hard wall.

On the other hand, it is not used for the purposes of wooden tasks, metallic holes, or fastener driving. If the hammer drill is used to the purposes, the chance of getting damage is more. So, it’s better to keep rest a hammer drill with these kinds of tasks.


There are three types of hammer drill you find in the market. And specific one is perfect for certain tasks and condition.

Corded drill: The drill always requires electricity. When you have electricity just near you then you should choose this corded hammer drill. The machine gives you more RPM as well as more power.

Cordless drill: This is very useful where the electricity supply is absent. This is little bit heavier than the corded because of the battery. When you don’t need to work bulk amount then you can use it comfortably. But, it is not as strong as the corded one.

Dedicated drill: This drill also has the same function as a corded or cordless hammer drill. But the primary difference is, it is stronger and more expensive than the rests. If you need to do more powerful work only then you will need it. Most of the time the worker rent it as it is higher expensive.

Usage of Hammer Drill

The drill is widely used by the mason. They are always busy constructing buildings or other masonry work and they use hammer drill. Not only Mason, but the electrician also use hammer drill to their working purposes. They also often need to make holes through the concrete or brick wall and using the hammer drill they do the job. So, when you need to create a hole, most of the time you need a hammer drill. Here we mention some tasks where hammer drill works perfectly.

Rotary Drill

The previous item we talked about hammer drill and in this part, we are going to figure out the job where need a rotary drill. Before that, we should know clearly about the rotary hammer drill. We should also know the difference between a hammer drill and rotary hammer drill. Right?

The rotary hammer drill is the perfect choice when you need to do tough and stronger tasks. Basically, rotary hammer drill is the advanced level tool of the hammer drill. On the other hand, hammer drill gives you the opportunity of drilling a hole through the concrete or brick wall. But, a rotary hammer drill offers you doing more tasks than a hammer drill.

Most of the rotary hammer drills have three primary modes hammer drill, drill only, and hammer only. So, it definitely offers you more than a hammer drill, isn’t it?

Another important thing is, it allows making up to 6” hole through the tough surface or wall. But hammer drill machine never can go as deep as a rotary hammer drill. In this case, the rotary drill is more useful. Any controversy?

Important Features to Look Of A Rotary Hammer Drill

This part is only for your better knowing purposes. This portion helps you to use the machine perfectly as well as give you a clear idea about its all parts also. Think, you decide that you are going to purchase a rotary hammer drill but you cannot run it perfectly. Does it become useful? The answer is definitely “NO”. So you need to know its features obviously.

Source of Power: You find two types of rotary hammer drill. The first one is Corded Rotary Hammer Drill. This one consumes its energy by the direct supply of electricity. And it is stronger than the rest one. But it is useless if you don’t have an electric supply.

On the other hand, the other type is Cordless Hammer Drill which is supplied by the batteries. It is also enough strong. But, running time is disproportional to the battery life. The more power you apply the more battery consumes.

Switch: All the rotary hammer drill start to run after triggering switch. To run the machine you just need to press the switch. Most of the rotary hammer drill also has forward and reverse switch. The reverse switch helps to withdraw the machine from the working surface.

Motor Power: Motor is the power of any power tools. Usually, different rotary hammer drills come with different power that ranging from 400W to 1500W. You should choose the motor power according to the nature of desire working condition.

Handle: This is the part which you hold. The machine is not a lighter tool. That is why it’s better if the handle equipped with grip materials. A good quality hammer drill always has a side handle which gives you more strength. So, side handle is also important.

Usage and Operation Tips

Here you find some purposes where you definitely need a rotary hammer drill. And we also write how can keep the rotary hammer drill safe. Review this portion and think, you need this tool or not!

  • In a clean and clear word, if you need to do the tough and difficult job you need a rotary hammer instead of the hammer drill. When you need to go for a deep hole you will definitely a rotary hammer drill.
  • Don’t change the direction while you are holing with the rotary hammer drill, this is the first advice for you.
  • Don’t run the machine furthermore after observing the bit get jams. Turn off the machine and take off the drill bit and replace after clearing jam particles.
  • Always use hand gloves while running the machine. Vibrations are always producing and you know it can damage your hands and arms.

Impact Driver

Impact driver is getting popular day by day because of its useful operations. The function of a hammer drill and a rotary hammer drill is almost the same though they have some difference. But, the function of an impact drill driver is more different than the previously listed tools. What is that?

An impact driver is a lighter tool which is multi functional. The machine is powerful but its controlling is better than the hammer and rotary hammer drill. That is why this tool is perfect for driving screws, bolts, nails, and other fasteners. The machine can also be used for drilling a hole.

But, this item is not a perfect tool for finishing woodworking or any wood related tasks. Because is high powered and it does not have any regulatory switch that is why it can imperfect the job.

What Can Be Done By Using an Impact Driver

Most of the people used power drill for their home upgrading project before. But, the time is changed and we find upgrade version of a power drill which name impact drill. In your home project or other necessary, an impact driver is an updated tool. So, let’s take a look where we can use it.

  • First of all, the machine is widely used to driving screws. Some of the people try a hammer drill to driven screws but they don’t know a hammer drill cannot drive screws. In this case, an impact driver can ease the tasks and smoothly drive the screws.
  • The machine has the reverse switch by using which the screws and bolts can be taken off. And by this reverse action, stubborn nuts can be removed easily.
  • But, remember this machine is not suitable for precising holes. You can also use it to driven nut through the tough surfaces. So, never try to misuse this tool.

So, Which One You Should Buy?

This part is the core of this guide. Maybe you already took the decision that what tool you need really. But, this part tells your decision is either right or wrong!

Starting for the first item, the first one was hammer drill which primary function is drilling holes. So, you really need it if you just need to make holes. No matter how much holes are needed to create! A hammer drill is made for doing the job.

Secondly, a rotary hammer drill is nothing but the stronger version of a hammer drill. It also gives the opportunity to do more than holing. But, you really need it when a hammer drill cannot work or when you need a more powerful machine.

The last one is the impact driver. Now, you should say which purposes you need the machine. Mainly, driving or removing screws, nuts, nails, and other fasteners you really need an impact drill, aren’t you?

Summary Line

We’ve reached just at the end of this guide and it’s the time to break down the entire guide to few sentences. We think you don’t have any confusion of buying the best one from these three tools. We don’t know your working field. So we never can say this or that item is perfect for you until you let me know. But, we can say in this condition you will need this and this one will be perfect and we also did it. If you have any query, come to the comment box and drop a comment.

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