Dewalt 950 Hammer Drill Review

When I think of upgrading or buying a new power tool, the brand that comes in my mind is Dewalt. I have so many tools from this brand, and they have never disappointed me when I’m working. It is a highly renowned brand for making high-quality power tools.

I’m reviewing Dewalt 950 Hammer Drill, which is one of their best power tools. There so many great aspects that I love in this drill like the way it feels balanced when you are working. This power tool not only feels great but it also looks amazing.

In my line of work, I use drills most of the time, and I can assure you that this is a quality product that any contractor can rely on. If you need a solid and reliable drill, you can count on this one. Let me take you through the great features of this power tool.

Powerful Motor

The Dewalt drill has a high-efficiency motor that provides you with up to 450 units watts. This is enough power to help you perform different applications. The motor allows you to get both power and speed when you are working with this tool.


The worst thing that can happen to you is using a hammer drill that keeps slipping in the chuck. Not only can this make your work boring but you might not achieve the expected results. This drill is made with a chuck that is of heavy duty that grabs the bits and drill tightly. The chuck of the drill is self-tightening and remains tight throughout the operations while still providing you superb bit gripping strength.

1/2 Inch Chuck

There are so many features that set this drill apart from the other products in the market. The chuck of the drill provides more capacity to hold some of the larger bits. On top of that, the drill has 22 levels of clutch settings that are perfect for avoiding stripped fasteners and screws.

LED Work Light

You might be working in confined spaces where the light is not enough. To help you see what you are doing in cases of a low light work environment, the drill has LED work light to illuminate your working area. You can still do your work to perfection because the light provides visibility.

Patented 3-Speed Metal Transmission and Extended Runtime

I also love the patented three-speed and all-metal transmission that matches the performance of the tool. As a result, you get fastest application speed. The three-speed transmission makes the drill useful when drilling through different materials.

A hammer drill is only useful if it can provide you with enough power to get your job done. You will appreciate the extended run time of this tool. It has batteries that offer up to 40 percent more run time than other standard batteries.


  • The battery provides an extended run time
  • LED work light provides additional visibility
  • The self-tightening chuck provides a superior grip
  • The drill is compact and lightweight
  • Comes with 3-year limited warranty
  • Three-speed transmission for job-specific performance


  • The battery is less powerful than the lithium ion battery

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of batteries does the drill come with?

A: This tool comes with nickel cadium batteries that are long-lasting.

Q: I’m looking for a lightweight drill. How much does this one weigh with the batteries in?

A: I do not find the drill heavy. It weighs 4.5 pounds with the battery.

Q: How many batteries will you get after purchasing this drill?

A: The drill comes with two batteries. I hope you have found this useful.

Final Words

The Dewalt 950 Hammer Drill is a tool that you need to add in your toolbox. It provides you with all in one operation and gets your job done in minutes. Some people might find the drill heavy, but it provides the best-balanced feeling in your hands.

The drill is packed with all the features that a handyman want is a power tool. If you need a hammer drill that is reliable and versatile, you can count on this model for the best performance.

I have had a good experience with this drill, and so do other customers who have used it. You can try it too, and you will love doing your work.

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