How To Choose The Best Led Head Lamp For Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting and Running?

When you need to do anything in dark or low light at the time you feel a light or lamp. If you choose headlamp you will get the extra benefit as you don’t need to hold the lamp with your hand. We are sure that you obviously want to have the best led head lamp as it helps you to visualize anything clearly.

The LED headlamp can help an angler in the early morning, a fisherman at the dark night, passing night under the tent, hunting, and more so many purposes. But, if you fail to get the right and best headlamp you will not do the job perfectly.

So, choosing the best-LED headlamp is most important. This content is for that person who is looking for a quality headlamp. Continue to read, definitely, you will get the guideline on how to get the best quality LED headlamp.

Benefits for choosing a LED headlamp

The first and great benefit is it is hands-free. Using both hands is a great advantage. Some specific activities need both hands such as climbing. As the lamp is fixed with the head the light automatically turns when you turn your head for looking different site.

Secondly, the lamp is very lightweight. You never think about the matter as you fix it on the head so how much will be the lamp weight? Definitely, it is always lightweight.

Thirdly, the lamp can produce more light. Because of being LED (Light Emitting Diode) it gives us enough light but consumes less energy.

Then, many of the best quality LED headlamps are constructed tough. They are durable up to the mark. At the same time, they are water resistant, can be operated in rain storms. These features also make the device more attractive.

Factors to consider before buying an LED headlamp

Brightness: Almost all the headlamp has two brightness options low mode and high brightness level. Few numbers of headlamp offer slow and first-rate flash.

Standard mode is low and it is ideal for walking alone in dark night or camping.

Mid-level brightness also has in some headlamp and it is perfect for the people who want more brightness option.

When you need more light or when you are in populous place at dark or you want to see any object clearly then you really need high brightness mode.

Boost mode lies on some specific models of the headlamp. It contains high-intense beam for a short period of time. It helps you to visualize any nearby object of which about you are curious. But, prepare for the early battery drainage.

Beam Distance: If you review a single factor before buying a led headlamp that is nothing but beam distance. This feature tells you how much distance the lamp cover by the light.

We never tell you that all the time you need the highest distance but in some situation you really require.

If you run at night or hiking in dark night you need long distance beam. It depends on your activities and never misses to consider it before buying a LED headlamp if you want to have the best.

Beam Type: Different headlamp comes with the different beam.

First one is flood or wide. Usually, it does not reflect the long distance but it covers a wide range of area.

The second one is the spot or narrow or focused. In this case, lights are narrow but it can go a long way. Most of the cases it is used to navigate any far object in dark.

Another is spot/flood. This is the adjustable headlamp. You can use any mode which you need. It is also used widely.

Lumens: One of the most important factors to consider is a lumen. Does it depend on how much light do you want? For example, I always like a lot of light and as this is why I always prefer more lumen.

Red & white color light: These two colors have a special function in a specified situation. These two colors are not the same effect in all situations.

When you are walking in a forest on a dark night you can use both light red and white. But, red light can quickly accommodate with your accommodate reflex. If you need a light on a sudden you should use red light.

On the other hand, when you need to see any object under the water or when you are fishing the white light is more effective in the situation. Red light cannot go through the water efficiently. If you have both lights you can use anyone when you need which.

On/Off switch: It is also important in where switches are placed. Not only on/off switch, is also important to locate the conversion of different mode at an emergency situation.

Weight: As it fixes on the head the manufacturer makes the lamp as possible as lightweight. Almost all the headlamp weight is below 7 ounces and the least weight is even bellowed 1 ounce. Almost all regular headlamp is nearly similar weight except some exceptional lamp.

Battery life: Is there any person who doesn’t want a long-life battery? Life of the battery is proportional to the usage time of the lamp.

It’s better to use rechargeable batteries on the lamp. The simple matter is if you use the lamp at the brightest level the batteries will run out of power quickly. On the other hand, low brightness consumes low energy from the battery.

So, just look at the features how much time the lamp can light at high brightness mode by the batteries.

Water resistant: Some of the led headlamps comes with the waterproof property. Some of the headlamps can be operated even in rain storm and water-resistant under one-meter depth. A headlamp can be necessary for a different situation as to why it is also necessary to be waterproof.

Sizes: If the size of a headlamp is bulky the chance of getting more weight is increased. And, big size headlamp is a reason for discomfort. Always pick a lamp which easily adjusts to your head and gives you comfort.

Price: Confirming the quality of a headlamp the final and last important factor is its price. A LED headlamp comes from the lowest price about $10 to more than $400. But, the lowest quality purchase means the waste of money. The lowest quality headlamp never is effective for a long time. It’s better to buy a LED headlamp with a standard price that can give you the desired services.

Comfort: The question arises with importance as it is a headlamp. If you feel comfortable wearing it on your head you don’t have any complaint about it. But, if it doesn’t fix with your head properly or if it goes down your face it will be the reason of trouble.

The comfort greatly depends on the materials used to construct the lamp. If the band constructed with soft materials then it easily adapts to your scalp and skin. It is also important to be the headlamp lightweight.

Care of a LED headlamp

If you want to get long-term service from a LED headlamp you should care about it. In case of rechargeable batteries, charge the battery fully and wait for cooling the battery. During charging batteries, it can become slightly heated as this is why it’s better to wait for cooling before using the headlamp.

Fix the headlamp with the head as it cannot goes down towards your face or fallen on the ground. It may cause the damage of the headlamp.

If you avoid using the headlamp for a long time, remove the batteries from the lamp. After using the headlamp in the rainy environment or if it becomes dry clean the headlamp and dries it. Keep the lens clear always for getting more and clear light.


We are nearly at the last stage of this guideline. The sole aim of writing the content to help you when you decide to purchase a best led head lamp. For a headlamp you may expend sufficient money for the reason it is important to confirm that you are going to buy the best product. Consider the above-mentioned factors before buying a headlamp. We are very hopeful this guide can greatly help you to find the right and perfect headlamp.

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