Bosch-11264EVS-SDS-Max-Combination-Hammer Review

In our daily life, we require using tools to make our work easier. There are different types of tools that you will find designed to perform a variety of tasks. If you are looking for a perfect performing rotary hammer, the Bosch 11264evs is the right pick.

Bosch-11264EVS-SDS-Max-Combination-HammerBosch 11264evs is a multipurpose tool with many useful features. The hammer is designed with a grip area that provides maximum comfort for the user. It is also a one hand tool system, and this allows the changing of bits easier hence boost work productivity.

The reason why I recommend this product is because I have had an experience with it. I have used it to drill into concrete, removing old tile and chiseling through block among other uses. It is a great product that works well and offers you with 20 percent more power when using it in hammer mode only.

Active Vibration Control

When you are working with any power tool, comfort is an important thing that you need. If your tool produces too much vibration, you might not do your work effectively. This hammer features a vibration reduction system and provides you with a good grip to provide you with comfort as you work. As a result, you can end up doing more for an extended time without being fatigued.

Service Minder Lights

At times, it is difficult to tell when your tool requires maintenance. If you do not perform preventive maintenance on your tool, it might not perform at its best. This is why the tool is designed with service minder lights so that you can always know when you need to perform preventative maintenance.

Has Two Triggers

The hammer has two triggers, the top trigger, and the bottom trigger. The top trigger starts the motor when the hammer is in hammer mode only, and this works like the variable speed trigger when on rotary hammer mode. The bottom trigger also plays an important role; it stops the motor when it is in hammer mode only. The speeds are determined by the amount you have used in squeezing the hammer.

One Handed SDS Max

The SDS-max system allows changing of bits to be easier while still helping you maximize job site productivity. The SDS-max is a spring loaded chuck mostly used for one handed tool insertion and removal. You can pull back the chuck ring with one hand while holding the hammer.

Auxiliary Side Handle And Carrying Case

When you need to move your tool from one point to the other, the side handle included will help you do it pretty fast. The hammer also comes with a carrying case to make transportation and storage easier.

Unmatched Power To Weight Ratio

The Bosch hammer drill is rated as the best performing rotary hammer on the market. It has a 13-amp motor that offers you with the required power to get your job done. This comes along with 8.1 feet lbs impact energy that makes it a perfect tool on the market today. You will also enjoy up to 20 percent more power in hammer mode only.


  • Has a grip that provides comfort
  • Changing the bits is much easier
  • It includes an auxiliary side handle
  • The tool has a carrying case
  • It is highly durable and sturdy


  • There is no rubber grommet on its side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the use of the integral clutch on the hammer?

A: It helps in minimizing torque reaction.

Q: Does this hammer come with its carrying case?

A: Thank you for your good question. This product comes with its special side handle and carrying case. This case is helpful because it makes the carrying task of the hammer so easy.

Q: According to the review, I found that it is said that the product is durable, do you mean it?

A: Yes. This product has been measured by engineers and found to be highly durable. Don’t have any doubts, please. Thank you.

Final Words

After going through this review, I believe you have everything that you would love to know about this tool. It is a highly recommendable product with excellent features that make it easy to use. The next time you are thinking of purchasing a combination hammer, have this model in mind, and you will love working with it.

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